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Review – To Tempt A Wolf – Kate Steele





Back Of The Book

There are wolves in Whispering Springs. On her first night there, Hayley Royden comes face to face with one. A beautiful black wolf with amazing blue-green eyes. On her second day, she meets a two legged wolf, one Jace McKenna by name. He too has beautiful blue-green eyes and an allure that sends Hayley’s heart racing. Though instantly attracted to him, Jace’s teasing has Hayley unsure of whether she wants to kiss him or kick him. As things heat up between them, Hayley learns one thing for sure. There’s more to Jace than meets the eye. This lighthearted bad boy is harboring a secret.

Jace McKenna has found his mate. For this formerly footloose alpha werewolf the thought is a bit disconcerting but Hayley’s a temptation he can’t resist. Unfortunately the path to love is strewn with a few rocks. Unexpected trouble raises its head in the form of a scruffy thug with a grudge and an accident that threatens to tear them apart. 

Turns out there’s a price to be paid for tempting a wolf.


"Jace," Clare acknowledged. "How goes the architectural business? Or should I ask, since you're reduced to replacing broken windows for ice cream."

"I just like to keep my hand in on the basics now and then," he smiled. "The business is doing just fine. You know Gracie Stevens?"

Clare nodded.

"She just got a nice, fat settlement check from her old man. Seems she had a suspicion he was cheating on her and hired a detective to catch him in the act. When she filed for divorce, a picture was worth a thousand words. And a hell of a lot of cash. She's looking to have some renovations done on that outdated mausoleum she's living in. It's gonna be a sweet job."

"Hmm, is it just the house she's looking to have renovated, or does she have some more personal adjustments in mind?" Clare asked with a teasing smile. She was well acquainted with Jace's reputation. He was a top rated favorite among the local, and not so local, ladies.

"Some of both, I imagine," Jace answered and gave her a wicked wink.

Bryn cleared her throat. "Now I'm not so sure I want to introduce you to my sister." Hayley, who'd watched the exchange between Clare and Jace with unwilling interest, found herself disgruntled by the talk of his exploits with women. "Don't be silly, Bryn," her tone of voice was cutting and cool. "If Mr. McKenna chooses to indulge in illicit affairs with his clients, that's entirely his business," she held out her hand. "Hayley Royden, pleased to meet you."

….."Call me Jace, and that's very open-minded of you. May I call you Hayley?" at her nod, he applied a gentle massaging pressure to her hand. "What you have to keep in mind, Hayley, is that a man doesn't always accept what he's offered. Just as I'm sure you yourself don't," his voice carried a gentle admonishment.

Haley bristled. "You are so right, Jace," she agreed pleasantly, as she deliberately withdrew her hand from his. "There are some things a woman just couldn't tolerate," she added glacially.

Despite her irritation, Hayley couldn't deny the electric charge that caused her skin to tingle where his hand had touched hers. The heat flowing from his fingertips had swept in a wave up her arm and through her body, sending her temperature up a few notches. The sensation was reminiscent of submerging oneself in a warm and welcoming tub of water.

"It's always been my experience that a person can learn to tolerate quite a lot," Jace asserted in a husky growl, as he stepped closer. "Even enjoy something they initially thought to repudiate."

His eyes took on a hooded, sensual look that had seduced many an unwary woman. Hayley was not so easily taken in, and she stepped back, distancing herself while taking in a deep, calming breath. That deep influx of air turned out to be a mistake.

……"Perhaps some of us aren't that flexible," she managed to say, ungluing her tongue from the roof of her mouth.

"Oh, well, flexibility. That's something that can always be worked on."

To Tempt a Wolf © Kate Steele  



Hayley Royden is in Whispering Springs for a number of reasons but none of them included meeting a wolf on a lone walk one night. Hayley is an opinionated woman who knows her worth and does not take kindly to anyone fighting her battle, especially a know it all alpha male.

Jace Mckenna is in charge of the local pack and never having had to worry about more than what the local  border disturbance is, he totally caught off guard  when he comes upon his mate and cannot make the first move without going through the courteous rituals first.

Time and designs has a lot to say and play in how much time Jace has in order to let Hayley know what she has inadvertently become the most important person to him and also the most in danger person under his protection.

This is the second book in the whispering spring series from Kate Steele and as much as i love the first book TO TRUST A WOLF MORE, this one was no slouch in the pace department. The characters were forceful and a treat to know. Ms Steele did a great job in selling them to us.

A big plus of this book was the fact that the author brought back the main protags from TO TRUST A WOLF along with a eclectic bunch of support staff. This was a good  book and solely geared towards Jace and Hayley finding middle ground and cutting through some of the red tape of pack protocol very quickly.

This book drags up more history and background about the pack and the side cast involvement and possible next book main protags. The little angst that was introduce was tidy and to the point, it gave the book that air of anticipation that had me most definately looking forward to Ms. Steel next visit to Whispering Springs.


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Mandi on 18 June 2009 at 19:39 said...

Nice review...I've heard of this series..think I might have to check it out:)

Unknown on 19 June 2009 at 03:48 said...

Hi EH!

Great review, I love these books! Actually, anything with a wolf pack, lol!


Dottie :)

Erotic Horizon on 19 June 2009 at 05:16 said...

Thanks Mandi..

I have had this one forever - and the two books are really good..

hope you get the chance to read them..


Erotic Horizon on 19 June 2009 at 05:17 said...


These are the read to have a little fun with..


Anonymous said...

Good Review!! I think I might have to get this one now ;-)

Erotic Horizon on 19 June 2009 at 20:59 said...

Hey Book Junkie

This is a good series - I really enjoyed it..


Tricia on 20 June 2009 at 20:11 said...

Oh this sounds good, I'll have to add this series to my mountain. Great Review!

Erotic Horizon on 20 June 2009 at 20:40 said...

Thanks Tricia
I really enjoyed this book, the whole series surprised me - i do hope Ms. Steele writes another one in the series soon.