Sunday, 31 May 2009

Monthly Reading List Update - May




A very lacklustre month for me this May month was. I had a few good days and then i had the days that i literally just veg out and read Mills and Boons one after the other.

A few books stood out for me this month. VENUS IN BLUE JEANS – Meg Benjamin was a wonderful read, with it’s slice of small town reality made for some seriously funny moment. TOO HOT TO HANDLE – Robyn Kaye was also another delicious read.

SCORPIO TATTOO – Jude Mason and CHLOE’S DONOR – Sabine Ferruci were two books that got me on the trot. They were a surprise for the pace, the handle the authors kept on the plot and just two books that really made my day when i read them.

The hottest smut of the month goes to A NIGHT TO REMEMBER – Eve Vaughn …and i said

Hands down some smokingly hot  smut. Not only was this guy equipped but he knows how to work his magic. Charlie was no  slouch either and she gave as good as she got.

I love the fact that she was such a take charge sort of person in the bedroom and Jake was only too ready to give it up.


Erotic Horizon© Erotic Horizon


I am also eagerly looking forward to Ms. Mason and Ms. Hill’s  upcoming additions to their series SLIPPERY WHEN WET and KINDRED SPIRIT.


161 - A Night to Remember – Eve Vaughn - Review

160 - Slippery When Wet – Livin’ on a Prayer – Jude Mason – Review

155 – 159 Mill and Boon Quickes - Review

154 - Play it again, Sam – Jamie Hill - Review

144 – 153 - Mills and Boon Quickies – Review

143 - Brothers in Arm - Retreat From Love – Samantha Kane – Review

142 - Chloe’s Donor – Sabine Ferruci – Review

141 - Loving Control – Ann Jacobs – Review

140 - Passion  - M.L. Rhodes - Review

139 - Kindred Spirit – Ethan’s Choice – Jude Mason, Jamie Hill -  Review

138 - Love, Jamie – AKM Miles - Review

137 - Venus in Blue Jeans – Meg Benjamin – Review

136 - Cowboy’s Dream Too – Morgan Q O’Reilly - Review

135 - Too Hot To Handle – Robyn Kaye - Review

134 - Scorpio Tattoo – Jude Mason – Review



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My New Guide - Readers Bill Of Rights

I have just ordered this book Better Than Life after coming across “Daniel Pennac's Readers Bill of Rights”. I am really looking forward to this book.

I just want to share with you my new guide to reading.

I am guided by Daniel Pennac's Readers Bill of Rights, and I want you to be too.

I, and you, have:

1. The Right to Not Read
2. The Right to Skip Pages
3. The Right to Not Finish
4. The Right to Reread
5. The Right To Read Anything
6. The Right to Escapism
7. The Right to Read Anywhere
8. The Right to Browse
9. The Right to Read Out Loud
10. The Right to Not Defend Your Tastes




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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Review – A Night To Remember – Eve Vaughn




Back Of The Book


One night of passion leads two lovers on a passionate journey neither expected.

On the night that should have been her two year wedding anniversary Charlie Brown finds herself in a bar to drown her sorrows over her deceased spouse. One thing leads to another and she seeks comfort in the arms of a stranger.

Jake wanted Charlie the minute he saw her, but knows he must take things slow with this sexy damsel-in-distress. When his offer of help turns into one steamy night of passion, he knows he can never let her go. Too bad she’s disappeared from his bed and out of his life the following morning..

Three years pass, but Charlie is never far from Jake’s mind, so it comes as a shock to him to discover that his new employee is none other than his dream woman. Charlie is equally shocked to find herself employed by Jake’s company because now she has a secret.

The Review


Charlie Brown – Determine, gutsy, and getting to know the up’s and down’ of life. She is also caught in the middle of family and friends issues – toss a man into the mix and it is shear hell.

Jake – Stubborn, knows what he wants and not afraid to go after to it. A good friend to have at your side, but one who can also be the one to toss the first punch if it’s deserved.


The Plot

One night is all it take, when two people’s defences are down and they reach for each other to provide the comfort they so desperately miss and need at that particular moment.

Three years later and Charlie is in a new town starting a new job and trying to find some middle ground with her home life.

Jake on the other hand has never forgotten the woman who has turn his life upside down three earlier and has buried himself in his job and his company has it has taken off big time. He is now hiring just to keep on top of the game.

When the newest employee meets her new boss, not only does the sparks fly – but secrets are about to come out into the open that will certainly cause Jake and Charlie to rethink alot of what is important to them. 


Something woke Jake up. He sat up in bed, disoriented, and shook his head to gather his senses. It was still dark outside, the moonlight seeping through the curtains. Looking over at the clock on the nightstand, Jake saw it was only midnight. It took him another moment to remember he had a roommate. He soon realized she was the one who’d caused the disturbance.

Charlie wept softly into her pillow, but it was still loud enough for him to hear. He’d always been a light sleeper. Jake flipped the light switch on and slid out of his bed, unmindful of the fact he was only wearing a pair of boxers. Taking a seat next to her, he gently shook her shoulders, concern for her filling him. “Charlie, are you okay?”

She turned around then, tears clouding her beautiful dark brown eyes. “Did I wake you? I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry. Please go back to bed.”

“And leave you crying your eyes out? I don’t think so. You were upset at the bar and it’s obviously still bothering you. Won’t you tell me what’s wrong?” When she didn’t reply, he sighed. “I won’t go back to bed until you tell me. We can sit here like this all night if you want.”

After what seemed like several minutes, Charlie finally spoke. “It’s my second wedding anniversary.”

Jake pulled away abruptly as if he had been slapped. She was married? What the hell was she doing here then?

“Where’s your husband?” He felt an irrational sense of betrayal. It bothered him more than he cared to admit to know she was some other man’s wife. It didn’t make sense, but jealousy rarely did.

“He…he died a year ago tonight,” Charlie said through held tears.

“I’m sorry.” Shame washed through Jake at the brief moment of relief he felt. Charlie was obviously miserable.

A Night To Remember © Eve Vaughn


Smut/Ick Factor

Hands down some smokingly hot  smut. Not only was this guy equipped but he knows how to work his magic. Charlie was no  slouch either and she gave as good as she got.

I love the fact that she was such a take charge sort of person in the bedroom and Jake was only too ready to give it up.




I haven’t read a book in a while that covers a good portion of time – a couple years and i was easily caught up. The author uses the time to give background and develop the characters and really carve out the story.

The character were easy to like and there were some pretty decent support cast that made the story all  that more endearing.

The pace of the book was not hurryingly quick, but it didn’t drag either – it was an even paced book, that i really enjoyed.

The plot was not only woven around the main protags past, but also family and friends that made the book a  full bodied read – where you wanted to see sneak peeks at what the others were getting up to.

Issue aplenty were in this book. From the office to the bedroom – a little of everything was there and this push this book along nicely.

When i read an interracial book, i am always looking at how much importance the author place on the families and the dynamics of what to come. This was nipped right in the bud and a few bubbles were burst along the way.

In this book – the females are strong, they are opinionated and they pack a punch. I really like a book that shows women taking charge and making an impact.

The family and friend interaction lends a reality to this book, it could really have been me going through some of these issues.

Bottom Line - This is a story, if you haven’t read a honest to goodness story in a while – this is one. It had more than enough smut, but it also had a base line culminating in me going through a whole lot of emotional highs and low and genuinely wishing for HEA because right up to the end, i was not sure.



I hate bitchy men and if there is one thing i can’t stand is a man who intentionally hurt people because he is beaten at his own game, just mean.

Other than the fact that i wanted to strangle the son of a bitch, this was really a book that i will be re-reading very soon…



Yes i like – Strong sexy man with not seen woman – ohhhh my. Very nice.


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Weekly Geeks – Guilty Pleasures



This week's task was sent in by Maree of Just Add Books, who's been thinking about those things that we do when we're not reading or blogging. Here's what Maree has to say:

The comments on this post of mine got me thinking about guilty pleasures. Non-reading guilty pleasures.

Mine at the time the post was written was American Idol. Particularly one contestant, as you can see. By now, the show is over, and the results are in, one way or another. But my inappropriate addiction to Idol got me thinking about the things we do that we love but that we don't like to admit to--our guilty pleasures. Mine is reality TV, which scratches that small, dark place that we all have.

So. Weekly Geeks, we're going into the confessional this week.

What's your non-reading guilty pleasure?
Trashy TV?
Trashier movies?
Junk food?


This weeks Weekly Geeks topic is about Guilty Pleasures. I have had so much discussion recently on some variation of this topic that this week i will only past this link onto one of the other post that deals with this…

For people who follow this blog and lurkers – you all know my guilty pleasures – My Fantasy Art, My Closet full of shoes and handbags and my Silly read.

I only do the news channel so i am always on the outside when people talk about TV shows. I had to make time for my reading and the TV shows had to go -

All my discussions can be found on the Link – DISCUSSION POINT

For those reader who have taken part – have fun refreshing yourself with what we have gotten up to over the past few months – you might have missed a topic.

For new readers – there is something of my guilty pleasure in almost all the post on DISCUSSION POINT…




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Friday, 29 May 2009

Review – Livin’ An A Prayer – Jude Mason - (Slippery When Wet BK2)




Back Of The Book


Logan White is released from prison after serving eight years in Corcoran for his part in a B & E where a man was killed.

Enter Reverend Shane Grayson, a gay man of the cloth who helps find Logan a job, but that turns into a horror story. Can the two lovers find a way to be together or will the underbelly of society win this battle?





Logan White – Free at last and knows that he wants to keep it that way. After eight years in prison, he’s hardly squeamish about anything – but when he perks up at seeing the local clergy – he is scared.

Reverend Shane Grayson – Easy going, willing to have a laugh and see’s more than meets the eye. Due to his giving nature and his job, he is always willing to give a helping hand. He might have however help one time too many time – this time.


The Plot

Out of prison and aiming never to go back – ever, Logan White finds himself in a less than uplifting part of the city trying to get his bearings and find work as well.

His salvation comes just in the nick of time, when a man of the clothe extends a welcome hand and also a hand in finding a job.

Some things are sometimes too good to be true and most times it is. Logan soon find out that the man of the clothe is not only his salvation, but he might also be the death of him as well. 


It was late and the excitement of freedom had worn off. He stuffed the few bills he had remaining back into his wallet and climbed to his feet. The place was small, little more than a single room with a bed, a hot plate on the old lopsided dresser and a chair. The bathroom stank, obviously hadn’t been cleaned in some time and consisted of a toilet, sink, and a shower. But, it was twice the size of what he’d been used to for the last few years.

Logan went to the window and pushed the ratty, once white curtain to the side. Peering out, he smiled at the scene below. The street was almost deserted, except for the occasional car speeding by and the two whores on the corner.

“Yeah, just like home,” he mumbled and let the curtain fall back into place. He turned away and pulled off his t-shirt. Tossing it onto the bed, he sat on the rickety wooden chair and heeled off his boots. A sweaty sock went into each, and then he got to his feet and unfastened his jeans. With them hanging loose, he went into the bathroom and pulled the chain dangling from the single light bulb. Glaring white light made him blink. Dingy grey tile surrounded the tub and most of the tiny room; the rest was painted piss yellow. Stains around the toilet and over the sink made his stomach churn, yet it was no worse than he was used to. He reached past the tattered, green plastic curtain and started the water in the shower.

Satisfied that the water was heating up, he faced the cracked mirror above the sink. He ran his fingers over the stubble on his cheeks and chin, and wondered how he was going to get a job looking like a crazed derelict. His dark hair was too short--prison cut--and his eyes had a haunted look he hoped would fade. His nose was bent, thanks to a fight he’d had several months ago, and a small scar on the left side of his chin reminded him of where a ring had cut his face when he’d poked his nose in where it wasn’t wanted. A con thought he was paying too much attention to his ‘bitch’. Life on the inside could be deadly if you didn’t play the game right.
He stripped out of his jeans and shorts, before stepping into the shower.

Livin’ on a Prayer © Jude Mason



Most series i have read, conforms to a certain standard, same era, same type of protags and more over same background/setting.

I was pleasantly surprise at the fact that Ms. Mason took this book on a totally different path to the first book. Other than the fact that the protags stuck to a commendable level of honesty and trying to stay on the straight and narrow – LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER is a  totally different animal.


Smut/Ick Factor

There wasn't this rush into bed sort of smut to this one, and i was impressed with Ms. Mason handling the smut in this way. These guys are fairly young guys , and you would expect them to be raging to overflowing with hormones – but with life experiences and the illiquid nature of their future there was an appreciation of their time together that made the smut more – just more.



First off LIVIN” ON A PRAYER fits in with the first book – not sure if this is because both authors work together or that each author understood the whole picture of the series

This is an edgier read than the first book in the series – The story is plotted around a greasy part of town, therefore we are bound to introduced to some less than desirable characters.

There was a quick pace to this book. The story in reality takes place over a short period of time – however Ms. Mason packed a wealth of detail in this story.

Presentation of the plot was organized and inferences and past details were concise, to the point and really made the story in my opinion.

I like the fact that once the main protags knew what they wanted, there was no fluffing about. I hate protags who drag out a situation more than it has to.

There is such a charitable feel to this book – and it fits, after all, all the evil must be balanced with some good and it’s there in spades in LIVIN” ON A PRAYER. The talks, the helping hand and more importantly the hope when all seems lost.

One underlying element in this books – and I only realise this after sleeping on it, was that there was very much a second chance element here and i always say i hope authors do a follow-up, this is one book where i would love to see how these men fair out.

I would love to see what Ms. Mason would do with a true crime fiction novel. She has some style in carving out the nastier side of human nature and she knows her way around a plot.

Bottom Line – A very worthy follow up in the SLIPPERY WHEN WET series. A book that can stand on it’s own, but is best read as a part of the series. The author have clearly spend time investigating the penal system and how  life works inside the big house as well as the after effect on the convicts themselves and the community at large.

I will be following this series, as something big is coming and I don't want to miss a thing. 



Some of the rougher elements of prison life is revisited in this book, to be honest it was in the first book as well. However with the inner city backdrop, coupled with the plot – it just gave me a shudder.

I wasn’t turned off  by it, as it will eventually play a big factor in what is a much anticipated showdown to come, it just gave me the willies that all…



Still don’t like them. I said it from the first book – these story so far clearly outclass the cover…


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Review – Another set of Quickes

Here’s another set of those most loved Mills and Boons that i got through this month….




Ever since gamekeeper's granddaughter Anna Morton was snubbed by Ryder Wyndham and his upper-class friends, she's stayed away from Ryder, the man she once worshipped.

But then Anna is forced to live with Ryder on his English country estate, and the tension between them turns to temptation. Anna is a career-minded city girl with no plans to settle down. But Ryder needs a wife, and he's decided that Anna will become his lady-of-the-manor bride!




Another sweet like candy read…. really this was a little better than the lot I've read month, I like female protags with a bit of kick and i have to admit, Anna kept her own for a good portion of the book…





Home for Christmas…

Once Sol Adams and Cassie Campbell had been inseparable, drawn to each other when times were tough. Cassie has spent the last ten years trying to move on from her life back then, but now Sol is home for Christmas, more gorgeous than ever, and she can't avoid him--or her memories.…

His bride for New Year?
Sol can see Cassie's changed--she's now a widow, a woman who tirelessly cares for others. But he knows her too well--he can see the hurt and yearning behind her cheerful smile. Can he get to the bottom of her troubled heart and make this Christmas angel his much-loved wife?



I have not read a large print in years and my neighbour shared this one with me. A seasonal read – but i like the characters and as with most M&B’s chances missed with the story line. This had so much possibility and dealt with some really emotional issues.



Ally Cummings may be the only " normal " one in her family, but her love life is anything but. No sooner does she find a stable, secure, predictable guy than she wants out. She ' s through with romance until she can figure out what kind of man is right for her.

Certainly not her new tenant, Ben Gillard, who is the exact opposite of everything Ally 's looking for. Suits him just fine. He ' s sworn off a social life so he can be a full-time dad to his twelve-year-old-son, Danny. And he doesn't need any more women " organizing " his life, especially not the uptight and prim Ally.

It ' s agreed, platonic friends is as far as this will go. Except it ' s not just his skill with a sauté pan that ' s creating the sizzle between them...

Single Father -- Sometimes he gets things right. Sometimes he needs a little help...




I love this book – it is one of the Harlequin Super romances – so a solid read. Kids, kooky family and a man in denial all make up this really sweet read..

I’’ be hanging on to this awhile.




Hot tempered rancher Powell Long had once stolen Antonia Hayes's heart.But small town lies tore their young love apart, forcing Antonia to flee.Years later,she returned to find Powell raising a daughter alone.

Fatherhood hadn't tempered his wild side,or his desire for the one woman he'd always wanted-Antonia.Not even her pride could make her ignore the eager pull of her heartstrings.And taking a chance at a future family with Powell was simply too irresistible.





If you have never read a Diana Palmer – you don’t know what you are missing. It’s all over the top girly girls and testosterone men, but i love everything she write.

This one i like, it has the love me, hate me characters and a bite to the story line – very good.





Ice Man: Dawson Rutherford

His Scheme: Plan a mock engagement to help secure the land he so desperately needed.
Only one woman had the power to drive this seemingly heartless cowboy wild, and now he needed her to pose as his bride-to-be! A tempestuous night long ago had forced Dawson to abandon all hope of making Barrie his lawfully wedded wife, but there was no telling what sharing a spread with this hot-blooded woman would do to the man of ice...





Follow up to MAGGIES’S DAD and a very passionate and emotional read. A few hilarious moment that really polished off this book. I like it..


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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Review - Play it Again, Sam – Jenna Byrnes




Back of the Book

Sam Merit spends his afternoons watching Casablanca at the local theatre. Recently laid off from his job, he'd rather hide in a dark auditorium than face a daunting job search. With one eye on Bogart and the other on a handsome theater employee, he doesn't mind viewing the same film day after day.

Marc Phillips doesn't have great aspirations. Running the projection booth at an old fashioned, run-down theater makes him happy. When he meets Sam he discovers there might be more to life than movie screen fantasies, if he can open his heart to the possibilities.




The Review.

The Plot

Sam Merit is having the worst and the best of time. Having lost his job recently and finally meeting the very cute man that works at the theatre where he has recently taken up going every – to watch the same movie over and over, he is on an edgy high..

Marc Phillip is so set in his ways, he is literally taking baby steps to just to satisfy an itch. He needs and he  wants only the simple things and really don’t know how to aim for anything more.

Sam is determined and Marc is  scared and so the games begin – Sam is determined to not lose what he is just coming to know and Marc is petrifies of the unknown and will run given half a chance.


Clutching the cardboard container, he made his way to the back of the room, where the daytime employee stood by the open door. His was the one consistent face Sam counted on. Each day once the theatre emptied, the burly, dark-haired man walked down one aisle and up the next, straightening seats and picking up trash. He appeared to be Sam’s height but stockier, more beefy. Muscular. From what Sam had observed before and after the movie each day, he had a friendly demeanor—and a damned handsome face.
They’d never spoken, but Sam suddenly felt the urge. He dropped his trash into the big receptacle by the door. “My contribution.”
“Trying to put me out of work?” The employee raised his eyebrows, a grin playing on his lips.
Nice eyes. Sam gazed into deep brown irises and decided they were just a shade darker than the man’s shaggy, brown hair. Soulful eyes crinkled around the edges when he smiled. The tiny lines added to his charm.
Sam glanced at the small black nametag pinned to a red theatre vest. Marc. He smiled. “Sorry. I can go back and leave it in the seat if you prefer.”
“That’s what most people do.” Marc headed down the aisle. “Toss it on the floor or shove it into the seat next to them.” He reached the front of the theatre.
“I suppose so,” Sam said in a louder voice. “If that’s the case, I can tell you where to look today. A couple sat over there.” He pointed to the left side of the aisle. “A woman sat in the second row, and I sat in the middle. Of course, my area is clean.”
“It always is. I’ve watched you every day this week.”

Play it Again,Sam © Jamie Hill


Smut/Ick Factor

Yup, Yup, Yup – and the ones i like as well  -up against the wall, over the chair, on the bed and the list goes on. But more than just the action – there was a meeting of minds that showed the mature and immaturity of these two protags, that will eventually come into play to help them get through the rough times.



For people who have never read Ms. Byrnes work – Try this. PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM, covers so much of what i like about Ms. Byrnes style.

The character – I liked one and the other one,  i am hoping  will grow on me – I won’t say which one – you just have to read it.

I love the inferences to the Casablanca movie though out the book – very old school and it was a sweet backdrop for one of the hottest scene in the book.

This is a short read, but i would really love for Ms. Byrnes to revisit these two – so much possibility, to their story – they are not young men, they have seen some life as well as they know how to go after what they want. 

A very well structured plot – nothing was wasted. Minimal character development, concise language and a massive build up on the smut factor.

Anticipation was rampant through this book – and with little look, touches and even that air of naivety lends itself to making this one sweet read.

Some authors should not be let lose with work under a hundred pages – Ms. Byrnes is not one of them, i really feel this is one of her strongest assets as an author, she can put so much together in just a few pages it frightening.

A big plus for me was the stuck in an era feel to this book – and when you put the two protags together, it was a worthy match.

The bottom line – a short read that shows quite a bit of why this author has a constant place on my bookshelf. The few pages covers a point in two men’s life where you could say “cupid struck” and they had to do some work to make sure the arrow stay stuck. I liked it and it was another most welcome side of Ms. Byrnes that  old readers will appreciate and will have new readers adding another another to there list. 


I like this cover very much – It’s the seats and how the artist has over lay the entire thing over the photo of the guy. I like…


Ms. Byrnes did a wonderful job of creating a story in which two men have to learn to trust each other and find new paths to happiness.

Heather © You Gotta Read Reviews


The story is short, less than 40 pages, and also quite daring on the erotic side (two sex scenes and an almost solo under a shower), but I like the feeling of it, in particular Marc was a really romantic hero.

Elisa © Elisa Rolle


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Review – My Mills & Boons Month Quickes

This month has been a slow reading month for me,  I don’t know how people deal with a lull in there reading, but i break out the M&M’s , some Linkin Park and veg out on Mills and Boons. I have read one every night this month.

See what i have read this month…



And for Sarah Clay, that was the bad news-because Max Scalise had rejected her outright seven years ago. And now Max was back in Weaver, working as a sheriff and everywhereshe turned. His slightest touch still caused her traitorous body to quake, but Sarah knew better. didn't she?
When it came to Sarah, Max was as much in love with her as ever. But he'd returned home to find that eyes that had once gazed at him with such trust now turned away. Still, he was a wiser man now...a man determined to win back her love. Even if it meant telling secrets that weren't his to reveal...



I jump a few pages of this – it was the classic M&B format – girl with huge chip on shoulder, with boy in self denial – Oh joy….



Sophie was the woman Max McCallister had always loved but couldn't have. He told himself that he did the right thing when he stepped aside so his brother could marry her. And when his brother hadn't been able to give Sophie the baby they'd always wanted, he'd agreed to become the sperm donor so they could fulfil their family dreams.But now his brother was dead, and Sophie was a single mother raising two fatherless little girls. Max could fight his feelings no longer. It was time to claim what was rightfully his - Sophie and his twin daughters...




a book with a lot of possibilities – however no angst in this one – just a lot of love and decay filling sweetness..




For the love of a tiny baby…
Emily thought she'd never see Harry again. Then he's suddenly on her doorstep—cradling a little baby in his arms! The man she once knew, so strong and sure, now looks lost, and when Emily discovers why he's come to her with this premature baby, she melts.
For the love of a good man…
Harry once broke her heart and, now a single mom, Emily can't afford to let Harry and his child into her life. But she can't deny the growing love she feels for this special man and for their patchwork family.…



A man is left to care for a baby – then enters the other half – another woman with her set of kids and problem…

Just go with it – i did.



Rhiannon Fairfax believes everything should be calm and orderly. And she's made a career out of ensuring that other people's lives are perfect.

Then billionaire Lee Richardson hires her. Stormy, complex and autocratic, he needs a wife--and he wants Rhiannon! Swept out of her sensible shoes, Rhiannon agrees. But as secrets begin to emerge, she wonders if she can trust her new husband….




Why does the guys always have to be rich – and billionaire rich. What happen to the guy who is a waiters, who is he meant to fall in love with.

Sweet but nothing dramatic… I really love the cover on this one..






this one is really dated – i couldn’t even find the blurb. anyhow this is a book mostly about friendship turning to love –not bad, but just didn’t go far enough.








Another one  i can’t find the blurb for – but this is an old one – i like it actually, girly type girl – caught up in a situation not of her making with a very not no honourable man..

This one will be on my shelf a while.







Before meeting Joe Mendez, Rachel was a single mom coping with a difficult daughter and an irresponsible ex-husband.
After meeting Joe Mendez, Rachel's life has been turned upside down! Joe's irresistible charisma, dark good looks and searing, raw sexuality have brought her out of her shell - and into a world of exquisite pleasure! She's his very willing mistress.but will she ever be his wife?




I get some of these books, because of the authors – they are tried and proven to write books that i don’t have to think about.

Ms. Matters gives another story about mistress hoping and wanting to be wife. Some good emotional scenes in this one.




When Francesco Romanelli met Erin Foyle, they were married within days--but it took just a month for their marriage to fall apart--

Believing her husband to be nothing more than a cheat, Erin starts divorce proceedings. But though she won't be Francesco's wife, she will never be free of him--she is pregnant with his child.

Francesco discovers Erin is pregnant-- how dare she keep it from him? If he has his way, the divorce will never happen. He's on a mission to reclaim her--as his wife and in his bed….



Why is it that Greek and Italian men are built up as the lover to have. In this one Francesco could really do with a slap. He was too perfect to be true…

I like Ms. Lawrence work, but this one was just too much, from the over the top elaborate performance on the cover to her protags utter self righteousness.




When Kate met Hollywood producer Santino Rossi, she was swept away. He was unaware of her innocence, or of the baby they made that night.

That sensuous evening is forever etched on Santino's mind--so when Kate appears in Rome, five years later, he's ready for a rerun of their passionate affair. The only problem is Kate's obvious evasion of his attentions. Santino is determined to find out what she's hiding…. And get her back in his bed!



When it’s not the Italian men it’s the Italian women – oh save me from it all.

I must admit the female protag, did put up a bit of a fight, not much however. And get the name Santino Rossi –(how much more Italian can you get)





Diana Reeves's search to find her birth mother takes her to a French village, and into the employ of Anton, Comte de Valois.

It's not long before their shared passion leads to pregnancy and Anton insists on marrying Diana. But his intense desire to father a child causes Diana to question his motives for marriage…




Another classic theme M&B theme  – lost girl finding competent and able man, who deviously want something in order for his help..


I’ll add the another 10 tomorrow..

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Review - Retreat From Love – Samantha Kane



Back of The Book

Brothers In Arms Book Five

A man with everything except his heart’s desire.

Frederick Thorne, Duke of Ashland, has been in love with Brett Haversham for years. If the only way to have him is to give him what he wants Freddy will share him, in bed and out, with the woman Brett loves. The woman who was Freddy’s first love.

A man sacrificing everything for the past.

Brett Haversham is in love with two people he’s sworn never to touch. But his desires prove to be stronger than his resolve when they both set out to seduce him—together. The incredible sex they share overwhelms him.

A woman with nothing left to lose.

Anne Goode lost her fiancé Bertie in the war. Now his younger brother Freddy is back, all grown up into the handsome and powerful duke. And he’s brought Bertie’s best friend Brett with him. Lonely and already ruined, Anne can’t resist taking both of them as her lovers. Is the uncontrollable desire between the three enough to heal the wounds of the past and overcome the problems of the present? They must accept love rather than retreat from it.




Freddy – Duke of Ashland – The man with the drive to get things done, the man with alot of sorrow for the little boy who never knew. He is also the man who only need two person – desperately. 

Brett Haversham – A man who can say more with one look than most men can say with a letter. Not prone to giving away his inner thoughts, he has bottled up a lot of secrets and these are just the secrets that his entire future hangs on.

Anne Goode – The girl who had no qualms about her sexuality or who she is. She makes the best of what life has given to her and she sees no reason to do without one of the more pleasurable thing in life.


The Plot

After  spending the last few years taking care of  Brett, Freddy has made himself and Brett not necessarily indispensable to their friends, but definately an integral part of the struggle against the forces that would not see a union of three survive.

Freddy is now Duke of Ashland and he has embraced it with a fervour that he has never imagined he had. There are however two things uppermost in his mind that had to be resolved before he his totally contended.

Brett is one of the wild card in Freddy's  life, he’s moody, he has a independent streak a mile wide, but he is also one of the most important person in Freddy’s life.

Anne – the one person who had fallen through the cracks and Freddy aims to make it up to her with every thing he have and that means sharing everything he has with Anne – the woman he had loved since he was a boy.




The stranger’s concerned voice penetrated Anne’s musings. She laughed to cover her distraction. “Clearly I cannot think of a single thing. I am at your mercy, sir. Have you the key to my warm, wet prison?”

She heard the sharp intake of his breath. He was obviously taken aback that he wasn’t going to have to seduce her. She couldn’t have made it any clearer that she was his for the taking. And it felt good, really good, to indulge in the suggestive banter of delicate sexual negotiations again.

He sat up straight in the saddle, and Anne was struck again by the breadth of his shoulders. He looked incredibly strong and virile. Please don’t let it be padding, she thought ruefully. Then he twisted to look around him and Anne saw the play of muscle and bone under his fashionable, tight jacket and she nearly sighed with anticipation. When he turned back his face had taken on the hard edges of desire, and his gaze was definitely predatory. “If I were a gentleman, I’d offer you my coat.”

Anne felt a little shiver race down her spine at the rough timber of his voice, at the insinuation that he would not be a gentleman with her. She nodded seriously. “Yes, if you were a gentleman you’d bring me your coat.”

His smile this time was laced with the same anticipation that fired Anne’s blood. “Then by all means I will play the gentleman.”

He casually walked his horse across the bridge and over to a flat patch of ground. She got a better look at him then. Strong cheekbones, a long, wide, no-nonsense nose, a generous mouth with sharply defined lips—he truly was handsome. The deep dimple in his chin was the one frivolous feature he possessed but it made him appear more masculine, not less. Anne was watching him so closely that she immediately noticed the awkwardness with which he dismounted. He dropped the reins and turned to Anne, and she noticed he was favoring his left leg. Had he recently been injured? She was about to ask when he began to unbutton his jacket and Anne’s mouth dried up. Was she really going to do this? She’d been with men before, but never a stranger whose name was unknown to her, never outside in the middle of the day. Before pulling the jacket off hepaused as if sensing her indecision. He was giving her the chance to end their interlude before it began, and that pushed her onward.

“I’m getting rather cold,” she told him, her voice pitched low and inviting.

“We can’t have that.” His tone was light, but his movements rough as he pulled the jacket off his arms. He moved toward the water and his limp was quite pronounced.

Retreat From Love © Samantha Kane


Surprise Element

I was surprise by the level of informality to this book.  While i am not a history buff by any means, there is a distinct difference to this book compared to the other books in the BROTHERS IN ARMS series.

The coiled physical and emotional tension that is present in the other books, i didn’t get any of that with this book.


Smut/Ick Factor

A little hesitant at first, which was a total surprise given how hot the other books smut scenes were. However, the hesitation was the calm before the storm – these three makes some magic between them.

They are hot together and once all three eventually gets onto the the same page – my god – just one look and all bets were off – they shoot off to the stars.



There is never a doubt when reading a Samantha Kane book – that you will get to know the characters very well. This is always one of the major plus’s of this authors style.

This story kept to the situation that was happening with the trio, plus clears up alot of the innuendos that we have been getting regarding Freddy and his mother from previous books. I very much like the fact that ‘The friends” were not seen or heard of in this book.

The addition of a series of letters was so well presented and brought so much more to this book. Firstly it lends a level of old world charm to the book as the letters are all written in the language of the day. The letters also breaks up the pace and enhances it at some points to give a more emotional read.

Ms. Kane’s presentation of life, situations and issues in the town and it’s environs of Ashford is well structured and well presented. You know the nosey parkers, the well wishers and the mean spirited witches of the village.

The pace of the book goes at an easy gait, and even anticipated clashes and showdowns were well timed  and given due time to grow or die as befitting the situation.

I like the few moment of sarcastic black humour that both Freddy and Brett lets us see. They were dry at best and colourful at worst.

The trio in this book does has the magic of chemistry between them, at first i couldn’t see it, but as the book progresses – I could see Freddy’s fire and zest for life plus his quick resolve to snap back out of a mood. Anne’s nurturing ways and a quite grace. She also has a most forward manner for ladies of her time but she is well adjusted enough to understand the game of the day and how the better half live. Brett is  a tortured soul, never daring to hope for more and not willing to take what was freely offered, he is the one the other two really needs and he doesn’t even realise it.   

I love the details that makes up a romance being a factor  in this books angsty moment – the misunderstandings, the words never spoken, the missed chances etc. These three each brought a little of those issues to the relationship, so there was always something going on.

As always Ms.Kane delve further into the demands and horrors of war and doesn’t shy away from dealing with what is left of men who die, grow or break after the war.

The bottom line, while not my favourite of the series, i would not miss reading this book – i do like Ms. Kane's writing style and  there is just something so endearing about these men who are only trying to find happiness, with the one woman who can complete them.

Note: – Of all the five books that so far makes up the series, RETREAT FROM LOVE stands firmly on its own, without support from the other book. The author gives enough info on each issue to ensure readers are not missing anything by not having read the other four books in this series.



There was just something i couldn’t put my finger on that i didn’t like about the book – i am sure it’s probably the level of informality that is displayed by these three put together with the formality of the language of the letters and the expected demand that is thrust upon them.

To be fair this level of modern-ness is present in all the books, but for reason it annoyed the hell out of me in  this book.



This cover on book five of the BROTHERS IN ARMS series is totally different from the other four covers. While it was surprising to me when i originally saw it, i think it has grown on me. Every time i see it i see something new there.





The Courage to love

Kate Collier is still recovering from a vicious rape and trying to make a success of her dress shop when Jason Randal and Anthony Richards return to London from the Continent, intent on winning her. She's known them for years, ever since they served with her late husband in the Peninsula against Napoleon. She'd been in love with them for almost that long. To discover they feel the same is a shock, but Kate isn't ready to turn her life back over to a man, or men.
Jason and Tony prove hard to resist, however, especially when their close friendship blossoms into desire for each other as they make Kate's body burn with passion. The combination of their insatiable desire for her and their journey into a sexual relationship with one another is irresistible to Kate.
A nightmare from her past tries to keep them apart, but the three long for a life together in spite of society's censure, and they will not be denied.


 But I liked these characters very much. Jason was the more dominate male, who liked to push things further and tell the others what they were going to do and when and how. Tony liked taking instruction and everything got him hot had bothered- he was a great male submissive most of the time, but also a terrible tease who likes getting everyone so turned on they lose control in a frenzy of sexual pleasure where anything goes so long as everyone gets off- and they do, oh boy, oh boy do they ever.

Ms. Moonlight © Moonlight to Twilight Blog

 “Brothers in Arms: The Courage to Love” by Samantha Kane is the first book in her historical erotica menage series. She uses the Napoleonic wars as the spur for her heroes preference for a menage relationship. The sex scenes are blistering and the love each hero feels for the heroine, and eventually, each other, shines through. I’m not usually a fan of M/M erotica, but in this book it just seems a part of the story and didn’t turn me off at all.

JJ Machshev © JJ Book Review 




Love Under Siege

Second in the Brothers In Arms series.
Phillip Neville and Jonathan Overton have been best friends since childhood. When they return to England as veterans of the Napoleonic Wars, they enter the marriage market. It doesn't take long for them both to fall deeply in love with shy, awkward, beautiful Maggie Trueheart. Phillip and Maggie marry, but Phillip and Jonathan do not tell her about the menage a trios marriage the two men hope to have. When Maggie finds out, it takes the persuasive power of both men to convince her that this threesome was meant to be.
In the process of helping Maggie discover the sexually aggressive woman inside herself, Phillip and Jonathan realize their love for one another is more than friendship. Before the two men can consummate their relationship, however, a brutal attack on Maggie and Jonathan's self-recriminations drive the lovers apart. It will take all the love and determination the three possess to achieve their happily ever after.

 Phillip has had enough of denying his love and desire for Jonathan, he wants him badly and goes after him. Jonathan wants Phillip too, but he fears it will drive Maggie away if the men have sex with each other so he needs convincing. Maggie is all for her men getting it on, it turns her on and she feels its natural and how it should be- everyone loving everyone at any time, any where! The sex is steamy hot - especially the men together.

Ms. Moonlight © Moonlight to Twilight Blog

I wolfed down the first the book from Brothers in Arm series ( The Courage to Love ) only to pick up another volume. Phillip Neville and Jonathan Overton close friends to Jason and Anthony from the previous volume are going to follow their example and sought out beautiful and shy Maggie, who transformed during the book in to sexual goddess. The plot was described and the sexual scenes are simply priceless.

Matimate © Goodread




Love’s Strategy

Valentine Westridge and Kurt Schilling are lovers, and have been since the Peninsular War when lonely young officer Valentine let himself be seduced by the equally lonely Kurt. Now they're back from the war and intent on beginning the future they dreamed of together, one that includes a quiet country estate, horses, dogs, children, and each other. Their plan, however, also requires a wife. At the suggestion of a mutual friend, Valentine and Kurt believe the financial security they can offer to impoverished widow Leah Marleston will help her accept the unusual sexual relationship they are suggesting.
Leah is at her wit's end, creditors having taken everything she owns to pay off her late husband's gambling debts. She must find a way to support herself and her two children, or be forced to marry her abusive and obsessive brother-in-law. In Valentine's and Kurt's arms, Leah discovers a passion she never knew existed. Brought together by necessity, bonded by desire, these three lonely people find themselves fighting against all odds for a love that was never part of their plans.


 Short, sweet, and super hot...this novella has quite a punch considering its length. Not all authors can write a good short story, but Kane does well with this one. It was a nice edition to the series. Good characters, an interesting (if abbreviated) storyline, and some smoking hot sex make it an easy book to read.

Isis FG © Goodread

Interesting premise set against a logical background, and addressing many of the stilted morals of Regency England. The overwhelming love and courage displayed by the three main characters is touching and the heat generated in the love scenes will leave readers mopping their brows. The short length of the tale means it moves at a rapid pace, but I still enjoyed it very much and look forward to the next full-length novel in this series.

JJ Machshev © Goodread



At love’s Command

A child when they were betrothed, Sophia Middleton has been waiting twelve years for Ian Witherspoon to return and marry her. Preyed upon by her vicious father and older brother, Sophie longs for Ian to rescue her.
Ian Witherspoon and Derek Knightly became best friends during the Peninsular War, and returned as lovers. Two more years pass before the desire for a wife and children prompts Ian to recall his little fiancée. Ian is determined to make a marriage work between the three of them. Derek opposes the marriage despite Ian's determination, but how long will he be able to resist love's command?
Sophie's vulnerability hides a core of strength and the combination enthralls and seduces both men. An apt pupil, Sophie learns trust and passion from Ian, and Derek tutors her in the ecstasy of surrender. Love will conquer their fears as they fight those who would tear them apart.


While the book starts off with Ian and Derek already being lovers, it goes back in reflection and shows you how these two sexy men became lovers and fell so deeply in love with each other. This was wonderful because you saw them fall in love and saw them struggle with crossing that line to being male lovers when they've only had sex and desired women prior to that time during the war. They have a wonderful loving bond and are completely devoted to each other, while Ian still wanted more it wasn't because Derek was lacking as a partner, it was because Ian had such a strong desire for a full complete family and children fathered by both himself and Derek with one woman.

Ms. Moonlight © Moonlight To Twilight Blog


At Love's Command' was a wonderful read that definitely satisfied my inner hussy. Whereas I loved the highly intense and sexual qualities to Ian's and Derek's relationship, I didn't yearn for the scenes between Ian and Sophie. I truly found myself craving more page time with Derek. There is only one totally hot and intense love scene between Derek and Sophie alone that leaves you panting for more. In addition, I thought that Derek's charismatic and ultimately primitively sexual nature overpowered Ian to the point where I didn't even want or need him around.

VampFanGirl © Lovin Me Some Romance


To see a whole bunch of ladies who enjoyed chatting about the series visit – Barbara  – Happily Forever After



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Review – Chloe’s Donor – Sabine Ferruci


Back of the book

Chloe Simon has a problem. The semen she received did not belong to her selected donor, a sensitive patron of the arts. It belonged to a special operations soldier who only banked his sperm in case he and his mission blew up. Now Dev Gallagher is back, staking a claim on their unborn child. He wants to marry her, enjoy some buried to the hilt sex, and then divorce her after the baby's birth. Her head says no, but her heart and hormones scream an orgasmic yes!

The hormones win.

Chloe opts out of the marriage proposal, but opts in for a trip to his mountain cabin for the promised mind-blowing sex.




The Review


Chloe Simon - The woman who has always known disappointment. Waiting around for the perfect man seems to be a pipers dream, so Chloe does the next best thing to get what she want – she cut out the middle – Man.

Dev Gallagher – Assertive, confident, great under pressure and a first class bull shitter. That was however all before he met Chloe – then his positive aren’t looking like that sure thing any more.


The Plot

After making her selection for a  sperm donor based on her own personal life experience – Chloe is more than OK with the more than obvious result. A little bundle of joy to call her own.

However her contentment only last for so long –as the anonymous donor is no longer anonymous and he has a list of demands all of his own.

Not wanting to seem disingenuous Chloe decides to at least attempt to meet Dev half way with his demands. There are something's that Chloe likes and Dev have them in spade, but will her practicality clash with Dev’s dreams.



“I assure you,” Ashtar continued, “Sgt. Gallagher provided a specimen of the highest quality. He’s in excellent health.” Dr. Ashtar beamed with pride as he gestured to Gallagher. “No family history of inherited disease. Meets—in fact, exceeds—our extremely rigid donor standards. Had he appeared in our catalogue, he would have been very popular with our clients.”

Chloe conceded that the hunk sitting across the table was as perfect a physical specimen as a man in his mid-thirties could be. A moss green sport shirt accentuated his tanned forearms, well-muscled arms, and wide shoulders. The short cut of his light brown hair emphasized the square jaw and the shadow from his clean shave. His nose was a little big for his face and his eyebrows a little too heavy, but B.D. Gallagher would never be voted off the island, at least by any of the women.

“I’m sure the Essence of Sgt. Gallagher would have been a sell-out, Doc.” Chloe was satisfied to see a flash in Gallagher’s suspiciously bland eyes, but her satisfaction was short lived. Nausea that had been simmering just below the surface since this morning’s phone call was beginning to churn in earnest. Breathe in. Breathe out.

“Another positive attribute you should not discount, Miss Simon, is the superior strength and quality of the sperm you received.”

Trailing her fingertips lightly over the swell of her belly, Chloe took a deep breath and tried not to hyperventilate.

“In order to achieve success, our average client inseminates over a period of at least three cycles, using as many as six vials at each setting.” The little man in the starched white coat could hardly contain his excitement as he leaned forward on the table to touch her arm. “You merely used one vial and became pregnant on your first try. Superb results, really.”

Chloe swivelled her chair away from the contact and watched Gallagher closely. If he moved so much as an eyelash to display macho pride, she would purposely lose her breakfast all over his crisp khaki slacks. She was almost disappointed when not so much as a facial twitch occurred. It was smooth sailing in the ocean of those green eyes, no victory flags flapping in the breeze.

“Dr. Ashtar.” Chloe was tired of hearing about the upside of this little glitch. “I selected donor attributes that were of more importance than Olympic caliber sperm.”

“Such as what, Ms. Simon?” asked Gallagher. Of course, his voice would be radio announcer deep. It made the hair on her arms vibrate to attention.

Chloe’s Donor © Sabine Ferruci



Surprise Element

I was surprised by how much i liked this story. I have had this book for a while and for some reason the name jumped out at me last week and i was finished with it before i even settle down - The pace was that quick, the characters loveable and the story condensed to a particular time frame, which made it a great read for me.


Smut/Ick Factor

Chloe is no shy flower in any aspect of her life and when it comes to sex, she firmly believe in enjoying all that life has to offer.

Dev is no slouch either these too not only have some creative moments, but they were so vocal about the whole thing – that they gave a new meaning to the word multiply orgasm.

I love the smut scenes in this book.



First off,  i love the blurb – I always feel there is generally not a lot of creativity that goes into this part of a book – but this blurb i really like. It intrigued, it gave so much about the book and yet told me nothing.

This is a contemporary read that have a steady pace, with some angsty issues that from the first few pages in – you are caught up in the moment of this book.

Dev and Chloe are likable enough protags. I enjoyed meeting them – I didn’t miss a background on either of them as only what was necessary to the story was given to us  and it worked.

The beauty of pregnancy was very well played and the fact that Chloe was introduce to us as a woman with a temper, but also a quite grace. I especially liked Dev’s totally fascination with Chloe’s ever expanding waistline.

The secondary characters were really strong and i like how Ms. Ferruci boxed them in as they had a life of their own and could have easily taken over the story without too much of a strain.

Support, friendship and loyalty was one of the storyline that was play up this book -  there were moment of shock as well as moments of shocking disbelieve. But all in all there was a bond between these people that i totally got.

There was a few realities to this book in relation to the donor program, the pregnancy itself and male bonding that i thought was well thought out and presented.

Due to the length of the book, i very much liked how the author kept it condensed to a time period and not allow the frivolous details of travel and support cast to take away from the actual story.

A sweet read that did what it was meant to do – let me escape from it all. CHLOE’S DONOR also has scope for spin off book and I do hope Ms. Ferruci will revisit some of these character with there own book.  



This is one of those read that it would just be nit picking to find a fault. As always depending on your particular taste you may find personal issue with the book, but i like it – A lot.



I like it. It took me a few look to see the little bump of the baby. I do so love a woman in the full bloom of pregnancy.



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Guest Blogger – Follow Me For 10 Silly Things


My GUEST BLOGGER regular feature has been missing for a few weeks. I am pleased to say it is back. I have decided to mix it up a bit and i will be all over the place with my Monday Guest Blogger feature – so you never know what i will be coming up with each week.

I will still be featuring and introducing you to new bloggers – as that is the main aim of this spot. However after much research and blog surfing – i have come up with  whole lot of stuff i want to share with you guys.

This week i am going to start with a meme and using comments to keep track of what you all are getting up to.

I found this cute list of 10 questions over by Rick Reeds blog and i quite like the informality of it and the irreverence of it as well. I am in the process  of reading Elle Parker newest release – that how i came upon the questions.

Join me in answering the 10 questions and tell us a little more about you  - Once you have done so – come back and leave your URL on  comments.

For blogger who participate – please take the time to visit the other participants as  well and leave a comment…….




10 Silly Things

1. If you could invite any famous person, dead or alive, for dinner, what would you eat?

We would more than likely be having something fishy, something baked and Tea with cheese and cracker at the end of it all. Inviting people over (I am more or less am always blackmailed into it) – I tend to cook what I like – I more than likely am barely surviving the evening by about halfway through, at least I'll like the food if nothing else. 

2. Who do you think you are?

I think I am a nosy parker who get more out of people than they actually realise or i could say i am a people person – but i am so not.

I am sarcastic as an old crow and i refuse to give up any of my bad habits.

3. What’s your problem?

My problem at the moment is Amazon – the so and so’s have  pissed me right off, optional to that my problem is the state of play of the cricket – I am barely able to find the time to watch any of the test matches.

Other than that – it’s the same old things – the weather, who won the lottery – wondering why i didn’t win it although i never buy a ticket.. Damn.

4. If you could have one wish, would you give it to me?

Absolutely not - nope.

5. Where you at?

A junction where i want my kids to leave the nest, not to be so know it all and argumentative and pray to god they don’t blow up the house before they leave.

Trying to find some me time and more or less trying to stretch the hours of the day to try to get all the things i want done to be done.

6. If you had to choose only one vice, what would it be?

I have so few vices, why must i choose only one.

I would choose to have a pair of shoe for everyday of the week/month/year. Shoes, handbags and  pens are my constant vices – i have others, but in limitation…

I would love to be able to step out into a different pair of shoes everyday of the week. I love the styles, colours, the feel, and more over a decent pair of shoes can make you feel so much things that nothing else can do for you….

7. What’s your favourite brand of cereal?

I actually don’t eat cereal – never liked the taste of it and more over from the moment i found out you actually have to drink orange juice to release quite alot of the nutrient in it to be of any benefit to you, i crossed it off my list as a useless food group.

8. When you wake up in the morning, what celebrity do you most resemble?

Must I tell –

Hair from the Hair Bear Bunch and Shaggy from Scooby Doo – you did say celebrities – Cartoons are my celebrities…(Who would dare tell me they are not?)

9. Do you know your ass from a hole in the ground? And if so, how do you tell the difference?

Definitely, that's one thing i do know and for the mere reason that if my foot isn’t up my ass, some else’s is..

10. Do you have anything you’d like to plug?

Yes my GUEST BLOGGER feature on Mondays and of course one other feature called DISCUSSION POINTS – these are pearls of wisdom that a whole lot of voices have chipped into. These pop up on the blog as and when and are just thoughts that i come up with at the weirdest time.


Join in and have some fun…..

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Weekly Geeks - Memorial Day/Start of summer


  • With Memorial Day in the U.S. this coming Monday, I thought it would be appropriate to focus on the military. Either share your favorite book on war or movie on war and why. Provide a clip from the movie if you'd like or a passage from the book that shows us why you it's your favorite book or movie. Or do both. OR choose your own military theme, for example, if you have a relative or friend in the military and you would like to send them a video or a message of thanks, do that on your blog. OR do all three. The book and movie also don't have to be "patriotic" necessarily. For example, one of my favorite fictional books on war is Johnny, Get Your Gun by Dalton Trumbo.


  • Again with Memorial Day Weekend here in the U.S. starting traditionally on Friday evening, it also is unofficially the start of summer. You've probably been asked this in other meme groups in which you participate, but do your reading habits change over the summer? Do you choose lighter fare? What do you enjoy to take to the beach, for example? What is the ultimate summer book? OR what are your favorite travel guides -- official or unofficial guides? Again, an example, I think of Holidays In Hell by P.J. O'Rourke, of places I'd rather not vacation. Along those lines, where do you vacation? Any places you recommend or even don't recommend?


We are spoilt for choice this week.. not only is there something to have us doing some research but also something that we just have to look at those TBR pile mountain somewhere in our living room, bedroom or wherever we are currently hording the,


Favourite book or movie on war -  


I have a few books on war that i absolutely love, for various reason – the military precision, the strength in the face of adversity and of course the photos – features, pose, humanity at it’s best and it‘s worst.

My favourite war film was a book first so i will concentrate on that – From Here To Eternity – James Jones is simply, simply brilliant.

The title was inspired by a line from Rudyard Kipling's poem "Gentleman Rankers"

Gentlemen-rankers out on the spree,
Damned from here to Eternity,
God ha' mercy on such as we,
Baa! Yah! Bah!



The Book Blurb

Set in the summer and autumn of 1941 at the Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, the story follows several members of G Company, including Captain Dana “Dynamite” Holmes and First Sergeant Milt Warden, who begins an affair with Holmes's wife Karen. At the heart of the novel lies a struggle between former bugler Private Robert E. Lee Prewitt, an infantryman from Kentucky and self-described "thirty-year man," and his superiors. Because he blinded a fellow soldier while boxing, the stubborn Prewitt refuses to box for his company’s outfit and then resists the "Treatment," a daily hazing ritual in which the non-commissioned officers of his company run him into the ground.



There was never any question i think that any producer could resist this book going to film, it  is a brilliantly written book – however as with most books there is some level of sanitization for screen that lessen the impact of what the book is about. However what made it to film was just spectacular.

Obviously not alot is known about the book, other than essayist – the public at large knows little about the book and know the film – for the Burt Lancaster and Debra Kerr kissing scene.

The film was released in 1953 and it has been booed and praised in equal measure – however it still remains one of my most loved war movie of all times and i try to watch it at least two time a years. It still has not lost it appeal for me.

The book was well received when it was released and over the years it has gotten glowing reception: From Here to Eternity

The film went on to win a slew of award as well – Accolade for From Here to Eternity 



 The Film Blurb 

For me, the key role in “From Here to Eternity” is that of Robert E. Lee Prewitt, as portrayed by Montgomery Clift. It is Prewitt who drives what I see as the major theme of the film, that of how does someone maintain his individuality in a system that demands conformity. Prewitt will not turn his back on his own moral code, not even for the Army that he loves so much. Walden knows how to play the game; in the military there is no room for individuality; you must conform for the good of the “team.” He sees Prewitt as just being stubborn. Prewitt’s rebellion is that of a person who knows who he is in life




The Original Movie poster….


A few scene from the film – click to enlarge








The Kiss



        My Summer Reads

I don't really change my reading habits for the summer, I have a TBR pile mountain that i try to whittle down as much as i can during the year. However for the past few years i have been earmarking a few books to get through over the summer months. As i am always on a rush with the kids so having the books in my bag already save half the time.

I find the longer summer days ideals to get suck into some crime fiction and my trusty crossword puzzles for when i need a break from it all.

I am already looking forward to it…

My current summer reading  list looks like this……

The Virus of Protest – Peter Evans

The Twilight Series – Stephenie Meyers

Severed -Simon Kernick

A good Day to Die -  Simon Kernick                                                                                

Dead Line - Simon Kernick

The Children of Hurin – J.R.R Tolkien

Speeches that change the world – A Hardback Transcripts

Hangman Blind – Cassandra Clark

Remind me Again Why i Need a Man – Claudia Carroll




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