Friday, 12 June 2009

Review - Unspoken Truths – Destiny Blaine



Back of The Book

Tanner Dorsey is an alpha-male of the worst kind. He knows he has that extra something special that will always keep one particular woman coming back for more. But there’s a slight problem with the woman who controls his heartbeat and her flaw could be the death of him…and maybe even her.
Ally is a strong, independent woman working for the FBI and even though she’s tough on the inside, she’s vanilla pudding in Tanner Dorsey’s hands. He’s the man she’s saved herself for and if he doesn’t do something fast to change the status of her virginity, she’s certain of a slow demise with sexual frustration listed as her cause of death.
Trouble finds Tanner and Ally just when they put aside delayed sexual adventures. Tanner all but invites it to their door. His obsession for the woman he’s always loved leads them into a well laid trap and by the time it snaps, Ally is at risk. Her heart and her career are all but on the line and the life Tanner must leave behind is the only one he ever wanted to live.



Ally has come home to Tanner – but he doesn’t know it, or he does and his acting the fool to rile Ally up. Tanner has always been the guy for Ally, never looking at another man she now feels  she needs to move on with her life with or without Tanner.

Tanner Dorsey is not what any mother would want for their daughter or any brother for their sister – Tanner however has given Ally as much time as he can and he intend to stake his claim on this woman who he has always love.

The only hindrance is Tanner’s job and Ally’s drive to see justice serve.

A good opening book and it really piques my interest to see what else Ms. Blaine has up her sleeves with this series. The pace is face. The smut erotic and a whole lot of tension that will have your fingers curling.

Definately moving on to book 2……


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Becky W. on 12 June 2009 at 17:34 said...

This sounds good! I was just getting ready to ask you for another recommendation! I'll try to pick this one up!


Erotic Horizon on 12 June 2009 at 19:47 said...

Hey Becky...

Yeas this is a wonderful series... Three books, the first two are really short...

But good...