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Review – Hell Hath No Fury – Brenda Williamson






Back of The Book

Grayson’s never met a woman more beautiful or exciting than Fallon. Even her damaged spirit can’t dissuade him from showing her that all men aren’t deceitful bastards. Only his endeavors to win the love of a woman on the rebound are challenged.

Needless to say, Fallon and Grayson aren’t in for an easy journey to find true love when Hell Hath No Fury like an ex-boyfriend, a serial killer, and a few women spurned.




Fallon – Hurt and let wondering about the unfairness of life, she is constantly horny and her mind has taken up the roll of filling in the gaps – Fallon so needs to get laid.

Grayson – He was just so sweet, almost too much of a good thing until you got to know him. Loving, sweet, caring and more over as determined to get the girl when he sees who he wants.


The Plot

Hurt, disillusioned and out of sorts Fallon is not having a good day, a good week if truth be told and she does what she do when things get on top of her – she goes homes to where she knows she is welcomed with open arms.

There is more happening at home than Fallon has ever seen it. Not only has her beloved Gran had a scare at home, but she has gone ahead and hired the local handy man without checking him or anything out beforehand, well she was having none of that and set about to find out about ‘Mr Handyman’ herself.

With everyone in town knowing everything before it happens, the finding of a body not only throw Fallon and Grayson into the path of Fallon’s ex  but also into the sights of a killer. 


She managed the two blocks to the garage and pulled in front, away from the pumps near the bay doors. The place appeared deserted. Only the dim light inside the office indicated that someone must still run the place. She got out of her car and walked up to the door. A crooked sign that said GONE TO LUNCH, WILL BE BACK IN ONE HOUR hung on a nail. However, since the hands of the little plastic clock on the sign were missing, it was impossible to say if the man had just left or would soon return.

She turned her attention to the street that continued to run out of town where her grandmother lived. The half-mile walk would be easy if she didn’t have hardware supplies and groceries to take with her.

“Car problems?” Grayson’s voice startled her.

She turned around and looked at him, sitting in his car.

“No. Well, yes. Do you know when the attendant gets back?” She looked at the sign again, wishing it would magically amend itself and Grayson would go away.


“Monday? But he has a sign…”

Grayson opened his car door, and she watched one long leg emerge and then the other. The denim hugged his narrow hips and muscular thighs. She continued down the rest of his legs where the denim stopped at his semiworn athletic shoes.

“That’s been there for years, and Charlie never uses it.”

“Then he should take the sign down. It’s misleading and…” She saw his humorous eyes water with laughter. “This isn’t funny. Is there somewhere else in this godforsaken town I can get my car looked at?”

“I’m sorry. Everyone around here knows Charlie is closed on the weekend. No one pays attention to that sign.”

He leaned on her car and lifted one leg to cross over the other. The sexy heartthrob had no right to look at her with the hunger of a single man.

“You know, you’re very beautiful.”

“Pardon me?” She looked frantically from the sign to the frozen foods in the car and then to him, sizing her up.

“You heard me.” He pushed off the car, and it forced his chest out.

Hell Hath No Fury © Brenda Williamson


Surprise Element

They say all roads leads home and the biggest surprise in this book for me was how easily Ms. Williamson keeps abreast of the multitude of storylines going on in this book and bridge every thing home – to Fallon and Grayson.

The language flowed, the little gaps were filled and i was really taken with the dynamics of the relationship between Fallon and her relative and Grayson and the town as well his family.



Another predictable plot – girls goes home and alpha male is waiting or has turned up since she left and the production only gets hotter, the whole meeting and evolvingof  this romance was shrouded in the mystery that Ms. Williamson really made me sit up and enjoy.

The predictability was over almost before it started.


Smut/Ick Factor

From the moment you open the book smut was on the mind – Fallon is lonely, horny and desperately in need of a man. The book is rift with sexual tension and little and alot of innuendos – and i like it.

Fallon and Grayson got enough airtime to sort out there likes and their dislikes and play around all the little angst that make up any relationship.

I liked how it played out and i could see this  relationship going places.



The whole small town thing – gets me every time and this is no difference. it’s all the nosey neighbours, the grapevine that moves faster than the speed of the light and all the other quirky small-town madness.

The characters were likeable, fresh, have a sense of care and community, they were also full of integrity and were very appealing to me. Grayson was all small town in his outlook to life – One hand washing the other – sort of attitude, very family oriented, but as good looking as he  was, he was bound to attracted woman from all walk of  life.

Fallon – I have to admit, i liked her she was not only strong in the face of everything that she had to face, but she knew when to accept the fact that she was a woman and as a woman there are certain things that should be demanded.

Definately sarcasm pushed this book along – so even with the mystery surrounding the town, i was laughing my head off at some of the one lines that they came up with.

“You better go then. Sheriff Simpson will need all the help he can get. He’s not what one would call highly intelligent. His head is full of marbles, and each year he gets older, he loses a few more.” She shuffled Fallon to the door. “You’re a reporter and can find out more details than our sheriff. You help him. We can’t have a killer on the loose.”

Hell Hath No Fury © Brenda Williamson

An evenly paced book – this was definately not steeple chase material, I had time to keep track of the goings on, and  there was a few of them – nice touch i thought.

The mystery was a nice touch as well, the book was really Fallon and Grayson’s story – however the mystery was a good addition and gave them a chance to find out the best and the worst quality about each other.

Support cast were very essential to this story, they not only provide vital support to the main protags, but some were really strong and without them i really couldn’t see the story going anywhere.

Bottom Line.

My first Brenda Williamson book, but this wont be my last. She has a voice that i liked. It turn a run of the mill plot into something that not only made me laugh but with a mystery tossed in she kept the suspense up until the end with me very surprised at the who done it. Her characters are delightful and i has a good time with this small town plot that not only had me wanting to knock a few heads together but i certainly had a good laugh at there expense as well.



I would never presume to know how an author come up with their ideas or what they intend their target audience to understand from their book.

But one thing i hate in a book is overkill or just a level of senselessness that just throws everything off. I really like this book, small-town, quirky old woman and all the other things that make up small town living, however there was one scene in this book that was just totally above my head – i couldn’t understand why it happened or even if it needed to happen.

It was not a happy feeling to what was more or less a sweet read.



Quite a sensual cover without being over the top. I  like it , especially the colour scheme.


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Mandi on 7 June 2009 at 18:30 said...

Fallon is one horny girl, huh? Sounds like a fun read:)

Erotic Horizon on 7 June 2009 at 18:33 said...

Hey Ms Smexy..

If I didn't know better I would swear she was on Viagra - she had a whole lot of smut on the brain..

Hope you're having a great Sunday..


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good read.

Erotic Horizon on 7 June 2009 at 19:29 said...

Hey Barbara -

Hope the weekend is going great ...

This was a fun read - I liked Fallon a lot. Grayson was just Grayson - Hot.


Brenda on 8 June 2009 at 00:06 said...

Thank you for the review :-)I appreciate your thoroughness!


Erotic Horizon on 8 June 2009 at 08:22 said...

Hello Brenda..

Thank you for stopping by...

A pleasure to have read this book - congrats on it's release..