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Review - Unspoken Secrets – Destiny Blaine




Back Of The Book

Tanner Dorsey is considered a powerful drug lord and it’s a false assumption he can’t do anything about without putting those he cares about at risk. To make matters worse, Tanner knows only one woman has the ability to change the rhythm of his heartbeat and she’s living with his daughters under the protection of those she considers her own—the FBI.

Agent Ally Stephens is on the case to bring down organized crime. She knows in order to save her brothers and Tanner, she’ll need to stay one step ahead of the man who is most determined to tear her family and their business apart. She’s living with an agent whose main focus is to bring down the only man she’s ever loved—and if Ally isn’t careful, she will lead Tanner Dorsey into a well laid trap.

There are too many unspoken secrets for all the players involved. When push comes to shove, the one thing that can save Ally’s family and the man she loves is her decision to walk away from the only career she’s ever known—and those who’ve fought beside her may fight just as hard to take her down if she decides to turn in her gun.



   Ally didn’t act impressed or surprised. “I guess shopping for wedding dresses proved a little much, huh?” Her neck rolled over to the side and the new angle allowed her to look at him but she didn’t move her head off of the rest supporting it.

      Tanner’s lower chin quivered some as he fought to contain a smile. He looked like he wanted to laugh one minute or fight against his anger the next. And damn it all, he still looked good enough to eat. Three years did a lot to whet a woman’s appetite and her hunger for him grew with each passing day. She hated him for it—truly she did.

      His six-foot-three frame didn’t do anything but call out to her from the moment he stepped on the plane. Yes, she knew the second he boarded because she heard the stewardess perk right up. Even in his silly disguise, the man commanded attention. Even under his stupid wig with curly bleach-blond hair, the man sent a few inspired chills to her nerve endings. Evidently, his smile did the same for the stewardess on the prowl for a rich husband. Damn him, no double-damn him. Even now, he projected confidence, wealth, and hell yeah, sex appeal.

      He took a minute, only one, to get situated. He never bothered to look behind him or to the side. He most likely had the flight checked out thoroughly before he made his reservation. He probably felt fairly confident that the only threat of a Federal Agent happened to be seated to his left.

      When he turned to face her, he took his glasses off but he didn’t bother with the wig. “You look good enough to screw right here.” He smirked.

Unspoken Secrets © Destiny Blaine


This is the second in Ms. Blaine’s – so far exciting – trilogy of life on the other side. Agent Ally Stephens heart belongs to one man and one man only, but that man is not only the man she is hunting, but he is also the man she must protect from the forces that watches her every move.

Tanner is determined to protect Ally even from himself if he has to, but something's are stronger than will power and neither Ally nor Tanner can resist the call that pulls them together.

Family, friends, underlings and co-workers are all intertwined into the hunt and the chase to get Tanner. Ally only wants Tanner to be safe, but caught in the middle she has to make some hard choices and fast.

Tanner however can take care of himself and Ally as well – if only she will let him… But with enough secrets and lies on both side, things are not looking good.

This is really a short read, just as the first one. The third book is the book that gets to the heart of the matter. However i do like the build up that Ms. Blaine has given me so far.

She has stepped out of the norm of everyday expectation and written a plot of how the underbelly of society live, their love, their hate and the steps they have to take to keep up the life style and stay one step ahead of the law…

I am loving this series so far – most definately looking forward to the third book UNSPOKEN REQUEST…..



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