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Review – Loving Control – Ann Jacobs






The Blurb


Hot sexy kisses that wet dreams are made of… That's how surgeon Eli Calhoun thinks of resident Maggie Berman. And nothing, not even kinky sex with the submissives at the Club Rio Brava, can get his mind off locking lips with his workmate again.

There's just one problem. Eli's a sexual Dominant looking for a submissive, and Maggie's the most "in control" woman he's ever met. Until the night he takes her home and shatters that control — in the bedroom, at least.

Maggie's running scared. She's learned some hard lessons from her ex-Master. When the hunky surgeon makes a move on her, offering to make her wildest dreams come true, it's not just about the sex. Eli wants it all — and that includes her precious control.

Publisher Note: The Club Rio Brava series is spun off A Mutual Favor. The stories in the Club Rio Brava series originally comprised the Members Only series from another publisher, but have been completely rewritten for Ellora’s Cave.


The Review


Eli Calhoun – Take charge and utterly confident in what he says and wants, he gauges his time and strike when the time is right – but is the time right for the other party involved when he sets out to get the girl.

Maggie Berman – Hard worker, polished in her mannerism, team player – but also someone bound so tight that she might break if extreme is not taken with her.


The Plot

Working in a highly stressful job leave little or no time for Eli to enjoy what he does best  - dominate. When he finds himself attracted to resident surgeon Maggie Berman – something always held him back and he has more than just instant gratification to consider.

Things have a way of coming full circle and Eli finds himself in a position where he has to make a decision regarding his feelings for Maggie and all that’s standing in his way is Maggie herself. 

Maggie although a surgeon needs that steady hand to steer her, not only in her professional live but more so in her personal life. When Eli lays his cards on the table she’s scared of picking them up, as she has seen it all before and the end result is not at all that nice.


“Come on, Maggie,” he said, his expression fierce. “You’ve got to learn to trust that you did all you could. Otherwise, you’ll drive yourself crazy. I know.”

Margaret blinked, hoped her cheeks weren’t as flushed as they felt. “I’m okay. I was just thinking.”

“Are you still worried about the case? Don’t. No one could have saved him. Not with him having a bullet lodged in his heart and another one that wrecked his femoral artery. It was a miracle he lasted long enough to make it onto the operating table.” Eli tilted her head back, looked her in the eye. “You’re well on your way to becoming one of the best thoracic trauma surgeons around here. Don’t doubt that for a minute.”

If only. If only she’d been thinking about business and not about the way his big, long-fingered hands would feel skimming over her neediest places…or how he’d make her let go of inhibitions so strong that they needed force to overcome them. He’d release the pent-up need that gripped her. “I’ll try not to. I wasn’t rehashing the case just now, though,” she said, forcing a smile and lifting the frozen margarita the waiter had just slid in front of her, removing the empty at the same time.

While she finished her drink, Eli sipped his half-full Scotch on the rocks. “Shall we dance?”

Margaret’s stomach, already assaulted by those margaritas, rebelled at the thought of swaying to the beat of the incredibly sensuous piece the pianist had just begun. “I don’t think I want to dance, but I could use some…” She dared not tell him what she really needed. “Coffee.”

“What you need is to let go of all that frustration. I see it in your face, in the tight set of your shoulders. Come on now. Loosen up for me.” Was she imagining things, or had his voice taken on the tone of command?

Loving Control © Ann Jacobs


Surprise Element

I like BDSM – not the hard core stuff – but just a little bit more than the ordinary stuff. I am fascinated by the need to protect, please and exhibit that comes out in the people who take up this lifestyle.

In this book however, while i got what i expected from Eli, Maggie was just so robotic – there are reasons and issues surrounding her emotional fragility – but it was just so WOW is she real, if i pinch her will she break..



I have read a few books by Ms. Jacob and her protags generally fall into the same category. Male – strong alpha with load of confidence and a take charge attitude that can become overbearing at times.

Her females don’t do well with me, I like a kick ass chick and these women I always feel want a kick up the ass to get them going –but hey that’ just me.

That said – the lifestyle they both lead, plays a big part in how they act, how they think and most importantly how they deal with their own personal development.


Smut/Ick Factor

The smut is of the BDSM variety with a whole of consideration for the female partner and for the male protag to some extent.

The smut itself was more vocal, so my imagination ran with it and there were a few blushing moments – i liked it. This was a fairly short book and just enough smut not to overpower the book – a good balance i thought.

“Let’s do it,” she said, giving his cock a squeeze that was almost playful, challenging him as she put her shields in place again. Do your worst, Eli. Impress me. God, please impress me.

Loving Control © Ann Jacobs


I have been reading Ms. Jacob for a few years now, and i have to admit i like her angsty style, there is always some controversy or issue to deal with – she never let me down on that basis.

The attraction Eli feels for Maggie and his handling of it and his thoughts to life in general  i thought was well presented – he didn’t just follow when his emotions went bump.

A lot of BDSM is about compartmentalizing and to be honest Ms. Jacob does this really well. Not only does she give her protags a life that they excel at – but they have their act together in regards to the day to day events of living.

The little by play between Eli and his work mates lends an air of the ordinary to this book, which gives some sort of balance to the book  and cut through the language of Sub and Dom.

I loved how assertive Eli was to address certain fears and assumptions about what he’s into or how he differs from what Maggie has experience before.

It had enough in it to have me follow the rest of the series to see what Eli two other work colleagues get up to.



A few issues in the book was never developed whether for timing constraint or just the fact that it was a passing scene to the bigger picture – but the chance was missed  - as i perked up as soon as they were introduced, i thought it was a missed chance.

There is one scene in the book that might be too much for new readers to BDSM material, but in context – i thought it was so hot.

There is a subserviantness to Maggie that  i thought was over the top but then Maggie was a mystery to me.



When i saw the cover – i thought - is he real, i love the male form but not so much muscle, so really i did not have nice thoughts about this cover. 



2 Speak To Me:

Blodeuedd on 18 May 2009 at 17:51 said...

Nice cover indeed.
But hm, perhaps not the book for me after some of the things you said. Doesn't seem that it was perfect

Erotic Horizon on 18 May 2009 at 20:18 said...

Hey Blodeuedd

Quite alot of ladies love the cover - I like my men a little more athletically built..

If you are a first timer to BDSM - this is not the book for you..