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Review – My Mills & Boons Month Quickes

This month has been a slow reading month for me,  I don’t know how people deal with a lull in there reading, but i break out the M&M’s , some Linkin Park and veg out on Mills and Boons. I have read one every night this month.

See what i have read this month…



And for Sarah Clay, that was the bad news-because Max Scalise had rejected her outright seven years ago. And now Max was back in Weaver, working as a sheriff and everywhereshe turned. His slightest touch still caused her traitorous body to quake, but Sarah knew better. didn't she?
When it came to Sarah, Max was as much in love with her as ever. But he'd returned home to find that eyes that had once gazed at him with such trust now turned away. Still, he was a wiser man now...a man determined to win back her love. Even if it meant telling secrets that weren't his to reveal...



I jump a few pages of this – it was the classic M&B format – girl with huge chip on shoulder, with boy in self denial – Oh joy….



Sophie was the woman Max McCallister had always loved but couldn't have. He told himself that he did the right thing when he stepped aside so his brother could marry her. And when his brother hadn't been able to give Sophie the baby they'd always wanted, he'd agreed to become the sperm donor so they could fulfil their family dreams.But now his brother was dead, and Sophie was a single mother raising two fatherless little girls. Max could fight his feelings no longer. It was time to claim what was rightfully his - Sophie and his twin daughters...




a book with a lot of possibilities – however no angst in this one – just a lot of love and decay filling sweetness..




For the love of a tiny baby…
Emily thought she'd never see Harry again. Then he's suddenly on her doorstep—cradling a little baby in his arms! The man she once knew, so strong and sure, now looks lost, and when Emily discovers why he's come to her with this premature baby, she melts.
For the love of a good man…
Harry once broke her heart and, now a single mom, Emily can't afford to let Harry and his child into her life. But she can't deny the growing love she feels for this special man and for their patchwork family.…



A man is left to care for a baby – then enters the other half – another woman with her set of kids and problem…

Just go with it – i did.



Rhiannon Fairfax believes everything should be calm and orderly. And she's made a career out of ensuring that other people's lives are perfect.

Then billionaire Lee Richardson hires her. Stormy, complex and autocratic, he needs a wife--and he wants Rhiannon! Swept out of her sensible shoes, Rhiannon agrees. But as secrets begin to emerge, she wonders if she can trust her new husband….




Why does the guys always have to be rich – and billionaire rich. What happen to the guy who is a waiters, who is he meant to fall in love with.

Sweet but nothing dramatic… I really love the cover on this one..






this one is really dated – i couldn’t even find the blurb. anyhow this is a book mostly about friendship turning to love –not bad, but just didn’t go far enough.








Another one  i can’t find the blurb for – but this is an old one – i like it actually, girly type girl – caught up in a situation not of her making with a very not no honourable man..

This one will be on my shelf a while.







Before meeting Joe Mendez, Rachel was a single mom coping with a difficult daughter and an irresponsible ex-husband.
After meeting Joe Mendez, Rachel's life has been turned upside down! Joe's irresistible charisma, dark good looks and searing, raw sexuality have brought her out of her shell - and into a world of exquisite pleasure! She's his very willing mistress.but will she ever be his wife?




I get some of these books, because of the authors – they are tried and proven to write books that i don’t have to think about.

Ms. Matters gives another story about mistress hoping and wanting to be wife. Some good emotional scenes in this one.




When Francesco Romanelli met Erin Foyle, they were married within days--but it took just a month for their marriage to fall apart--

Believing her husband to be nothing more than a cheat, Erin starts divorce proceedings. But though she won't be Francesco's wife, she will never be free of him--she is pregnant with his child.

Francesco discovers Erin is pregnant-- how dare she keep it from him? If he has his way, the divorce will never happen. He's on a mission to reclaim her--as his wife and in his bed….



Why is it that Greek and Italian men are built up as the lover to have. In this one Francesco could really do with a slap. He was too perfect to be true…

I like Ms. Lawrence work, but this one was just too much, from the over the top elaborate performance on the cover to her protags utter self righteousness.




When Kate met Hollywood producer Santino Rossi, she was swept away. He was unaware of her innocence, or of the baby they made that night.

That sensuous evening is forever etched on Santino's mind--so when Kate appears in Rome, five years later, he's ready for a rerun of their passionate affair. The only problem is Kate's obvious evasion of his attentions. Santino is determined to find out what she's hiding…. And get her back in his bed!



When it’s not the Italian men it’s the Italian women – oh save me from it all.

I must admit the female protag, did put up a bit of a fight, not much however. And get the name Santino Rossi –(how much more Italian can you get)





Diana Reeves's search to find her birth mother takes her to a French village, and into the employ of Anton, Comte de Valois.

It's not long before their shared passion leads to pregnancy and Anton insists on marrying Diana. But his intense desire to father a child causes Diana to question his motives for marriage…




Another classic theme M&B theme  – lost girl finding competent and able man, who deviously want something in order for his help..


I’ll add the another 10 tomorrow..

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Desert Rose on 28 May 2009 at 13:44 said...

You got something waiting on my blog :)

Blodeuedd on 28 May 2009 at 14:00 said...

If that Winspear book is about a sheik then it was the first ever Harlequin I read when I was 10 :)

Erotic Horizon on 28 May 2009 at 15:15 said...

Hello Ms. D...

Thank you so much, I really do love the awards you give me...


Erotic Horizon on 28 May 2009 at 15:16 said...

Hey Blodeuedd..

I think it might be the one - found this one in a charity shop and I really liked it... but I do love all Ms. Winspear work..