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Review – Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells – EM Lynley



Back of The Book

Kieran Quinn, a Texas native living in Manhattan, works as a columnist for a national magazine. He's famous for his snarky, sardonic columns, but deep down he's more interested in what makes people tick than his editor would like. He keeps his desire to find his own Mr. Right hidden under a sexy, carefree persona that favors champagne and underwear models of the male variety.

Jaxon Lang is the handsome, confident high school principal in a tiny Texas town, where he relocated from Dallas to pursue his relationship with a woman he thinks is his future bride, despite the fact that she has already left three other grooms at the altar.

When Kieran goes to Texas to cover the latest wedding of this real-life "runaway bride," he falls hard for the gorgeous-and straight-groom. But Kieran's charm and unique attitudes about sex and attraction soon challenge Jaxon's concept of what - and who - he wants. Will anything change when Kieran discovers the bride's shocking secret?




Jaxon – Teacher, fiancée’ and an all around good guy. Willing than most to open his mind to the possibilities and explore the unknown -  but still naive enough enough to think that there is goodness in everyone.

Kieran – Journalist, friend, pal and the ficklest person there is when it comes to matters of the heart. Proud of who he is and his greatest wish is to do right by the people he interviews – however he has an editor and that was never going to happen.


The Plot

Kieran has just about push his editor last button when he strolled into the office late. Along with friends he comes ups with a decent and plausible enough story to not only get it by his editor – but sees him in small town Texas for either the wedding or the jilting of the year.

Meeting Jaxon who is meant to be the villain of his piece is a earth shattering moment for Kieran and he knows immediately that objectivity just went through the door when Jaxon started asking questions.

Something however was not right and Kieran means to get to the bottom of it before the big day, but he has to think about who is he doing it for -  she - he or him.  


“That’s very accommodating,” Kieran replied. “How did you know I was here?”
“Natalee called and told us,” Danetta answered. “She knew we wanted to meet you as soon as possible. Everyone in town is on the lookout for you.”
“You probably feel like you’re being stalked,” Jaxon said with a laugh. “Well, you are. I’m very sorry about that, but you’re the biggest thing to happen to this town in a long time.” Jaxon paused, “In more ways than one. I mean, we heard you’re quite tall,” he tried to explain, a look of embarrassment crossing his face. “And everyone in town loves Danetta, so they’re all very excited for our big day.” Jaxon turned and gave Danetta a dopey, lovey-dovey smile that made Kieran want to puke up the fantastic breakfast he’d just eaten.
Kieran thought Jaxon’s tone and demeanor was heading into Stepford territory, and it was a pretty frightening thought that this beautiful man was going to be a husband in just a few days.
“So, your article is about how even though I was engaged before,” Danetta said, “that now I’m sure I’ve found true love with Jaxon. Right?” Kieran liked how she put it—engaged, as opposed to actually had three weddings. “And you want to meet the three men I didn’t marry, so you can what, compare them to Jaxon?”
“Well, I admit that’s part of it,” Kieran started. “I also want to hear from you about how you know it’s right this time, and how you knew it wasn’t right before, and, uh, decided not to go through with it.”

You don’t need to beat around the bush, Kieran. You can say that I left them at the altar,” Danetta said with a pretty laugh. As much as Kieran had wanted to hate her, he liked her frankness and ability to laugh at herself.

Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells © EM Lynley


Surprise Element

I have read a few books from Ravenous Romance and not that I was off them, but it was take it or leave it for me. Ms. Lynley’s production SEX LIES AND WEDDING BELLS is a first class addition to Ravenous Romance list of titles.



From the blurb, I thought yeah – another Julia Robert’s moment, but nope – Ms. Lynley took the story line and ran down a totally different path with it.

There is to be expected some level of predictability – it’s the nature of that story line, but the fun, the cagey unsaid little things as well  as the eclectic bunch of support cast gave this read the edge.


Smut/ick Factor

The smut in this is a little hard to explain – while it had the emotion entanglement that preceded any good smut scene. I was more caught up in the what comes after and how the guys dealt with everything that was happening to them.

Jaxon and Kieran had the chance to hop into bed, but i was very impressed with not only the restraint but the logic behind how they dealt with something that they knew would happen, but didn’t necessarily have to happen. Well done




I found the story line not only cute but very thought provoking. A big throw back to “The Runaway Bribe”, but with a very sinister underlining element.

The pace of the book was lively. It had it moments of a gentle glide, but there was also the moment where i was just chopping at the bit to know if they would or if they wont.

I am liking Ms. Lynley voice alot, she brought a mixture of fun and expectation to a story line that should be as predictable as laundry, but ended up being a truly wonderful read.

I like the fact that the author moved the story along – as much as it started out with Kieran mad mundane life, Ms. Lynley quickly had us travelling and exploring alot of other places – tossing in some nice contrast as well.

While there was never any question of a mystery to this book, the author gives us enough phrases and innuendos to build up a decent amount of curiosity in me – and admitted i was caught up,  i really wanted to know what was happening.

I loved the  characters from the first moment i met them, especially Kieran – He is the the stereotypical camp guy in the office, and the life of the party  - he however had a sense of right and wrong and enough integrity to know the difference.

Jaxon – the name so suited him, honourable to the very end as he held on, trying to do the right thing even when he knew the unknown was a better option..

I was impressed with Ms. Lynley giving Kieran and Jaxon a chance to get to know each other. I saw the difference they made to and on each other… nicely done

The characters were well fleshed out and not only the main protags – support cast and even a little bit of info on the actually town was toss in for good measure.

I was given a healthy dose of small-town realism. Never expect the natural flow of order to happen in small town – however in SEX LIES AND WEDDING BELLS, a touch of the modern was also introduce –which made it all the more believable.

Bottom Line

A nice spin on an old plot that had me not only enjoying the characters that i was being introduced to but also enjoying a new to me author that had a way with words that made SEX LIES AND WEDDING BELLS really stand out and much kudos to her for doing so.



Another not perfect book, but nothing to stick my fingers at and say – I thought this or that was off..

I really enjoy the frivolities of how the book started, but like any relationship, it grew and it was a pleasure to have read this book.



I like, I like alot… how sexy are they. ticked all my boxes – no face and lots of flesh on display…


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Lily on 21 June 2009 at 06:04 said...

Great review EH

I really like this book a lot. Ms Lynley has a really good style. Have you read her short little story Heat Seeking Missile? It's a funny and sexy story.

Lily :)

Erotic Horizon on 21 June 2009 at 08:28 said...

Hey lily..

I really liked this book - it feels like a fairly tale, but I am impressed with the spin Ms. Lynley put on it...

I'll be checking out Heat Seeking Missile - smut you say, I am so getting it...