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Review – Uniforms – AKM Miles



Back Of The Book

Jackson is an ex-gang member who has made good as a cop. When his old mentor leaves Jackson his house, Jackson settles in and figures he's got a good life, even if he is in the closet.
When Sam shows up on his doorstep, Jackson is worried that the gang has found him. He knows Sam was part of his old crew. Sam assures Jackson that he's not out for revenge; he just wants out of the gang, the same as Jackson. Sam has admired Jackson for years, and their attraction is strong and hot. Can Jackson help save Sam from the same fate he managed to escape?


The Review

Jackson has had some help making  it to where he now as a cop from the street. He is at a good place and thanks his lucky star and the man who made this happen for him - everyday.

Finding a now older Sam – known from his days in the gang on his doorstep with literally a story word for word of his life before his break, he is firstly puzzled by the fact that Sam knows where he lives and secondly he knows he has to help him as much as he can.


He didn't have close friends. Many of the men on the force were married and the single ones were straight, as far as he knew. He didn't have a lot in common with them.

He was heading to the shower after stripping off his uniform when he heard a noise at the back of the house. He didn't hesitate in grabbing his gun and heading back that way. He stood, in only his white briefs, and listened for more sounds. There. Right by the door. Scratching, and then a moan. What in the world? He couldn't see what was out there, so he waited a few minutes more. Then he thought he heard someone whisper, "Help."

He quietly opened the door and gasped as a body fell onto his legs. A man had been kneeling by the door, leaning against it. He lay still, bleeding from a head wound. Jackson quickly looked around, and seeing nothing suspicious, pulled the man farther inside and then closed and locked the door. He turned on the light and saw the guy's eyes flutter at the sudden brightness.

"Are you hurt anywhere else besides your head?" The man didn't answer and Jackson tried another question. "Why are you at my door?

Uniforms © AKM Miles


Sam needs help to break away from the life that he is in, he looks up to Jackson, always have  and  sees him as his only way off the street. Convincing Jackson of his sincerity is another matter – as Sam wants alot more from Jackson than just escaping for the life he is trapped in.

Jackson knows what hero worship is and sets out to not only help Sam but give him the “talk” as well, about his choices and the need to make his own decision about his future – all the while hoping his decision is that he will be apart of Jackson's future.

AKM Miles short read from Torquere is not only filled with hope,but with a double package of naivety and experience that gives this book a quirky little feel to it. Ms. Miles always knows what elements of a protags character to use with each theme she decides on and she works her magic again in this short read.

It’s not a heavy read, but a very thought provoking one… 


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Lily on 4 June 2009 at 04:29 said...

I loved this short little story, great review!


Erotic Horizon on 4 June 2009 at 08:39 said...

Thanks hon..

I am glad i did the review - it was worth a write up..neat story.