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Review - RX Love - Sherry Derr-Wille






Back Of The Book

Dave Lowrey needs a miracle so that his son can walk again. When he finds it at a San Francisco hospital, he realizes he must contend with a woman he dated in college and dumped, to get it. All come to fruition when he accepts a job at the hospital. Being on staff will give him an in for getting Colin on the list for the surgery, even if he has to take Ellyn Morrison to bed to do it

Ellyn Morrison only allowed one man to get close to her and when Dave Lowrey transfers to a top position at her hospital, she's not certain how to handle the situation. Things only get worse when he becomes her doctor. It isn't until she learns that his son is a paraplegic that she softens.

Can the lover and needs of a child bring the two of them together? Colin certainly hopes so.


“I’ve been avoiding you because I know why you want to see me. You’re concerned because I look tired. Well I am tired. I spent all last week in one of the dorm rooms because I was on call. It looks like I should have done the same thing this week. I’ve been called in more on Frank’s week of rotation than on my own. Believe me, I’m looking forward to the weekend when I can sleep late and not have to answer the phone.”

“Well,” Karl said, “rest is something I can guarantee. I’ve made arrangements for you to check into the hospital tomorrow for a complete physical. There’s more behind this than exhaustion. You’ve lost weight and your color is bad. I checked your file. Somehow you’ve managed to cancel your last two physicals.”

Ellyn wanted to protest, but since they entered the Bay Room she held her tongue. Venting her frustration and anger in front of her colleagues would do her more harm than good.

“Ellyn,” Gordon Kapling, the retiring head of ER said, taking her hand. “I’d started to think you were going to duck out on this reception, the way you have in the past.”

“To be honest, Gordon, I got tied up with a complicated procedure and almost forgot. Luckily, Karl caught me before I went down to the recovery room to check on my patient.”

“Well, whatever powers got you here have my undying gratitude. Ellyn Morrison, this is my replacement, David Lowry.”

Ellyn could feel her eyes widen, her jaw drop. For the first time, she looked past Gordon to see the man this reception was meant to honor. If anyone had mentioned Dave’s name earlier she certainly would have set up and taken notice. For some reason, either it hadn’t been given or she hadn’t heard it.

“Dave,” she gasped, as he reached for her hand.

“You look lovely, Ellyn,” Dave said, holding her hand a bit longer than was necessary.

Ten years of old hurts erupted to the surface and Ellyn began to steam.

RX Love © Sherry Derr-Wille



Widower Dave Lowrey finds himself in need of a miracle for his son. When all else looks to have failed – he comes across an article that just might mean the difference between a life and a normal life for his son.

The only sting in his elation is the fact that an old acquaintance was the person he has to go through to get a foot hold onto the programme. Having not had any sort of happy experience with Ellyn Morrison in the past – David knows he has to step lightly and be as creative with the truth to get what he wants.

From the first moment Ellyn saw David again – David knew he had a hard battle again of him. But he was prepared to do anything for his son – that is until he learn the truth about Ellyn.

I decided to try this book because of the blurb – I am such a hussy for a good blurb. Sherry Derr-Wille is a new to me author and I am liking her voice.

We are introduced to David who wants to make sure his son has what ever option and opportunity is there for him to have an attempt at a normal life. Then there is Ellyn Morrison a workaholic with a chip on her shoulder that has made her what she is.

The main protags and the support cast were not hard to like, I could not however feel that emotional connection between David and Ellyn through out the book and this  was my main source of concern. With as much as this was a good story line with little side stories and enough tension to actually make a bit of it a page turner, just something wasn’t doing it for me.

The pace of the book moves like a camera shutter, little bits and pieces of scenes but nothing to connect them that doesn’t require you to think about what if’s and why?

If you like a punchy read, this is for you -  there was a back story, character development, hilarity and more importantly a strong and feisty support cast that does magic for this book. 

I could feel that this was just a fluke in this author repertoire – just something felt like there is more to this author than I am getting from this book. So I am moving onto another novel by her to see if my judgement is off – so keep tune.


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Lea on 30 June 2009 at 17:58 said...

Nice review EH:

I'll wait to hear what you think about her next book. :)

I have to say - that cover art is stunning, I love the red, very lovely.


Erotic Horizon on 30 June 2009 at 21:02 said...

Yeah I agree the cover is wonderful - I love the red..

Her next book is looking great - i am loving it..