Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Review – Dreams Delivered – Jaxx Steele





Back Of The Book

Mitchell Donavan has a fantasy, one he doesn't think he can bring to life. When a night of Truth or Dare reveals his innermost secrets and the possibility of a new relationship, Mitchell doubts his dream will ever come true. However, dreams have a way of being delivered.






What would you do if your deepest fantasy was fulfilled. Mitch is about to find out

After a night of Truth or Dare with three of the closest people to him, Mitch is left on a high as not only did he have to do the walk of a dare, but he received a most unexpected call from a would be suitor and he was looking forward to hooking up.

Life goes on and he is finding himself liking the connection he has made and where it seem to be going, that is until he is kidnapped and awaken to two of the most amazing men – only thing they were on picture.

His disappointed only last a few minutes as two equally impressive men are his for the night and they intend to make his fantasy come through – all of them.

This is really a short read – very short and it is Jaxx Steele at fun if i could put a phrase on it. DREAM DELIVERED is not only funny and playful but it ensure that satisfaction is had by all.

A sweet read.


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