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Review – Lilly Blossom – N.J. Walters




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Third in the Summersville Secrets Series.

“What do you say?” Carson, the man she’s lusted over for the past five years, is standing in her kitchen, offering himself up for research.

Lily isn’t convinced she hasn’t fallen asleep at her keyboard and is now having the most amazing dream. No one in the town of Summersville knows she writes erotic romance under a pseudonym. Everyone knows her as the quiet, conservative woman who owns and operates the local flower shop, Lily’s Blossoms. She’s rarely dated and certainly not a man eight years younger.

But Carson is resolute. He’s wanted Lily for years and when he stumbles onto her secret, he seizes the opportunity to get closer to her. Lily has a list of erotic fantasies she wants to research including sex in public, roses, whipped cream and a striptease. Carson has a few ideas of his own and he’s determined to be the man she experiences each and every item with. What she doesn’t know is that he has an agenda of his own—one that ends with them together forever.



When Lily Summers accidentally leaves the evidence of her secret life on her kitchen table, the last person she expects to see it is Carson Granger. She has always been attracted to Carson, but being her son’s employer and her being older than him by a few years, she has never made much of the attraction.

Carson quickly picks up on what he sees, and offers her a little hands on help with her list of things to do for her erotic romance novel. She also realizes that this is an opportunity she can hardly say no to, little does she know however that Carson has is own secret, and he intends to let her in on it - very soon.


What could she say? Lily didn’t know what to say. Couldn’t manage a coherent sentence if her life depended on it. She wasn’t totally convinced that she hadn’t fallen asleep at her keyboard and was now having the most amazing dream. Carson Granger, the man she’d lusted over and fantasized about for the past five years, was standing in her kitchen, offering himself up for research.

This had to be a dream. Either that or she was losing her mind.


She shook her head, trying to clear it, and licked her lips, which were suddenly dry. His pale blue eyes followed the track of her tongue, their color deepening. For the first time since he arrived, she forgot about her self-consciousness and really looked at Carson.

He was wearing his usual uniform of boots, jeans and T-shirt, yet it didn’t detract from his commanding presence. If anything, it enhanced it. His shoulders were broad, stretching the seams of his snowy white shirt. The fabric clung to his chest like a second skin, leaving very little to her imagination.

She knew he had an impressive set of abs and that he had a small amount of chest hair that was slightly darker than the hair on his head. She’d seen him with his shirt off more than once when she’d gone to pick up Ethan from work before he’d bought a car of his own. The first time she’d seen Carson naked from the waist up, the sight had fired her sexual fantasies for months.

And how pathetic was that? She was a cliché—older, divorced woman lusts after young stud. “I’m sorry, Carson. I don’t think that’s a good idea.” It was harder than she’d anticipated to push the words past her lips. A part of her really wanted to take him up on his outrageous plan.

“I think it’s an excellent idea.” He leaned closer. His presence seemed to suck all the available air from around her. She swallowed as his mouth touched hers. It was barely a touch, more of a grazing.

Lilly Blossom © N.J. Walters

Ms. Walter has once again taken us back to small town Summersville, with its hot, sexy men and more than resourceful women. LILLY BLOSSOM is a sweetheart of a story with two people who are tired of the usual and want a whole lot more than the average.

Once Lily and Carson make the commitment to research the list, they throw their whole heart into it. They quickly realize however that the list is the last thing on their mind when they get together, and soon want an end to the list. All the usual small town issues are in this book, nosy friends, parking on the side street and of course the other man in Lily’s life they both have to convince that they are the best thing for each other.

A fun read to add to any collection, N.J. Walters at her best.





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Unknown on 3 June 2009 at 15:05 said...

Oh....sweet those abs!

Interesting story of a florist with a secret identity! Love it!

Dottie :)

Brandy W on 3 June 2009 at 19:54 said...

I've just recently discovered NJ. I love what I've read so far.

Erotic Horizon on 4 June 2009 at 08:35 said...


The cover is so totally smashing - small town girl/woman, walking on the wild side..



Erotic Horizon on 4 June 2009 at 08:36 said...


Ms. Walters is one of my fav... have you tried her Vampire series yet..