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Review – Never Say Goodbye – Jenna Byrnes




Back of The Book

Damien Hall has never done an honest day's work in his life. On his own from a young age, his street wiles got him by until he ended up in Corcoran State Prison for theft. Five years later, he's moved in with a man who only wants him for one thing, nightly hot sex. But he's off the streets, and Damien thinks the trade-off is worth it.

Travis Slater wrangles horses for a living, and wants to wrangle Damien in his off hours. He sees potential in the man who suffers from extremely low self esteem, and quickly falls in love with him. He hopes to take Damien and leave, knowing they can make their own way in the world.

Damien isn't so sure, and is terrified at the thought of being homeless again. When his employer admits the real reason Damien was hired, it's decision time. Do what's easy or do what's right? Only Damien can decide.





Damien – Small, chip on his shoulder, confidence issues and the man who always looks out for number one. Been there and done that, Damien is scared of making that tentative first step alone – but he is even more scared of making that step with someone else. 

Travis – Confident, sure of himself  and his place in the big scheme of things, knows he wants the cute little pool guy from the moment he spots him. Making contact turns out to be harder than he imaged – but, he knows a good thing when he sees him and he is not giving up.


The Plot

Damien Hall has a nice little gig going and not ashamed of it – truth be told. After Corcoran State Prison anything that involves a roof over his head and work that only involves the kind he knows – doing nothing at all, he was good.

The bubble was rolling too nicely when two things happen on the job that has Damien not only thinking, but having to make some decisions that will affect not only him – but puts him in a direct pathway of his worst nightmare.

“Have you met our new stable man? Travis, this is Damien. He’s in charge of the pool.”
“We met earlier.” Travis eyed him as he sipped his own beer.
“Oh, yeah.” Damien agreed with a frown. “Highlight of my day.”
Travis jumped on a retort. “That’s really saying something, seeing as you have such exciting days around here.”
“Don’t start with that shi—” Damien glanced at Mrs. Starr. “Stuff,” he checked his language.
“Oh, fine.” She touched both of their arms. “I’m glad you already know each other. You boys have a good time. I’m going to go check on dinner.” She squeezed each of their arms and walked away.

Damien couldn’t tell if she sensed the tension between them, but didn’t really care. “Excuse me.” He brushed Travis’ shoulder as he tried to get past.
“Running off so fast? With Mr. Austin gone, what could you possibly have to do? Restock the towel supply by the pool? Or does someone else do that, too?”
Never Say Goodbye © Jenna Byrnes


Smut/Ick Factor

From the moment Damien and Travis meet, there was a crackle in the air. They started off with the verbal combat and it move straight on to the goodies with a whole lot of angst in between.

This third book in the Slippery When Wet Series had some really hot smut, creative, loud and a whole lot of it.  There was a little element of exhibitionism that i like – it was very erotic – the whole description of it got me going.


First off –  with series i always look at how the latest book ties into the whole concept and NEVER SAY GOODBYE is another perfect read. A story with a little twist but the differences made it worth the read.

I liked meeting these characters, the main protags and support cast alike. The main characters were totally different and this work well – their values, their outlook, their mannerism but these things work in their favour and made the connection between the two a clash of wills and made the smut even hotter.

The support cast was a mixed bag, a few most definately stand out, some sweet and some were as slimy and murky as it gets – Ms Byrnes has put together a bunch of people that was a time bomb waiting to happen and i was on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

There are two constant about Ms. Byrne’s writing – the humanity she brings out in her characters and what she can do within a few pages, and with NEVER SAY GOODBYE it is no different. The language, the pace the emotion and the angsty tension filled scenarios are simply  wonderful.

This is really a short at only 55 pages however, there isn’t only a natural flow to this story but natural growth. Through conversations and ‘Hindsight” the protags has the chance to make a difference and see that there is another option.

There was lazy pace to this book and it was a nice touch to tone this read done as the hating and the loving happening in this book – demanded a pace with a gentle flow.

Bottom Line

NEVER SAY GOODBYE is the third book in the Slippery When Wet series by Phaze. The story ties in beautifully with the other two. Ms. Byrnes takes the books that step further by introducing us to men who brings the best out of each other and are willing to go the distance for each other.

Ms. Byrne's has also used her trade mark of saying so much with so little style of writing that not only held my attention, but really just impresses the hell out of me the more of her work that  i read.

Loving this book alot…..


Funnily enough no – it was too short to find issues. I enjoy the book and i felt it was a perfect fit into the Slippery When Wet series


Still don’t like them  -



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Thanks EH, it always makes my day to read your reviews.

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Erotic Horizon on 12 June 2009 at 19:46 said...

Hey Jenna..

Another great addition to the series....

Looking forward to Jude's last book...

I am feeling better, just need to rest -


Lily on 12 June 2009 at 22:58 said...

Great review EH

This sounds like a really nice series, I've got it on my buy list but will wait until all the books are out so I can read them as a set.


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Another concise great review EH!

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I love the cover art for this book and the storyline sounds very unique.

Thank you for sharing!

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Hey Lily....

This is a sweet series, I am really looking forward to the last book..


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