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Review – Fallon Mates Bk2 – Zeraac’s Miracle – Jory Strong






Back Of The Book

Ariel Ripa needs a miracle for her daughter on Earth.

On Belizair, only a miracle will provide Zeraac d’Amato and Komet d’Vesti with a shared bond-mate.

Neither Zeraac, Komet, nor Ariel expect to get what their hearts most desire. But when Zeraac travels to Earth at the request of his brother’s human bond-mate, he rescues Ariel and finds the answer to his own and Komet’s prayers-just as they’re the answer to hers.

By Council law Ariel must agree to a binding ceremony of her own free will and can only know the truth about Zeraac and Komet once they’re in the transport chamber. To follow the rules would mean the death of Ariel’s daughter. While to break the law could mean the setting aside of the mate-bond and the possibility of exile for the two men. For Zeraac and Komet, there is no choice other than to risk their honor and their hearts for Ariel and her young daughter.

Through love and hope born from the depths of darkness and despair, the three find something more rare than the precious Ylan stones they wear on their wrists-a miracle that will change their lives.


Pleasure ripped through Ariel. Longing. Desire. The need to be held, touched, loved by a man. Not just by any man. By him. He’d taken her emotions by storm. Awakened a part of her that slept deeply.

“Zeraac,” she whispered. Wanting him to take charge. To take responsibility. To make her forget—at least for a little while. And yet even as she thought it, a part of her pulled back, knowing she wasn’t ready to go any further with him.

“Easy,” he whispered, as though sensing the beginnings of her panic and uncertainty. “Only this, Ariel. Just this.”

She closed her eyes, unable to stop a soft whimper from escaping as he settled more heavily on her, the feel of his erection making her vulva swell, her clit ache for more than a clothing-shrouded rub, one body against another.

His hand speared into her hair, holding her in place as his tongue dueled with hers, pressing and retreating, coaxing and commanding, making her feverish with desire.

Tears of need escaped and she widened her legs, encircling his hips and pressing into him, rocking against him, her clit so engorged that she wanted to push her jeans down and beg him to suck it, to lave it with his tongue, to give her release.

But the words remained trapped in her throat and she let them stay there, accepting something less and grinding against him, arching into him until his hand moved from her hair, joining the other one under her shirt, both going to her nipples and as if sensing her desire for just a little pain with her pleasure, tightening on them, the extra stimulation enough to make her climax underneath him.

With a husky laugh Zeraac finally had to lift his head so that they both could breathe, and almost immediately the spell was broken. Heat rushed to Ariel’s face. Guilt. And he knew her thoughts were on Kaylee.

“I…can’t,” Ariel started, but Zeraac leaned in and stopped her with a kiss, exploring her mouth in a leisurely fashion this time, gentling her, calming her as though the fury of what had just happened between them had not left him hard and aching.

When he lifted his lips from hers, his gaze was tender, soft. “I ask nothing more than just to be able to kiss and touch you.”

Her face filled with uncertainty and embarrassment and something much more precious to Zeraac—trust and caring. “I’ve left you…hurting.”

He laughed, unable to resist brushing his mouth against hers again and saying, “I’ll survive. A little pain beforehand only heightens the anticipation and deepens the satisfaction.”

Zeraac Miracle © Jory Strong



Ariel is at the end of the line where her daughters health is concern, Ariel is also at the end of just about everything with life. With a big part of her life not what it was if it was to be honest – she is afraid of hoping, of wanting any more than the immediate.

Her one small pleasure is the each and every breath that her daughter takes and she treasures it all until it gets dark and she find too much time to think, to hurt and to loose a little bit of herself.

Ariel daughter is special and she can see angels – however her angels come in the guise of two Belizar residents, Zeraac d’Amato and Komet d’Vesti and they have come to earth to find their bond-mate and she is Ariel.

Zeraac and Komet are in a race against time and they must make some rash and hasty decisions in order to protect Ariel's daughter and in turn give Ariel a little peace of mind she so desperately needs.

Things goes well, but things also goes seriously wrong as the three barely gets the chance to start forming a bond before the two men's honour and  credibility is called into question. Ariel is the key to ensuring that they have any chance of being together as she is ultimately the one that hold their hearts.

ZERAAC’S MIRACLE is the second book in the Fallon Mates series and I am seriously loving this series. Once again I can’t say enough about how strong Ms. Strong voice is in this series.

There is a pace and drive to this book that will have you not  being able to put it down. Her first book KRISTA’S BINDING was set on earth but this one was on the planet Belizair. The world building was genius – it was well described, in my minds eyes I could see it – I could feel it and I really wanted to be shooting off there as well.

Komet and Zeraac are not two likely candidate for a pairing, but with a stroke of luck and natural disaster they end up being the unit sent to claim Ariel. From the moment they meet, you could feel the magic that these three had going on, toss in a cheeky child with hope and able to see beauty in even the smallest thing and this book had me floored.

A few angsty and tension filled moment along with some smoking hot smut make me sit up and had a good long pant!!!!!! – yeah the smut was hawt and that good. you've brighten my horizen badge

Bottom Line.

A wonderful follow up to a series that will hold you and barely let you get a breath in edge wise. I am liking a lot of the  similarities and difference that Ms. Strong incorporates into her world of Belizair. With a well coordinated plot a streamline flow to the language, this is a better book than the first, and I am looking to see what Ms Strong does with her third outing with her Fallon Mates series.



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