Friday, 29 May 2009

Review – Another set of Quickes

Here’s another set of those most loved Mills and Boons that i got through this month….




Ever since gamekeeper's granddaughter Anna Morton was snubbed by Ryder Wyndham and his upper-class friends, she's stayed away from Ryder, the man she once worshipped.

But then Anna is forced to live with Ryder on his English country estate, and the tension between them turns to temptation. Anna is a career-minded city girl with no plans to settle down. But Ryder needs a wife, and he's decided that Anna will become his lady-of-the-manor bride!




Another sweet like candy read…. really this was a little better than the lot I've read month, I like female protags with a bit of kick and i have to admit, Anna kept her own for a good portion of the book…





Home for Christmas…

Once Sol Adams and Cassie Campbell had been inseparable, drawn to each other when times were tough. Cassie has spent the last ten years trying to move on from her life back then, but now Sol is home for Christmas, more gorgeous than ever, and she can't avoid him--or her memories.…

His bride for New Year?
Sol can see Cassie's changed--she's now a widow, a woman who tirelessly cares for others. But he knows her too well--he can see the hurt and yearning behind her cheerful smile. Can he get to the bottom of her troubled heart and make this Christmas angel his much-loved wife?



I have not read a large print in years and my neighbour shared this one with me. A seasonal read – but i like the characters and as with most M&B’s chances missed with the story line. This had so much possibility and dealt with some really emotional issues.



Ally Cummings may be the only " normal " one in her family, but her love life is anything but. No sooner does she find a stable, secure, predictable guy than she wants out. She ' s through with romance until she can figure out what kind of man is right for her.

Certainly not her new tenant, Ben Gillard, who is the exact opposite of everything Ally 's looking for. Suits him just fine. He ' s sworn off a social life so he can be a full-time dad to his twelve-year-old-son, Danny. And he doesn't need any more women " organizing " his life, especially not the uptight and prim Ally.

It ' s agreed, platonic friends is as far as this will go. Except it ' s not just his skill with a sauté pan that ' s creating the sizzle between them...

Single Father -- Sometimes he gets things right. Sometimes he needs a little help...




I love this book – it is one of the Harlequin Super romances – so a solid read. Kids, kooky family and a man in denial all make up this really sweet read..

I’’ be hanging on to this awhile.




Hot tempered rancher Powell Long had once stolen Antonia Hayes's heart.But small town lies tore their young love apart, forcing Antonia to flee.Years later,she returned to find Powell raising a daughter alone.

Fatherhood hadn't tempered his wild side,or his desire for the one woman he'd always wanted-Antonia.Not even her pride could make her ignore the eager pull of her heartstrings.And taking a chance at a future family with Powell was simply too irresistible.





If you have never read a Diana Palmer – you don’t know what you are missing. It’s all over the top girly girls and testosterone men, but i love everything she write.

This one i like, it has the love me, hate me characters and a bite to the story line – very good.





Ice Man: Dawson Rutherford

His Scheme: Plan a mock engagement to help secure the land he so desperately needed.
Only one woman had the power to drive this seemingly heartless cowboy wild, and now he needed her to pose as his bride-to-be! A tempestuous night long ago had forced Dawson to abandon all hope of making Barrie his lawfully wedded wife, but there was no telling what sharing a spread with this hot-blooded woman would do to the man of ice...





Follow up to MAGGIES’S DAD and a very passionate and emotional read. A few hilarious moment that really polished off this book. I like it..


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Blodeuedd on 29 May 2009 at 13:59 said...

I could need something easy and fun to read. These all look very much what I would need. A quick romance fix

Erotic Horizon on 29 May 2009 at 14:22 said...

These are really great read, quick, no headache read that hits the spot..


Cecile Smutty Hussy on 29 May 2009 at 14:49 said...

Hey there hon!! Hope all is well!!!
Well... I see we are loving up some quickes!! And who does not love quickes! Going to the notebook to write these down!
Thanks for some more new authors to me!
Hope you are having a great Friday!

Erotic Horizon on 29 May 2009 at 17:10 said...

Hey hon...

These are some easy read - nothing to rush out and get...

these are for those evening you just want to relax like a couch potato