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Review – Livin’ An A Prayer – Jude Mason - (Slippery When Wet BK2)




Back Of The Book


Logan White is released from prison after serving eight years in Corcoran for his part in a B & E where a man was killed.

Enter Reverend Shane Grayson, a gay man of the cloth who helps find Logan a job, but that turns into a horror story. Can the two lovers find a way to be together or will the underbelly of society win this battle?





Logan White – Free at last and knows that he wants to keep it that way. After eight years in prison, he’s hardly squeamish about anything – but when he perks up at seeing the local clergy – he is scared.

Reverend Shane Grayson – Easy going, willing to have a laugh and see’s more than meets the eye. Due to his giving nature and his job, he is always willing to give a helping hand. He might have however help one time too many time – this time.


The Plot

Out of prison and aiming never to go back – ever, Logan White finds himself in a less than uplifting part of the city trying to get his bearings and find work as well.

His salvation comes just in the nick of time, when a man of the clothe extends a welcome hand and also a hand in finding a job.

Some things are sometimes too good to be true and most times it is. Logan soon find out that the man of the clothe is not only his salvation, but he might also be the death of him as well. 


It was late and the excitement of freedom had worn off. He stuffed the few bills he had remaining back into his wallet and climbed to his feet. The place was small, little more than a single room with a bed, a hot plate on the old lopsided dresser and a chair. The bathroom stank, obviously hadn’t been cleaned in some time and consisted of a toilet, sink, and a shower. But, it was twice the size of what he’d been used to for the last few years.

Logan went to the window and pushed the ratty, once white curtain to the side. Peering out, he smiled at the scene below. The street was almost deserted, except for the occasional car speeding by and the two whores on the corner.

“Yeah, just like home,” he mumbled and let the curtain fall back into place. He turned away and pulled off his t-shirt. Tossing it onto the bed, he sat on the rickety wooden chair and heeled off his boots. A sweaty sock went into each, and then he got to his feet and unfastened his jeans. With them hanging loose, he went into the bathroom and pulled the chain dangling from the single light bulb. Glaring white light made him blink. Dingy grey tile surrounded the tub and most of the tiny room; the rest was painted piss yellow. Stains around the toilet and over the sink made his stomach churn, yet it was no worse than he was used to. He reached past the tattered, green plastic curtain and started the water in the shower.

Satisfied that the water was heating up, he faced the cracked mirror above the sink. He ran his fingers over the stubble on his cheeks and chin, and wondered how he was going to get a job looking like a crazed derelict. His dark hair was too short--prison cut--and his eyes had a haunted look he hoped would fade. His nose was bent, thanks to a fight he’d had several months ago, and a small scar on the left side of his chin reminded him of where a ring had cut his face when he’d poked his nose in where it wasn’t wanted. A con thought he was paying too much attention to his ‘bitch’. Life on the inside could be deadly if you didn’t play the game right.
He stripped out of his jeans and shorts, before stepping into the shower.

Livin’ on a Prayer © Jude Mason



Most series i have read, conforms to a certain standard, same era, same type of protags and more over same background/setting.

I was pleasantly surprise at the fact that Ms. Mason took this book on a totally different path to the first book. Other than the fact that the protags stuck to a commendable level of honesty and trying to stay on the straight and narrow – LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER is a  totally different animal.


Smut/Ick Factor

There wasn't this rush into bed sort of smut to this one, and i was impressed with Ms. Mason handling the smut in this way. These guys are fairly young guys , and you would expect them to be raging to overflowing with hormones – but with life experiences and the illiquid nature of their future there was an appreciation of their time together that made the smut more – just more.



First off LIVIN” ON A PRAYER fits in with the first book – not sure if this is because both authors work together or that each author understood the whole picture of the series

This is an edgier read than the first book in the series – The story is plotted around a greasy part of town, therefore we are bound to introduced to some less than desirable characters.

There was a quick pace to this book. The story in reality takes place over a short period of time – however Ms. Mason packed a wealth of detail in this story.

Presentation of the plot was organized and inferences and past details were concise, to the point and really made the story in my opinion.

I like the fact that once the main protags knew what they wanted, there was no fluffing about. I hate protags who drag out a situation more than it has to.

There is such a charitable feel to this book – and it fits, after all, all the evil must be balanced with some good and it’s there in spades in LIVIN” ON A PRAYER. The talks, the helping hand and more importantly the hope when all seems lost.

One underlying element in this books – and I only realise this after sleeping on it, was that there was very much a second chance element here and i always say i hope authors do a follow-up, this is one book where i would love to see how these men fair out.

I would love to see what Ms. Mason would do with a true crime fiction novel. She has some style in carving out the nastier side of human nature and she knows her way around a plot.

Bottom Line – A very worthy follow up in the SLIPPERY WHEN WET series. A book that can stand on it’s own, but is best read as a part of the series. The author have clearly spend time investigating the penal system and how  life works inside the big house as well as the after effect on the convicts themselves and the community at large.

I will be following this series, as something big is coming and I don't want to miss a thing. 



Some of the rougher elements of prison life is revisited in this book, to be honest it was in the first book as well. However with the inner city backdrop, coupled with the plot – it just gave me a shudder.

I wasn’t turned off  by it, as it will eventually play a big factor in what is a much anticipated showdown to come, it just gave me the willies that all…



Still don’t like them. I said it from the first book – these story so far clearly outclass the cover…


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Jude Mason on 29 May 2009 at 16:24 said...


A wonderful review, thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about Logan and Shane. I personally loved them both.


Erotic Horizon on 29 May 2009 at 17:11 said...


I did enjoy meeting them - two great guys..


Lily on 29 May 2009 at 20:28 said...

Great review!!

I had not heard of this series but I'll be sure now to check it out. The book sounds really good.

Lily :)

Erotic Horizon on 29 May 2009 at 21:17 said...


This is really a good series...

Some pretty decent writing..


Lea on 29 May 2009 at 21:24 said...

Hey EH!

You sure showcase some interesting work by authors unfamiliar tome here. This sounds like a very interesting unique story.

Thank you for another succinct review.

Warm Regards

Erotic Horizon on 29 May 2009 at 22:04 said...

Hey Lea..

Good evening hon... I do love finding a good author to share with you guys..

And when the writing is good, it's a pleasure to read..