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Leontine – Leontine’s Book Realm

This week – no introductions are needed…. all I will say is,  Leontine-  – Welcome to the Erotic Horizon….


A few weeks back I received a questionnaire from E.H. in preparation for this Guest Blogpost, but before I answer those questions I am afraid my upbringing is kicking in. I can hear my mother in the back of my mind saying it is polite to introduce myself first before starting to ramble about books, blogs and so on. I’m afraid she does know me best because when I start to talk books there is no end in sight and I lose focus on what I was meant to do.

So ok, for those who do not know me and want to risk it…and perhaps for those who already know me and are accustomed to my ramblings, here is my introduction:

Hi everyone,

My name is Leontine and for the remainder of a two full months I’m still thirty-two years old. I’m an avid reader of romance and its sub-genres (duh), a dear friend tells me I’m a bit of a scatterbrain and I hate to break it to myself but sometimes I am *gg* I like to be creative and it is food for my soul…really it is *wink* I try to enjoy life with all its crazy ups and downs and sometimes blissful uneventful periods. I’m married to a DH who lets me express my passion for books anyway I can. I swear he took a vow on our wedding day to accept the fact I’m a book-addict to the core and that he had to take any and all responsibility for making the choice in marrying me. So here we are…married for seven years, together for thirteen, and he still looks at me like I’m a rabid bunny when books come through the mail. We are so in Mars/Venus mode when I have to do my last blog round before heading off to bed. Or late at night when I still need to finish up on an interview with an author for Realms On Our Bookshelves – henceforth known as ROOB. Also when gals give a good recommendation then yes, I immediately have to stroll to my favorite online stores and yes, I need to have that book while hundreds already grace my shelf. Perhaps you can give me tips on how to indoctrinate my DH in dealing with a book-addict…anyone? *looks around blog* You think it will work after thirteen years? *frowns eyebrows in wonder*

But back to me and the introduction. I have studied to become a nurse but ended up with a job in a children’s Daycare Center and loved every minute of working there. In the mean time we also accumulated five shih-tzu dogs. `Five!!’ Some might be thinking…yes five. No, they were not accidents, they were all deliberate choices on our part and a few years ago we had to say goodbye to one of them. I truly believe that all dogs go to heaven and Jasmijn earned her spot with wings and all. They also once in a while gave me a litter of puppies to nurture and I loved these periods. I have treasured memories in abundance of tiny, squirmy bodies, first puppy steps and puppy play. In my late twenties I decided to take some time off, quit my job to work on our baby project and became a housewife.

That is when trouble with the capital T began, to keep boredom far, far away from my doorstep I discovered the pleasures internet can afford. Household needs to be done, dogs need their daily walks and cuddles but I had to keep myself occupied or else I’d go nuts. Before internet I just read books and stuff them on my bookshelves but I found out there was a whole world to discover, peeps to meet and I found out they shared the same passion. I thought with this bright grin on my face…”Eureka!”

And this is where I will let E.H.’s questions take over *wink*



-1- Firstly you have promoted your blog as "Leontine’s Book Realm”. What's behind the name and is there a story there.

Well, I have to take you back to the year 2006. It is an important year for me since that’s the time where my book reading addiction spiralled out of control as I discovered the English book market. It was the year when ROOB was founded and the philosophy behind that name very much influenced my blog title.

Because when pondering for a website name my train of thought with my sister was the following; I feel that if the author does a great job and I love the world, care about the characters in it and go along with all the ups and downs in every story told, it feels very much like stepping into another world.

So when I created my blog I looked at my bookcases and I thought, well my blog is my personal realm where I tell to the world what rocks me as a person and as a reader. Still, the series, the books, the realms shelved in my bookcases very much define my blog so I came up with Leontine’s Book Realm where the word Realm reflects both my personal realm and the realms authors create.

-2- Can you let us know what's your specialty reading area and how/why you got into it.

While talking books with me there is one thing anyone should know… You will very much perceive my “Dutch period” and the discovery of what I now call, my “English period” which is also still ongoing. The shock was…profound I can tell ya. I lost my newbie status with authors like Karen Marie Moning – Sherrilyn Kenyon and JR Ward. Hello, good morning and goodnight, I was a changed woman after that *wink*

I can still remember my first novel by Karen Moning; The Immortal Highlander. I never heard of series chronology at the time and I got a hardcover copy cheap on Ebay. It initiated an incredible affair with hardcover BCE edition novels for one thing. But the most important was that the envelop with the book arrived on a Friday, I opened the book that very evening and that Sunday I was shopping for the entire series. Adam Black, Amadan Dubh…he was unlike any hero I ever met. I suddenly realized that my sister was right. Since she was a teenager she always said that reading in English would make me perceive it all better and I always said: “What does the English language have that Dutch language doesn’t, it is still the same story!” Well, the impact of the sensuality, the characterization and world building is perceived different, more intense and it all got me hot and bothered big time. But then again, we’re talking Adam Black here, who doesn’t at least get a jolt of pleasure out of reading his story? I knew I was sold right there and then. To have this book discovery and not talk about it was sacrilege in my opinion, so I went to a forum board I was active at the time and wrote my very first review out of the blue. This was I think in the early months of 2006.

But to answer the main question, there’s no doubt about it, though my first love as a teenager was historical romance I have found my second first love when I started reading English in the paranormal/fantasy genre. Paranormal/Fantasy is my main course and my side dishes are historicals – suspense – erotica and a bit contemporary. In these “side dish genres” Ashleagh, Dream-Mistress and Pearl have often been my advisers with their recommendations and I have enjoyed many of them.

-3- With work and life in general how much time do you spend on the net and your blog/Site in a day and weekly.

This is really confronting you know, how much time do I spend on the internet? Crap do I want to know this…NO, I wanna stay in blissful denial!! ROFL I think I spent an average three hours a day and about 15-20 hours a week on ROOB and my Blog. Weekends excluded since that is DH and social time and then I just do a bit of blog lurking and checking e-mail.

DutchCover_LordOfTheWolves-4- What are some of your daily net habits.

I have a rule with myself to do all the things on my to-do list IRL before I fire up the pc and walk into my cyber world because morning rounds can easily take up to two hours. With a cup of latte coffee I first check with the gals at the ROOB’s forum boards and reply where needed. Then I hop over to my blog and see if there was any activity going on, write a blogpost or post a review and then I go to my lifeline called; my blog roll – I just absolutely love this feature- it saves so much time and with one click I am visiting with peeps of the same species, namely; avid readers! Of course Twitter these days is included on my daily rounds and I’m enjoying myself there with these 140 character messages. A whole new lingo is developing there and does anyone else have a problem with stuffing your thoughts in one, itsy bitsy, tiny message of 140 characters? That is why forum board & blog commenting is still my preference of talking the book talk.

So when I have left my messages on the boards, blogs and twitter I usually do some pr stuff for ROOB, looking up on book info and it is lunch time before I know it. After that it is pretty much trying to keep up with the book talk and another firm moment on the net is either between four and five or between seven and eight in the evening.

-5- Which came first your blog or your website and what's the difference.

ROOB came first and is an endeavor to tell readers and publishers what we think would be wonderful if it got translated. If there is one thing we feel is that there is so little translated in the Netherlands. We are missing out on the whole paranormal genre which is still thriving after a few years. Historical novels like Rona Sharon, Lisa Valdez, Sherry Thomas, Anna Campbell and author’s alike still haven’t been translated while they very much shape the face of the genre at the moment. Ditto with other sub-genres, many of the Dutch readers who are passionate about a certain genre will sooner or later go English since that is where you can immediately read up on a series, or read the next novel release of favorite authors. The topic still gets me frustrated, can you tell? Still, there are many in our small country who only read in our native language, and though sometimes the essence isn’t always quite grabbed in translation, I feel that the Dutch readers are missing out on a lot.

So Ashleagh and I founded Realms On Our Bookshelves to express there is so much more out there for publishers to discover and there are no two better partners in crime than Dream-Mistress and Pearl to do some discovering and reviewing!

The difference between the ROOB website and my blog is that my blog is just me, my creativity, my thoughts, my own corner of the World Wide Web. Blogging has a different vibe than a website or forum board and it is where I discovered other features, peeps and another form to express my love for books and reading. While my reviews stay the same as on ROOB I have a complete sidebar that gives information on releases, polls, my Bar-Cynster challenge and where my ultimate heroes have been given a permanent home. ROOB is a team effort while with my blog it is just me and I think there lays the difference.

-6- Best thing about having a blog... or a really pleasant event that happened to you, because of your blog.

I have met some incredible new gals to talk the book talk with. Shall we name a few…? I don’t mind sharing the spotlight LOL VampFanGirl, Barbara, Amy, Randi, Dottie, Katiebabs, not to forget Erotic Horizon!, Jill D, Anna, Mandi, SarahT and many more. It still amazes me how one common passion can lead to wonderful online contact. It is the way I met Pearl and Dream-Mistress as well so I will never underestimate the power of chatting online about books and whatever spirals from that point.

Another thing is that I have been given the opportunity, twice now, to ARC review a novel because of my blog. Alyssa Day gave me a drool worthy package full of Warriors Of Poseidon and via a pr publicist I received an ARC of a new author for me: Judith James – Highland Rebel.

Each of the two times it happened it was like Christmas morning and though my own TRP is humongous I was incredibly happy to been given the opportunity to do this.

-7- What widget/promotional site or other must have would you say made a difference to your blog. (you can mention social networking, joining group, meme etc.)

First of all, meme, what would that be? This makes me feel like a newbie again to the world of blogging! I haven’t come across a site where I added my url of my blog that really has rewarded me with more word of mouth or traffic other then twitter. I was more like going out here, showing my face everywhere and saying: “Here I am, love to meet you all, and come visit me sometimes on my blog.” So I can’t pinpoint an exact website, other than twitter, that is a must for all bloggers to join.

-8- How much input did you have in actually formatting your blog and how smooth a progress was it or were there hair tearing moment.

Don’t get me started on the subject of formatting a blog with html codes. Hair tearing moments??…I had moments of utter hating my blog, of wanting to throw my pc out the window in frustration of it not doing what I wanted it to do, how I wanted it to work out and do it in one take. My instructions were perfectly clear..the pc/blog just didn’t understand me!

I can still go on a chocolate binge in frustration thinking about it. The creativity process of pimping my blog was very much a trial of perseverance, patience (which is so not my forte) and being happy with every small step forward. A small step for my blog, a giant step for Leontine *gg* So in one of my moments of utter frustration the cyber gods decided to lend me a hand to give me the link to the blog that ruled my world in conquering the HTML codes:

This was my Blogging HTML for dummies and made it so much easier for me to do what was already so clear in my head. All was peaceful again after that, flowers started to bloom, birds started to sing again and the sun came out to shine.

It does get a bit easier in the long run and for my own blog I know my way around it now. And DH and dogs are very much thanking whatever cyber gods decided to lend me a hand!


Leontine Blog

-9-Where else do you use this background and have you gotten any feedback on it

I use my background just about everywhere, from twitter, to MySpace and wherever I may go next. Going on a sidetrack here for a moment: On a lazy Sunday afternoon I was once more contemplating my blog and its look. I wanted something no one else had and I wanted something written. Now text from the blogposts on text background is not the brightest ideas but what was in my mind, was in my mind. So I opened photoshop and opened a new layer, now this is like a blank canvas…what colors to use, what to put there, it contains tons of possibilities. I suddenly got myself an epiphany, author names, why wouldn’t I extend my header banner in a background full of author names. Well, the idea was there within a second...the creation of it took between 5 to 6 hours though. Each name was a separate layer in the image and I dabbled a bit with colors, added a rose image and so on. Since it took me about forever I wanted to make it something signature for me and the places I was active. So this background is used wherever it is possible.

Did I get comments about it? An author once said she loved my blog but if this was a comment about the look of my blog was something I never asked. And the other day when Randi gave me an award she said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “You have a cool blog.” It is always a surprise and always nice to hear someone enjoys themselves on my blog but once again, if it was also a comment on the look of my blog? Randi…are you out there girl…can you answer this? ROFL

-10- .Where do you see your blog in a year from now.

There are three ideas in my head I’d like to see to completion and the first one is already coming along very nicely. I’m sorry about being a tease but that is all I can say *eek, don’t throw tomatoes now* I hope it will turn Leontine’s Book Realm in to a fun place to be where new visitors will enjoy strolling around and where regulars will enjoy coming for some book talk, ranting and raving about all sorts of topics and so on.

-11-While blogging gives away a piece of our identity - do you feel you have changed since blogging.

The cheeky side in me demands to answer with: Okay, now I’m about to out myself, but I trust you gals to keep it a secret *grin* There is a me-myself and I who can manifest themselves as three different persona’s; Leontine, that’s me you’re talking to right now, I swear! Goddessa who regularly pops up in me, she just wants to talk hunks, eye-candy, man-titty covers, picture perfect, finely tuned hot buns aka a hot ass and lickable ripped abs. And then there’s Monetea, she is a bit of...well, a bit of a temperamental fury actually. She is sometimes inspired by a flash of creativity, at those times she doesn’t want to be disturbed because hell hath no fury like an artist in a creativity process *mwahahaha*

A more serious answer: While I personally didn’t change, or my passion for reading the romance genre in general, I did become more aware in how many ways there are to convey that passion. How many people daily give their free time to promote the genre and have a blast doing it. It makes me become more adventurous in contributing to that fact. Both with ROOB and my personal blog.

-10- What are some of the no no's for you in relation to reading and reviewing.

I’m pondering here for a moment…big no no’s regarding reading? I always say that if an author makes it believable for me than they can get away with pretty much everything. I don’t think I have big no no’s in reading. Ok (a full day later)…as I check my final answers I suddenly remember this, something that truly gets a rise out of me. It is that when I am committed and invested in reading a series the author suddenly changes the rules on me, or changes in genre orientation. It is something I do not digest well as a reader…

In regarding to reviewing, I just talked about that in a topic regarding Lisa Valdez’s pending release of PATIENCE. However I feel about a book I will give reasons in the why of it and will never take it out on an author personally, it is just not my thing.

-11- Your blog has a very classical look to it - is this a format that works for you and why.

Uh, never thought about that either until now! When Pearl gave me basic blogging 101 I thought the Sand Dollar template was accommodating my needs the best. So I took it and pimped it…a - lot, with many extra features and options. I love the width of the blogpost in Sand Dollar as my blogposts and reviews tend to be…long, so for a visitor not to get an overworked scroll finger I chose my current template.

-12- Are you the sole operator of your blog and are your reviews posted anywhere else.

Yes, it is me, myself and I who run my blog, begs me to ask; “Do my multiple personalities count as one or count separate because then I have three running my blog?”*gg* And my reviews are posted @ ROOB, my blog and at times on *screaming in my head: “Yes!!! Finally a short, almost to the point answer!”* All I can say is, I tried *sigh*


-14- Now to get to the books. Tell me all - the ones that started you off onto the genre, some favourites through the years and looking forward to books.

E.H., you’re the one who asked…I just wanted to say this up front *wink*

How the memories are sweet of my first historical *sigh* I was fourteen I believe and I practically had burned cheeks while reading: Bertrice Small – This Heart Of Mine. Still, it got me hooked on to a genre that dominated my teens and twenties or perhaps better said that because of Bertrice Small that I got hooked onto the genre. She is one of those golden oldies on my shelves and will never leave! Also Heather Graham with Lord Of The Wolves was among my very first novels and I’ve still got my read-to-pieces additions in the Dutch language. It was the hunk-a-liscious Viking on the cover that was equally responsible for the fact I picked up a copy. Even then I was a total cover hussy LOL

During the years I read in many genres, from historical romance, to horror, to suspense and have a few all time favorites acquired along the way. In my early twenties Nora Roberts was discovered and ruled my shelves as the author queen she was for me at the time. One summer I went to the library and noticed a thousand page epos named The Witching Hour from Anne Rice, it was the first of three books and that trilogy is an all time classic I tell ya, read the first book in 4 days flat. Julia Garwood with Saving Grace was also a book I read to pieces. Katherine Neville rocked my world with The Eight, the way she used a present and past storyline with myths and quests was superb and I have read that book more than once. Elizabeth Lowell with her medieval trilogy grabbed me from the first book: Untamed. Dean Koontz with Phantom also sits among my all time favorites. I remember starting that book on a Sunday and read it in one sitting, the nail biting suspense held me in its grip with this mysterious being and a group of characters stranded in a deserted town. Just thinking about this novel makes me want to read it again to get the shivers.

Some of my more recent favorite books come from authors such as Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole, Anne Bishop, Shannon McKenna, Kathryne Kennedy, S.J. Day, C.L. Wilson, Elizabeth Vaughan, Lisa Valdez, Anne Bishop, Sherry Thomas, Jennifer Donnelly, Paullina Simons, Chris Owen, Lora Leigh, Pamela Clare, Sherrilyn Kenyon and J.R. Ward…just to name a few. *wink*

There are many releases I look forward to but here are a few with the “I-want-it-now” vibe: C.L. Wilson - Queen Of Song and Soul / Sherrilyn Kenyon – Bad Moon Rising / Anna Campbell – Captive Sin / Nalini Singh – Blaze Of Memory / Karen Moning – Dream Fever / J.R. Ward – Covet.

And this is just a tip of the iceberg, many might recognize the symptom of buying more than one can actually read in a month. Well I really do have quite some time to read but I just can’t seem to get that TRP manageable *grin*

-15- What are some of the current features happening on your blog at the moment...

I still have a day you can enter for a free copy of Nalini Singh’s BRANDED BY FIRE. You can find the post here:

I am working on new features and in this I am just a grasshopper with a few ideas. I have a monthly round up of what has been going on that month. I feel like I have found my basic niche just for a month or two, three and I’m still forming this part of my blog.

-16- With technology now walking hand in hand with our beloved print book - do you own an e-reader –

Not an official e-reader…

I have a possibility to read digitally but the Nintendo DS is not officially an e-reader and to be honest I do not e-read all that much. Call me old fashioned, stone-aged or old school but I love the smell of paper, to pet my books when they arrive, put them on my shelves and so on. I can see the advantages of e-reading, and at the times when I E-ARC review for ROOB I unfortunately need to do this in front of the pc if an author put restriction on their pdf files. If the file can be placed on the DS I suddenly remember why an e-reader can be so easy. When I need to read in front of the pc it is a time I fiercely mumble in myself why I don’t have one. But a; it still costs a lot of money and b; I already have a book pile that reaches towards the sky. I need to be sensible whether the cost/benefit ratio is worth it. And now I look at my bookcases and honestly say no.

B. Advantage or disadvantages to having one

I absolutely can see the advantages to owning an e-reader. It is easy to use, you have tons of books on one small e-reader and it saves bookcases in wall space. What is there not to like?

C. Since the inception of eBooks - any noticeable difference in the print book industry.

I do not notice that much difference. Some fall in love with their e-readers, others stick to print versions of the books, often readers still do both. The books I want are still available in print version so I do not worry. What I did notice is when I heard about e-books for the first time one of the advantages was the price. Since there were fewer expenses in publishing e-books this would be reflected in the price, one of the perks for e-readers. A few months ago I won a price and bought some e-books with the gift certificate but some prices where even as high as 12 dollars, just like the Trade editions of the book. It took me by surprise…

D. Last book read that you thought - it can't get any better than this (Print).

Unexpectedly it tackled me from the side is the new series by S.J. Day titled; Marked, with Eve Of Darkness – Eve of Destruction and upcoming release is Eve Of Chaos. The Marked series is one of the very few UF series that had me at hello.

-17- Any tips for new and future blogger.

I don’t think there is one more important than enjoy what you do with your blog!

Think about the template you have to choose when setting up your blog. Some are easier to use with HTML changes then others. I think the minima template is the most easiest to adapt in personal preferences.

Do research. These days you have websites that offer free templates which are beautiful and fun. It saves tons of time while you still have an incredible look of your blog.

Anyone who is new to blogging will learn along the way but know what you basically want with your blog and expand from there.

-18- Sneak peek at any future plans for the site or any upcoming events for you, and let us know where else we can find you on the web.

In July I have an announcement about a Grand Opening which is a feature set for the first week of August. Because it is still a work in progress I cannot reveal too much. All I can say is keep an eye out mid July for more information.

In the week of 18th to 23rd of August I have an “Ode to Karen Moning week.” Every day of the week I have a review added to my blog of the Highlander series and I will end it hopefully with a review of Dream Fever, my birthday and I will giveaway a copy of Dream Fever.

The “Ode to...” will also be a recurring feature but again, it is all a work in progress and upon confirmation I will give a shout out.

You can find me @

My blog of course

Realms On Our Bookshelves forum boards




I have reached the end of Erotic Horizon’s questionnaire and I hope you’ve enjoyed my first time venture into guest blogging. I hope you’ll join me in Erotic Horizon’s blogroom for some tea, moccacino coffee, éclairs, scones and Belgium chocolate. Or do you gals go straight for cocktails? Better that I’ll just keep my cocktail bar-tender hunk on call then. I can tell ya he has some serious hip action as he shakes up the cocktails, he has a devilish grin, an innate wicked nature and yes, he can go all coyote ugly for us on the bar!

Hope to talk to you all today!



Isn’t Leontine great – now it's time for two smoking hot give away.

There are two books up for grabs and you have until the end of the day my time to enter.


And the rules are

  • Leave a comment on the actual Interview on Monday 29th - HERE – so mark that date in your calendar

  • For any one who follow her blog, effective from today –Thursday 25 – Monday 29th you will automatically get a second entry into the pot. For existing follower, please leave on your comment to say you are a follower for your second dip into the pot.

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29 Speak To Me:

Natascha den Uijl on 29 June 2009 at 10:41 said...

In reaction to the interview done with Leontine - I am a follower on her blog....

I had difficulty starting up this morning and was in need of a good laugh. And laughing I did while reading this interview. It was so funny and witty and catchy and it really showed the person behind Leontine’s Book Realm – and I know because I’ve known her all my life ;-).

And as the offer is up…. Could your bartender mix me a nice cocktail (uhm I’m not going to think about that word too long before it’s the only thing on my mind today) preferably something sweet and tasty… Have one yourself too!

Leontine on 29 June 2009 at 11:29 said...

Hi sweety,
Glad you enjoyed the blogpost but
now you've got me thinking about the word! It is still a bit early, Tristan, my bar-tender, worked very hard last night as I lend him to a friend for her party. The minute he gets up I'll let him now you want something, sweet to grace your taste buds. Perhaps he will stop by at my place before coming over to Erotic Horizon...I'll keep you in the loop!

Natascha den Uijl on 29 June 2009 at 11:50 said...

I'm going to have to keep my fingers crossed then and hope my cocktail will arrive whenever he shakes his bonbon ;-)

Did you have fun answering the interview and what was your favorite question to anwser?

Donna on 29 June 2009 at 13:06 said...

Hi Leontine!

Great interview! I really enjoyed getting to know you better. Makes me realize even though your over in the Netherlands and I'm here in Texas, the world really isn't so big when it comes hobbies/passions such as reading.

Thought it was very interesting what you said about reading PNR/Fantasy in Dutch versus English, never knew that. Very interesting indeed, because I never that of the English language as passionate.

Thank you EH for having Leontine!

Take care,

Mandi on 29 June 2009 at 13:50 said...

Great interview. It was so nice to get to know you better. I was one of those that found you because of Twitter :) Your blog is definitely a fun place to go..and now with your teasing, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the upcoming months.

Leontine on 29 June 2009 at 14:03 said...

Hi Donna -> so happy you enjoyed yourself and the Dutch language is very direct and brisk. It fails at times to reflect a certain sensuality, emotion or humor or there is just no translation of an expression, or when it is, is fails to reflect the essence. It doesn't mean it is a chore to read in my language, when I didn't know any better I enjoyed reading very much but now that I read English I know I will not go back to Dutch anytime soon!

I was already a avid reader when I was just reading Dutch novels but with my first experience in English it was more vivid, it made the story impact even greater than what I was used to and thereby spiraling my passion in to an addiction.

Leontine on 29 June 2009 at 14:09 said...

Hi Mandi -> I'm so laughing at this side of the pc...who's talking about teasing miss "SSSHHH, It's a take over" I found a few via twitter too but most of all I just followed the bread crumbs from blog place to Blog place.

Hi Natascha -> Question fourteen, it was the one of the few where I immediately starting typing away on my keyboard. And go over to my blog for an introduction of Tristan, my leading bar-tender.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leontine,
Great Interview.
Your blog is new to me so it was nice to get to know you a little better.
I've bookmarked it and will be visiting often.
thanks for the chance to win some books!!

Blodeuedd on 29 June 2009 at 14:29 said...

Fun post and interview, I am follower now too, since I took a look this morning who was following me :)

Oh yes, the awfulness of reading in front of the PC, sure would love a good e-reader too

Leontine on 29 June 2009 at 15:36 said...

Hi elaing8 -> I'm looking forward to getting to know each other more and I enjoy giving books's my way of paying it forward and it being the love for books.

Hi Blodeyedd -> I'm keeping my eye out at various blogs since I found out how to do it. And yes reading in front of the pc is horrifying...we have a dutch saying: “getting a wooden ass” - it basically means you sit too long and I'm definitely getting an oak tree ass from sitting while reading an e-book on the pc :D

VampFanGirl on 29 June 2009 at 17:12 said...

Fantastic Interview Ladies!

Wow, Leontine. I really enjoyed learning more about you and your past thoughts on the english language and romance. I feel a sense of pride knowing that my language gave you such an amazing range of pleasure with regards to romance. How interesting.

And to read that Anne Rice was one of your favorites was wonderful. I've been an ardent fan of hers for years. It started for me way back in 1994 when the movie "Interview with the Vampire" was released. I was in love with Brad Pitt but my mom wouldn't let me see the movie. Ever resourceful, I got a hold of the books from a family friend and I was instantly hooked. I've read nearly everything that Rice has ever written, even her books written under other names. Whew, what an imagination that woman has!

We share many other favorites and I love how you cross over the multiple sub genres of romance. Your reviews are amazing and I can't wait to find the time to dive into Alyssa Day and S.J. Day because I know they've been some recent favorites of yours.

Once again great interview. Loved it!

(((hugs))) VFG

Leontine on 29 June 2009 at 18:22 said...

Hi VFG -> I know Anne Rice has written the erotic Sleeping Beauty trilogy under a pen name of A. N. Roquelaure and I am very much interested in reading them...have you by any chance read them? And glad you've enjoyed yourself :D I am on a race against the clock, before midnight tomorrow I need to have posted a review of the Bar Cynster challenge and I'm only 1/3 under the way of reading the novel *screaming* but after that it is Eve, Cain and Abel all the way!

Anonymous said...

Hey Leontine!!! Great interview!! I loved getting to know more about you.

I love your reviews. They are always so honest and well written and I also love the fact that you don't restrict yourself. You read so many different genres, which gives your blog a little something for everyone.

VampFanGirl on 29 June 2009 at 19:54 said...

Oh yes, I've read the Sleeping Beauty series. Very VERY VERY erotic! Whew, it's been a few years but I still remember my shock. It's not romance. At least I didn't think so but the sex is INN-SANE!!

;) VFG

Leontine on 29 June 2009 at 20:05 said...

Hi Barbara -> Yes, I am an eclectic reader, I first gorged myself on the paranormal romance but crashed and burned after a short year. Then Pearl gave me a tip: change in genres, as I read multiple genres before I started doing so again and I never had a genre burn out again.

VFG -> I needs me INN-SANE erotic charged novels *DH shakes his head no* I say yesssss needs me some, No romance? Well as long as she brings her fantasy/imagination I'll do just fine!

Pearl on 29 June 2009 at 22:15 said...

Hi girlfriend!!

Loved your interview and again learned some things about you I didn't know yet.


Natascha/Ashleagh on 29 June 2009 at 22:17 said...

I've just had the pleasure of meeting Tristan and - hubba hubba -so glad I know someone on the inside because he is huncaliscious!
Is he by any chance taken *wink wink* if not a private one on one might be a nice surprise!

Ok enough drewling on my keyboard, next thing you know I'm not able to type anything anymore...

Which alpha hero is currently trying to capture your attention apart from the challenge on the shelves?

Lea on 29 June 2009 at 23:47 said...

Hi Leontine:

Sorry to take so long to get by.

What a absolutely wonderful comprehensive interview. I'm so impressed by your vast knowledge of literature, specifically romance and certainly your blog.

I will definitely follow you blog from today.

I may well be following up for html lessons. I am so impressed because I'm always thirsting for more knowledge in that department.

Thank you so much again for sharing.


Jill D. on 30 June 2009 at 02:15 said...

First, I would just like to mention how much I love the cover for The Lord of Wolves! I would have picked it up too, for the very same reason, LOL.

This was a very nice interview and it is so great getting to know more about you! We have so many favorite authors in common!

Anonymous said...

Great interview and thanks for the link to the html help page! Off to check out your blog!


Cecile Smutty Hussy on 30 June 2009 at 03:26 said...

Okay, I just spent the whole day with Tristan... or at least staring at him while he makes drinks... he is Yummy for My.... wow!!!
Leontine, I loved learning more about you. This was indeed very ncie of you to do!!
It is amazing how we meet people and become friends. I do love to learn things about my friends and this has been a very nice treat!
I can't wait to see what goes on at your place... a place I treasure to stop by!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow... as it is 930 pm here. Oh and tell Tristan that I will become a regular at the club to... And I will have a WOODEN ASS... not from reading books... but from sitting on the bar stool... watching him!!! LOL!!!
Great interview Erotic... I loved the questions. You never cease to amaze me!! I hope you have a wonderful day as well!!!

The Brunette Librarian on 30 June 2009 at 05:21 said...

Hopin' I'm squeeking in, in time..but if not it was lovely to read the post today! Went to the Leotine's book realm and just became a follower. LOVELY blog, can't believe I'd missed it!!

rachie2004 AT yahoo DOT com

I'm a follower of this blog too! :)

Anonymous said...

great interview
good books to read
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please counte me in


Leontine on 30 June 2009 at 09:22 said...

Hi Guys...last night I had to start paying Vane from the Bar Cynster clan some attention so I logged of and woke up with tons of mail to answer.

I want to thank E.H. for being a wonderful host!

Hey BFF Pearl -> Somehow I believe you can still surprise the hell out of me too, it keeps it very much interesting ;D

Hey sis -> What hunk is trying to capture my attention, you're just like E.H. with question #14 I lust after many heroes but Cain and Abel are very persistent which is why I will read them asap!

Hi Lea -> So glad you've joined the posse and I am also a spongebob when it comes to html, always wanting to know more and I feel my blog still needs a bit of tweaking.

Hi Jill -> Oh, glad you got the vibe too!! I was fourteen and such a, well toned, vigorous viking made my heart pound and the story, perhaps a classic viking story but I loved the past and present storyline and how it connected all in the end. With the glow of my first viking experience I can still go hubba hubba over the cover.

Hi Jenna -> You're always welcome, both for the html page and to visit my blog!

Hi Cecile -> You're in lust, I feel you girl, my jaw dropped to the floor when tristan walked in the first time, when i was just contemplating the whole idea. And I'll make sure a bar stool is reserved at all times for you ;D

Hi RachieG -> Welcome to the posse too, let's have some fun and do some book talking and hunk watching while we're at it!

Hi Anonymous -> thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Eva S on 30 June 2009 at 09:24 said...

Hi Leontine,
thanks for the wonderful interview!!
So many great books, some of them are on my keeper shelf and many new ones to add to my wish list!
You have a wonderful blog and I became a follower!

Lily on 30 June 2009 at 13:05 said...

Great interview Leontine

Nice to learn a bit about you. I've just recently become a follower. Your blog is awesome!!


Leontine on 30 June 2009 at 13:25 said...

Hi Eve S - > So glad you're joining me in the book fun! I saw you pop up in my followers feature this morning and it is always a treat to find new peeps there. I hear you on the wishlist, mine was expanding twice as fast now that I have met all of you here in blogosphere.

Hi Lily -> I found your blog too and enjoyed myself there that I knew I would return there frequently. You're not popping up on the follow feature of my blog but sometimes it just acts up, like it has a mind of its own ;D My blog and I often have arguments which I tend to win...she will not get the better of me!

I hope to see you all often and have a blast together!

Lily on 30 June 2009 at 14:48 said...

No worries about your blog. It was me. I added you to my blog list but forgot to follow on your blog :)

Amy C on 30 June 2009 at 21:36 said...

I missed your day here :(.

I love blogging with all of you and think that Erotic Horizon's guest blog days here are very cool!

I didn't have time right now to read through the whole interview but I love that you don't stay in the same genre. Moving around as you do. I do the same thing. But I usually stay in the main romance genre, but within that genre I switch it up all the time!