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Review - Blood Brothers 4: Dante's Wrath - Eve Vaughn





Back Of The Book

Dante Grimaldi has travelled the world to track down an elusive rogue vampire and its cohorts who are responsible for the torment of his family. Now, they've crossed the final line by kidnapping the Grimaldi offspring. In a race against time to save his family, Dante will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Even the sexy shape-shifter who has offered to help him in his search, if he has to.
Isis Vasquez fell for Dante at first sight. But there's one problem; she has a past connected to his enemies. It's redemption she's after when she offers assistance to the Grimaldi clan, really. Okay, but being close to Dante is a big added bonus.
When they work together, the attraction is instant. The sexual tension threatens to set the world on fire. But can they work out their differences before she's subject to Dante's wrath?



Dante Grimaldi is enraged and there is little anyone can do to help him calm down except to support him in his quest of finding the evil that is determined to destroy his family.

For years Dante and his brothers have carried the underground struggle to find the one that is always one step ahead of them and looks not to be slowing down while gaining the advantage by  putting a wedge between a set of people who are a weary lot even at the best of times.

Calling on his friends to seek help in finding his family, he come upon a now grown up Isis Vasquez and a spark of attraction sings beneath the surface between the two, but with age on his side Dante is able to address the present has he knows he has more immediate issues but takes up Isis on the only thing of value she can offer him at the moment – information about the people who has dared to touch his family.

Isis has known Dante was something special from the moment she saw him years ago and that has not changed, now that the opportunity to help had arisen the sexy shapeshifter is willing to do anything to help him. She however has secrets and secrets ends up being found out – eventually.


“Are you all right?”

She should have known he’d guess something was wrong. “Yes, of course. I guess I’m a little nervous about what’s ahead of us.”

That penetrating cobalt gaze of his roamed her face, seeming to see all the secrets she desperately tried to keep locked within. A slow smile crossed his face. “I imagine we all are. This is your first mission with us, so I know how things can be a bit daunting at first.”

Somehow she managed to return his smile, hating herself for lying to him. “I’m sure I’ll be fine once we land.”

“Probably.” He cupped her chin and ran a thumb along the side of her face. “Not that I’d allow anything to happen to you.”

“You almost sound like you mean it.”

“I do. We’ve been skirting around the issue since you showed up at my penthouse, but there’s something happening between us, isn’t there?”

Isis caught her bottom lip between her teeth to hold back the emphatic yes she wanted to shout. Though she’d already figured he was as attracted to her as she was to him, hearing him admit it sent her pulse racing and her heart fluttering. Unable to trust herself to speak, Isis nodded.

“Do you have any idea what it’s done to me to be so close to you without being able to touch you?”

“I have a pretty good idea.”

He raised a dark brow. “You never said anything.”

“Neither did you. I didn’t want you to think I was stalking you. I mean, I felt a connection when we met right away, but I wasn’t positive you felt the same.”

“I did, but it didn’t seem appropriate to bring it up. My head was in a weird place. Even now I wonder about the timing of all this. My family is facing the biggest crisis we’ve ever dealt with and I can’t stop thinking about you. I feel I don’t have a right to experience these emotions when there’s so much going on around me, but I don’t think I can go another second without tasting you.”

Before Isis could respond to his passionate entreaty, his lips were on hers, pressing forcefully, urging her lips to part with an insistent, questing tongue. They had shared a kiss before, which probably would have led to a lot more had they not been interrupted, but unlike that other kiss, this one was more powerful, more needy, and more fervent.

Blood Brothers4: Dante’s Wrath © Eve Vaughn


DANTE’S WRATH was a most anticipated read for me, I have been waiting two years for this last book in the series to make it’s way onto the shelf's and I was not disappointed.

Ms. Vaughn kept up the relentless pace she started with from her first book GIANMARCO’S MUSE. All the brothers and their family makes an appearance and new members are added to the folds while revelations and disturbing secrets are aired to give closure to centuries of unknown.

Ms. Vaughn has opened up Dante to us the reader, while I was Dante’s biggest fan I am now definately in his back pocket and can now appreciate why he is the way he his and why his brothers are as loving just as much as they are strong headed and a force to be reckoned with and a danger in the underground movement.

Isis has a part to play in Dante’s life, but having kept secrets for so long, even from her best friend she is caught out when, she comes face to face with her old life – but if that was what it takes to help Dante, she was willing to do it. Isis has to prove herself to not only Dante but people she has long called acquaintance and it was not going well.

The pace of the struggle moves fast and lives are lost, questions are answered and even hearts are broken, but within all that there is hope and the promise of the end being in sights.

And I loved it.

Bottom line

I was not disappointed in this last book, all the finer points were addressed, the family unit is still in tact and in as much as new members not only joined the men in their fight and new member came into the family i was pleased with how Ms. Vaughn closed the series off.

Dante’s book was about Dante – he got enough page time to see his relationship developing, with angst and moments of passion that had me really enjoying the scenes that were dedicated to Dante and Isis.

I am going to miss the Grimaldi brothers and their quest to keep themselves and their family alive.


DANTE’S WRATH  is not a stand alone book – The following book must be read before reading DANTE’S WRATH .


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