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Review – A Night To Remember – Eve Vaughn




Back Of The Book


One night of passion leads two lovers on a passionate journey neither expected.

On the night that should have been her two year wedding anniversary Charlie Brown finds herself in a bar to drown her sorrows over her deceased spouse. One thing leads to another and she seeks comfort in the arms of a stranger.

Jake wanted Charlie the minute he saw her, but knows he must take things slow with this sexy damsel-in-distress. When his offer of help turns into one steamy night of passion, he knows he can never let her go. Too bad she’s disappeared from his bed and out of his life the following morning..

Three years pass, but Charlie is never far from Jake’s mind, so it comes as a shock to him to discover that his new employee is none other than his dream woman. Charlie is equally shocked to find herself employed by Jake’s company because now she has a secret.

The Review


Charlie Brown – Determine, gutsy, and getting to know the up’s and down’ of life. She is also caught in the middle of family and friends issues – toss a man into the mix and it is shear hell.

Jake – Stubborn, knows what he wants and not afraid to go after to it. A good friend to have at your side, but one who can also be the one to toss the first punch if it’s deserved.


The Plot

One night is all it take, when two people’s defences are down and they reach for each other to provide the comfort they so desperately miss and need at that particular moment.

Three years later and Charlie is in a new town starting a new job and trying to find some middle ground with her home life.

Jake on the other hand has never forgotten the woman who has turn his life upside down three earlier and has buried himself in his job and his company has it has taken off big time. He is now hiring just to keep on top of the game.

When the newest employee meets her new boss, not only does the sparks fly – but secrets are about to come out into the open that will certainly cause Jake and Charlie to rethink alot of what is important to them. 


Something woke Jake up. He sat up in bed, disoriented, and shook his head to gather his senses. It was still dark outside, the moonlight seeping through the curtains. Looking over at the clock on the nightstand, Jake saw it was only midnight. It took him another moment to remember he had a roommate. He soon realized she was the one who’d caused the disturbance.

Charlie wept softly into her pillow, but it was still loud enough for him to hear. He’d always been a light sleeper. Jake flipped the light switch on and slid out of his bed, unmindful of the fact he was only wearing a pair of boxers. Taking a seat next to her, he gently shook her shoulders, concern for her filling him. “Charlie, are you okay?”

She turned around then, tears clouding her beautiful dark brown eyes. “Did I wake you? I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry. Please go back to bed.”

“And leave you crying your eyes out? I don’t think so. You were upset at the bar and it’s obviously still bothering you. Won’t you tell me what’s wrong?” When she didn’t reply, he sighed. “I won’t go back to bed until you tell me. We can sit here like this all night if you want.”

After what seemed like several minutes, Charlie finally spoke. “It’s my second wedding anniversary.”

Jake pulled away abruptly as if he had been slapped. She was married? What the hell was she doing here then?

“Where’s your husband?” He felt an irrational sense of betrayal. It bothered him more than he cared to admit to know she was some other man’s wife. It didn’t make sense, but jealousy rarely did.

“He…he died a year ago tonight,” Charlie said through held tears.

“I’m sorry.” Shame washed through Jake at the brief moment of relief he felt. Charlie was obviously miserable.

A Night To Remember © Eve Vaughn


Smut/Ick Factor

Hands down some smokingly hot  smut. Not only was this guy equipped but he knows how to work his magic. Charlie was no  slouch either and she gave as good as she got.

I love the fact that she was such a take charge sort of person in the bedroom and Jake was only too ready to give it up.




I haven’t read a book in a while that covers a good portion of time – a couple years and i was easily caught up. The author uses the time to give background and develop the characters and really carve out the story.

The character were easy to like and there were some pretty decent support cast that made the story all  that more endearing.

The pace of the book was not hurryingly quick, but it didn’t drag either – it was an even paced book, that i really enjoyed.

The plot was not only woven around the main protags past, but also family and friends that made the book a  full bodied read – where you wanted to see sneak peeks at what the others were getting up to.

Issue aplenty were in this book. From the office to the bedroom – a little of everything was there and this push this book along nicely.

When i read an interracial book, i am always looking at how much importance the author place on the families and the dynamics of what to come. This was nipped right in the bud and a few bubbles were burst along the way.

In this book – the females are strong, they are opinionated and they pack a punch. I really like a book that shows women taking charge and making an impact.

The family and friend interaction lends a reality to this book, it could really have been me going through some of these issues.

Bottom Line - This is a story, if you haven’t read a honest to goodness story in a while – this is one. It had more than enough smut, but it also had a base line culminating in me going through a whole lot of emotional highs and low and genuinely wishing for HEA because right up to the end, i was not sure.



I hate bitchy men and if there is one thing i can’t stand is a man who intentionally hurt people because he is beaten at his own game, just mean.

Other than the fact that i wanted to strangle the son of a bitch, this was really a book that i will be re-reading very soon…



Yes i like – Strong sexy man with not seen woman – ohhhh my. Very nice.


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Blodeuedd on 30 May 2009 at 17:50 said...

I wouldn't have liked bitchy men either, but the story sounds promising...and yes I still haven't read about 2 guys

Erotic Horizon on 30 May 2009 at 18:33 said...

Hey Blodeuedd

This is a good read - i really like Ms. Vaughn's work..

P.S. This one is M/F contemp...
female has a boy name...


Lea on 30 May 2009 at 23:04 said...

Ordering. Now.

Need I say more?

Awesome, just awesome...


Erotic Horizon on 31 May 2009 at 17:15 said...

Thanks Lea..

I really liked this book - some very passionate people in this one.