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Review – (Domestic Gods- 2) Too Hot to Handle – Robin Kaye



 The Blurb

He sure would love to have someone to take care of...
Dr. Mike Flynn's single mom taught him early how to cook and clean, and there's nothing like vacuuming or doing dishes to help a guy relax.

Annabelle Ronaldi is an artist without a domestic bone in her body. Since her fiance's death, she can't paint, and life looks hopeless.
Until the day after her sister's wedding, when she wakes up with Mike next to her in bed, and then she's really beside herself - because the handsome stranger is a dead ringer for her dead fiancé.

After their mind-blowing one night stand, Mike is sure this is the woman he wants to take care of forever, but she acts like she's seen a ghost. While Mike sets to work wooing Annabelle, she sets to work sniffing out the truth of the convoluted family secret that turns everybody's lives upside down.



The Review


Annabelle Ronaldi – The girl who had too much and nothing going on for her. Caught in the middle of wanting to please her family and needing to find her own independence –  toss Mike Flynn into the mix and Annabelle is more confused than ever before. 

Dr Mike Flynn – The man who can’t believe his luck when he actually lucks out with a woman who is everything he could ever want. Working, dealing with office issues, being the dutiful son while balancing how much info he gives his nosy friends suddenly seems to all take second place to Annabelle – but does everything take second place in Annabelle live for him or will he have to fight to find his own space.  


The Plot

Annabelle Ronaldi could not believe that she had just woken up with the man who was a dead ringer for her dead fiancé. Not only was he exactly alike, he was also exactly different and in all the right places.

Mike Flynn could not believe his luck when not only a hot woman seems to like him, but she likes him for himself and not just as the rebound guy.

Annabelle is experiencing things with Mike that she has never experienced with Chip - her dead fiancé; and Mike is walking that thing line between scared to death of a relationship and going for broke when he starts to get to know the real Annabelle.

The path to Mike’s true love and Annabelle’s hot sex life is not easy, parents, in-laws, best friends, big brother and fairy godfathers all make an impact and give their two cents' worth of opinion, that is not needed or wanted and might end up  costing them more than they have to lose.


Annabelle opened her eyes and screamed. Loud.

The guy asleep next to her awoke and sat straight up as she jumped out of bed. “My God, you’re real.” Yep, definitely real, and very much alive.

He stared at her with such heat; she was surprised she wasn’t incinerated. Which, under the circumstances, would be preferable to standing there like an idiot. An idiot wearing nothing but a blue garter. She ripped the sheet off the bed, leaving him naked, only he didn’t look like an idiot. On the contrary, he looked… big and um… happy to see her. Very happy.

Annabelle was speechless.

“Belle… ” He scooted toward her. She backed up until she hit the dresser with a thunk. Belle? Chip never called her Belle. If she hadn’t almost totally dismissed the whole ghost question as a possibility, being called Belle would have cinched it.

“Hey, take it easy. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Mike… Mike Flynn, your brother-in-law’s best friend, we met at the wedding. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Too Hot To Handle © Robin Kaye



As this was the first book i read by this author, I straight off the bat liked her style, it easy, it’s fun – there’s no deep thinking to it, it just an entertaining read. The Italian family scenario came with the expected nosy parents, larger than life friends and of course a food background. Once the author integrated all of that into the story i enjoyed the ride to the end of this book  and it was a pleasure.


Smut/Ick Factor

Dear god did these two get their smut on. They were like the energiser bunnies. Not only were they at it as often as they could, but it was no experimental smut – they lit fires under each other from the moment they set eyes on each other and it only got more intense as the book progressed. LOVED IT.




As mentioned before Ms. Kaye has some style, it’s easy, it hits the spot and it has everything that you need to get caught up in a wonderful romance.

The characters are loveable and although they have the usual  hang ups and chips on their shoulders, they also have the capacity and intelligence to open themselves up to criticisms and a lot of ribbing and more over they had the chance to grow during the length of this book..

Annabelle character was a fun meet for me, I love how Ms. Kaye showed the growth of Annabelle from geeky teen to a strong assertive young woman. there were a few emotional moments – where Ms. Kaye really showed her love for this character to its fullest – my hats off to her.

Ms Kaye took time to develop almost all the characters introduced in this story to the extend that you connect with them at some level and i really enjoyed meeting this wonderful bunch of people - obviously some more than the others.

The pace of the book was well timed, nothing was rushed  - everything in it’s own time and place. TOO HOT TO HANDLE is a solid read at 416pages, however the story was spaced out enough to allow natural death and natural growth to take place in this story.

Supporting cast and hilarious sidekick made this story the wonderful read it was, and  I loved the dynamics of who rub who the wrong way, I like the interaction and angtsy situations between individual parent/child  scenarios.

I like Ms. Kaye’s attention to detail, there were some major description going on in this book (between brothers, mothers etc), but what impressed me more was the minor things like smell, mannerism, family angst, personal development that made accepting and loving each character all that more easier.

There were a few side stories that were integral to the development of the plot and they worked, the ones that were not tied up  i am looking forward to seeing them followed up in the third book to come.

The realness of the book ultimately did it for me. I could understand and relate to so much of what Mike and Annabelle were going through with friends, family and colleague literally doing a circus around their life.

I laugh, I laugh out loud and I laughed alot, not only at the going on’s between Mike and Annabelle, but also the sarcasm of the support cast, the nosy, demanding and determined  parents and i really had fun when big brother went into protective mode for little sister and with two very fairy godfathers this book had it all.

As much as i am loving this book, i love the simplicity of the plot, the genuine emotions  the characters feel – I like the fact they cried, they laugh and they had great smut as often as they could. However this is not a new plot but Ms. Kaye has certainly made it her own and the sting is definately in the detail.



As mentioned before this was my first book by this author so therefore i did not have that buffer of ROMEO ROMEO ( First book in the Domestic Gods series) to fall on,  i had to struggle to like Annabelle sister Rosalie, the main protag of ROMEO ROMEO – she came across as not a nice person at all and i was very pleased at the minimal contact i had with her.

That said, this is one of the drawbacks of reading books out of sequence, perception are made on the first impression and i certainly did not like her, however i have to now read ROMEO ROMEO, as any sister of Annabelle has to have something going for her.



There’s not much not to like and it more than accurately depict what was happening in the book. Mike learned right quick that in order to eat – he better get with the program – because his little Italian fire cracker was not gifted in the kitchen department – I like the cover alot.




Top Ten Reasons Why Women Love Domestic Gods

10. Domestic Gods know how to separate laundry and are man enough to buy and care for fine washables.

9. Domestic Gods like more their women, their cars, their vacuums, and their household cleaners.

8. Domestic Gods do manly things - like lift the couch with one hand to vacuum under it.

7. Domestic Gods don't question their sexuality -- being a good cook and knowing how to clean doesn't make them effeminate. It makes them independent.

6. A Domestic God knows the way to a woman's heart is to show he's capable of killing bugs, scrubbing toilets, washing windows, keeping her well fed and satisfied in bed.

5. A Domestic God knows there's nothing sexier than a man cleaning the bathtub for the woman in his life and then joining her in it.

4. Domestic Gods don't expect their woman to be a maid unless said woman is into playing dress-up. Then, they prefer the French variety--feather duster included.

3. Domestic Gods can fix your car and fix you a five-course meal.

2. Domestic Gods not only respect women, they care for and about them.

And the number one reason women love Domestic Gods is...

Domestic Gods are as good in the kitchen as they are in the bedroom.

© Robin Kaye


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Becky W. on 6 May 2009 at 23:00 said...

I HAVE to read this! It sounds great!

Unknown on 6 May 2009 at 23:37 said...

I have seen this book all over the internet and it just keeps getting better and better!!

Great Review --- I loved it!

Dottie :)

(Congrats on our win from Lyrical Press!!!)

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming on 7 May 2009 at 00:18 said...

Great review! See, I read Romeo Romeo first and loved Rosalie, but it took me a while to warm up to Annabelle in this book, she was not someone you like in the last book, your description of how you described your feelings towards Rosalie in this one are identical to how I felt about Annabelle in the last one!

Mandi on 7 May 2009 at 00:41 said...

Wow - you make me want to go out and buy the book now!!! I am adding it to my list :)

Suzanne Yester on 7 May 2009 at 01:36 said...

Great review! I'm going to have to pick this up- and probably Romeo Romeo too!

Erotic Horizon on 7 May 2009 at 05:55 said...


You will love it - but read ROMEO ROMEO first...

Thanks for stopping by..


Erotic Horizon on 7 May 2009 at 05:57 said...

Hey Dottie..

This book is great, it surprised me as well..

I think you'll like it - and Thank You..


Erotic Horizon on 7 May 2009 at 06:00 said...


Thanks for your comment, you make me feel so much better - I thought I was being mean spirited in not liking Rosalie - but I just didn't.

Now I definately have to read ROMEO ROMEO..


Erotic Horizon on 7 May 2009 at 06:00 said...

Hey Mandi...

It's a read to plan for.. it is really good..


Erotic Horizon on 7 May 2009 at 06:01 said...

Hey Suzanne..

You are talking my language - I already have ROMEO ROMEO on order..


danie88 on 7 May 2009 at 07:24 said...

love your review! im in the process of reading this now and i also haven't read Romeo Romeo... i should have my review up in the next few days... :)

by the way I have another blog award for you over at my blog:

Amy C on 7 May 2009 at 13:09 said...

I think the smut factor for this book may have sold me! I'll have to look for it next time I'm at the bookstore! Don't do contemps often but sometimes they are a welcome change.

Blodeuedd on 7 May 2009 at 14:53 said...

He could take hand of me any day ;)
These books sounds so fun

Erotic Horizon on 7 May 2009 at 17:44 said...

Hey Dani..

I am so glad you are now doing reviews - I will be over when it's up..

I will also be over to collect my award - thank you so much..


Erotic Horizon on 7 May 2009 at 17:45 said...

Hey Amy.

You know i love the smut, but this story also has a easy feel to it...

I think you'll enjoy it..


Erotic Horizon on 7 May 2009 at 17:58 said...

Me too as well Blodeuedd - me too.

good read..


VampFanGirl on 7 May 2009 at 23:58 said...

Great Review E.H.!

I have 'Romeo, Romeo' in my TBR pile and I'm really excited to read it. Even more so after your review of 'Too Hot To Handle'.

Both books seem the perfect read for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

:) VFG

Brandy W on 8 May 2009 at 01:52 said...

I have both books in the series and have yet to read either. It is good to know that there's a great possibility that I'm going to really like them.

I thought I would which is why I bought then but it's good to hear your enjoyment.

Erotic Horizon on 8 May 2009 at 09:58 said...


You have it right, this is just one of them read when you want a good laze about - it was fun, nothing to stress about..

hope you get to it soon.

Erotic Horizon on 8 May 2009 at 10:01 said...

Hey Bandy...

Lovely as always to have you here..
You are going to love them when you get them.

This was more a book of self discoveries and lot of laughs and attitude - you'll love it.

I am looking forward to ROMEO ROMEO myself.


BurtonReview on 8 May 2009 at 13:50 said...

Awesome Review.. I had an Interview with Robin KAye and she talks about her future projects as well, if you are interested please see the post at The Burton Review. I also have to read Romeo Romeo, and should be just as much fun!

Erotic Horizon on 8 May 2009 at 14:31 said...

Hey Marie,

Welcome to Erotic Horizon...
I will pop over and have a read. thanks for letting me know.

I am also looking forward to her first book as well..

TheChicGeek on 11 May 2009 at 01:17 said...

Hi E.H. :)

I came to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!



Erotic Horizon on 11 May 2009 at 22:38 said...

Hey Kelly..

I hope you had a great day with your family...

Happy Mothers day to you too.Thanks for the best wishes