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Review – Fallon Mates Bk 1 – Binding Krista – Jory Strong





Back Of The Book

For Adan d’Amato and Lyan d’Vesti, only a shared bond-mate will insure the continuance of their race. The Council scientists have found a match in Krista Thomas-a genetically compatible human. By Council rules Krista must be willing and the binding must be done immediately before she is brought back to their world, because once she accepts the bond, she will know that Adan and Lyan aren’t natives of Earth. For the warriors, it’s a simple quest-go to Earth, bind their mate to them, then return home.

There’s only one catch-Krista is on the run and she’s afraid to involve anyone else in her life.



Adan took a sharp intake of breath, his eyes zeroing in on the woman. The deep gold Ylan crystals on his wrists swirled as his emotions surged in recognition of their mate’s presence. “By the Council, she is exquisite,” Adan murmured as he placed a hand on Lyan’s shoulder.

Lyan’s nostrils flared as every predatory instinct within him focused on their mate. She was small, even among her own people, and dressed in black-the color of a warrior’s clothing. And yet her body was made for pleasure, not fighting.

Against the black material, her hair was a golden torch. Lyan could imagine the silky heat of it burning its way across his skin and inflaming him further as it flowed over their writhing bodies. The mating fever of the Vesti race shimmered just below the surface of his control. He was rock hard, ready. Instinct urged him to pounce now, to take her, join with her, make her completely his. A low growl vibrated along his throat.

Like a cool wind, Adan’s voice whispered, warned, And to take her that way is to guarantee there will be no offspring, for either of us. It is not one or the other, it is both or there is no conception at all.

The growl in Lyan’s throat deepened. He snarled, Curse the Hotalings and their get. Let our people hunt them down one-by-one and rid the universe of them for their use of the bio-gene weapons.

And we will. But for now let us be glad that our scientists have found a way for us to avoid extinction. Our mate awaits. Do we stand here and argue what cannot be changed, or do we go and secure her so that through her womb our lines may both survive?

Adan didn’t wait for an answer, but stepped forward. As he did so, the woman sensed his movement and looked at him. He was too skilled a hunter not to see her tense, ready herself to escape. Her reaction flooded his being with the desire to protect her even as blood pounded through him in anticipation of a chase. Let her run. The victory and mating would only be that much more intense. On his wristbands, the gold crystals swirled in tune to his anticipation of a mate, an heir, the survival of his race.

Lyan’s voice growled in his mind, Now whose lust threatens to leave us without a mate? She must accept us willingly or there is no bond.

Adan laughed softly. Do you really doubt our ability to secure our bond-mate? Before this night is over, she will belong to us in all ways.

Binding Krista © Jory Strong


Krista Thomas is on the run and she has every intention to keep on running – however there is nothing that says she can’t take one night for herself with the two men that looks like a walking fantasy just who was giving her the eyes.

Knowing the risk to herself and anyone who comes into contact with her, she makes the most of her night and hightails it out of dodge before anyone can get a handle on her.

Her two bed mate are two men not from around here, and around here meaning – not of this earth. Adan d’Amato and Lyan d’Vesti are from a dying race and if they cannot find their bond-mate that will ensure the continuity of their people, the repercussions are not worth thinking about. Krista has been earmarked as their perfect match and they have come to collect her.

Krista is proving a little slipperier than they would have imagined and she come with baggage and lots of muscle chasing her. Adan are Lyan are determined to help Krista in order to help themselves – they must however get past Krista first in order to get their way.

This was an impulse buy for me after seeing the cover and the review on BOOK JUNKIES – and I am so not regretting. This was an offworld theme based story and from the first few pages in, I was hooked and totally caught up.

Krista is going through the roughest point of her life and barely surviving. While playing a came of literally clock and dagger she meets two delectable men – from the moment she meets them they feel different, they made an impact and she found it hard to make the decision to leave even after only one taste of them.

Definitely alpha males -  Adan and Lyan was not not having it, and they gave chase. The must first however convince Krista that they have only her best interest at heart.

I love this book – it was difference, and Ms. Strong vibrant is really strong in this book. The character were a pleasure to know and the world description was fantastically well done in my opinion. I could easily give myself over for some voluntary experiment on their world.

The dynamic of the men made for alot of angst and hilarity in the book and coupled with Krista determination to sort out her own problem, I was treated to a story that left me absolutely satisfied.


Another quick read, but I couldn't stop turning the pages as I just feel in love/lust with Lyan d’Vesti and Adan d’Amato two sexy and dominant aliens out to claim their shared bond-mate.

Review – Book Junkie

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VampFanGirl on 26 June 2009 at 18:04 said...

Great Review E.H.!

I have Jory Strong's 'Ghostland' in my TBR pile so when I saw your review I thought it the perfect opportunity to see how others like her writing. Sounds like she has an amazing voice and you really enjoyed this read by her.

Thanks for the recommendation!

;) VFG

Anonymous said...

EH thanks for the props! I so loved this book. I am on Zeraac's Miracle now and I tell you it rocks!

Erotic Horizon on 26 June 2009 at 19:51 said...

Hey VFG..

I am eyeballing that series next - I was very impressed with the voice of this author...

I'll be trawling her back list ...


Erotic Horizon on 26 June 2009 at 19:52 said...

Hi BJ..

I have read the four of them - I went through them like crazy...

I just Love Zeraac.... how sweet is he...


Blodeuedd on 27 June 2009 at 10:16 said...

Great review, I am curious now, what will happen, and who is chasing her. I liked the whole off world theme, while other books does sound interesting this one is something I'd like to read

Sassy Brit @ on 27 June 2009 at 11:29 said...

I like the sound of this, too! Thanks, a great review, E.H Plus, being book 1, I've caught it just in time!

You have an award to pick up!

Thanks for the enjoyment your blog brings!


Anonymous said...

Great review and I have to agree with Sassy, your blog does bring a lot of enjoyment!

Have a great weekend!


Erotic Horizon on 27 June 2009 at 22:24 said...


This is a wonderful book - I am really pleased that I followed Book Junkies recommendation..


Erotic Horizon on 27 June 2009 at 22:25 said...

Hey Sassy...

you'll love this one - it's a sweet read...

Thank you so much for the award... you enjoy our rainy weather this weekend..


Erotic Horizon on 27 June 2009 at 22:26 said...

Thanks Jenna ..

It's always a pleasure having you at my place..