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Review – Ice Maiden – Jewel Adams




Back of The Book

One man’s greed sends Amy Bonner back in time and into the arms of a very determined 15th century lord. If a kiss is heaven then Amy just found paradise. The moment of bliss suddenly feels crushed by the memory of the stalking beast with death’s talons. She can’t help but wonder how long it will take before someone discovers she is an imposter?

“Such sweet, wicked Ice Maiden.” He stirs the lady’s passion and lights a blaze that a man can burn in eternal ecstasy within. Bern wants what he holds more than any spoils from battles fought and nothing will kill his desire to make the Lady Amelia...His!

Together Bern and Amy fight time and man to keep the love they have discovered.





Amy Bonner – A stranger in a strange place, but with a passion to absorb as much as she can. Awaking in the arms of a stranger was not only the highlight of her day – but is about to be the highlight of her life.   

Bern Randall  – Dashing, charismatic and determine. knowing something is way off in the household of Lady Amelia he is determined to run her to ground – but the hoops he has to jump through – just might be the last straw.

The Plot

When Amy finds out what her partner in the dig she was on was up to, she was pissed, but the most she expected to happen was just following the natural progression of the grievance policy of her company – Little did she expect that she would turn up in another century.

She opens her eyes to the most wonderful specimen of 15 century man she has ever encounter in her research – that is until she realise that she was no longer in her own little cushioned world – she was not miles always from home – she was centuries away and the man holding her was not letting her out of his sight until he gets what he wants – and apparently it seems to be her.

Amy has to do some quick thinking, as Bern is not only determined – he appears to have caught onto the secret of Lady Amelia – the Ice Maiden.


“I have never known you to be so quiet, nor to show so bold an interest”

            “I am not.” Heat flooded her cheeks at being caught.

            “I too find the view very pleasing.”

            She couldn’t escape the finger that traced the slight jut of her chin. “So soft.” Her lips parted of their own volition as his finger trailed over her teeth.

            She should bite him...

            When he jerked his finger away, she couldn’t stop the laughter overtaking her. She really needed to learn some control in his presence. “Sorry.”

            “Nay, ye are not, but then neither am I.”

            He moved faster than she did. Amy found herself drifting back into the flames of passion under his ruling kiss. She tried to tell her self, she could break free of his power if she wanted to, he denied the lie. Every part of her body wanted to feel his exquisite form.

            When he finally pulled his lips back, his smile held male victory over her defeat. She couldn’t even escape his gloating snicker. “Like I said, dear Lady, no more lies.”

            Feeling him relax his guard over her, Amy grasped the opportunity. Shoving with all her might she succeeded in rolling him off her. Pushing herself in the opposite direction she glared at him as she lay on her stomach and he came to rest on his side. Before he could reach her she managed to struggle to her feet.

            Untangling her legs from the mass of unexpected material, “where in God’s name did all this come from?”

            “I have asked myself the same question many times.”

Ice Maiden © Jewel Adams


Surprise Element

I was really surprised about how easily Ms. Adams close all those gap between the transfer of the time. As much as it took me a few pages in to get my bearings on who was doing what to whom – once i got up to speed i really really like this book.


Smut/Ick Factor

This wasn’t that type of book and i would have been surprise if there was smut of any sort. However don’t think that these two didn’t have my heart racing – they were hot, they had a connection that you could feel and it was only enhance by the little looks and  touches they gave to each other.

But the highlight was what they would do for each other and to each other all for the sake of being with each other. Imagine a Bern to conquer all my demons – yes please.



First the books start off with alot of angst – so from the moment go, i was dragged into a “what the hell” – frame of mind and the author never let me forget that she was in control of this book.

The main protags are two forces of nature – Bern is all man and he means business, he catches on to Lady Amelia’s scheme and once he knew what was up in every sense of the word – what comes about is a  level of protectiveness that is so totally new to him, yet he embraces it – he also has a emotional evolution that he welcome just as easily  as he welcomes Amy into his heart.

Amy – is no slouch herself, as much as she is literally captivated by everything that is Bern – she know her own mind and in spite of her circumstances or because of it – she quickly comes to the mindset that Bern is all she actually wants and needs.

The support characters are a mixed bunch – Ms. Adams however has shared the best and worst of these people and has placed them in a position to make the book work best with them.

I like the pace of the book  – there was the natural slow period, but there was also the times when the pace was so fast –thing was happening that took both the cast and my self by surprise. I really like that.

There was a passion to this book – a fervour to everything. How they love, how they care even the fighting was done with such high flare that you felt it all – nicely nicely done.

Another impressive trait of this book was loyalty and the disloyalty of the support cast – if you blink you missed it, but the furore was either sorted by how loyal you are or much of a pain you really are – i could easily find a comfortable home in this period, it was so cut and dry – no grey areas.

I am not up to speed about the century the book was written in, but i cannot fault the detail some of the scenes – while some of it feels contemporary, within the plot it was a necessity.

Bottom Line

A new author to me, but i am already on the hunt for other books by this author. She has a light voice that not only transported to a wonderful period in history, but also introduced me to some fantastic protags that made me laugh, made me think and made me root for the survival of their relationship.

Ms. Adams dealt neatly with quite alot of the expected issued that i had about people crossing the time barrier – details were address the bad guy given a voice and a face and was dealt with gut satisfactory if i do say so myself. I had a laugh at these people and with them as well. 

It was a pleasure to have read ICE MAIDEN.



The fact that Amy fell so easily into the lifestyle of the century she fell into plus got a handle on the language of the day – it just seems too quick, too smooth.

I was pleased that the main protags clicked – but at the back of my mine it just felt too easy, from the 21st century to the 15 century, there was bound to be more than hiccups along the way...

I would have also like to have known what happen to the real Ice Maiden – as much as two people had to cross the barrier of time to find each other, i did think of what happened to Lady Amelia.


I find the cover to be quite striking – not sure if this cover would have been my first choice for this book, this book has a certain something to it, that I'm not getting from this cover. Love the hair though.


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Lea on 8 June 2009 at 02:46 said...

Sounds like an interesting time travel romance EH. I'm not sure if it is my cuppa though.

However, since it is a e-book, I may take a look at it down the road.


Erotic Horizon on 8 June 2009 at 08:25 said...

Hey Lea..

I hope you do - this book was a real surprise but a pleasant one..


Yvette Kelly on 8 June 2009 at 17:20 said...

I will tell you this.When I think of a 15th century man I see forceful,in control,drag me to his cave kind of guy.YES I would love to be bumped back a few centuries.Just my little fantasy!!

Erotic Horizon on 8 June 2009 at 17:23 said...


Totally agree with you, and Bern was all of those things and more..

I really really like him..