Sunday, 19 April 2009

Weekly Geek – 24 Read – A- Thon – I MADE IT






On Saturday the 18 – Sunday the 19th i took part in a 24 hours read –a – thon. the listing is below of all the books i read. The survey, meme and challenge that i took part in.

It was a wonderful 24hours. At 22.50hours all i wanted was smut, but looking at the first book i did – it seems i wanted smut then as well. Anyhooo i had a great time, I did a whole lot more books thin i thought i would, i met some fantastic bloggers and i was introduced to some brilliant blogs.

Please pardon the editing, make your best guess at what the word is, you’ll get the gist of what i was saying. The order is back to front, so 24hrs is when i finished….

I started all the way at the bottom…

I am already looking forward to next year – A fun time was had by all, visit the READER FEED to see all the things the band of WEEKLY GEEKS got up over the past 24hrs.

My 24 hours Summary

Book Read 18 Books Completed
Pages Read 3061 pages
Comment left 78 comments on 38 blogs
Survey 1 (Hachette book survey)
Challenges 4
Memes 3
Hours participated 23 ( slept for an hour)


Book read…….

  1. Lord of The Were  - Bianca D’Arc – Read only 150 of 220 pages
  2. Look what Santa Brought – Annmarie Mckenna - 106
  3. The Elegant Corpse - A.M. Riley - 158 pages
  4. Sandeflay - Linda Mooney -  411 pages
  5. Feathers on the Floor - Genene Valleau - 172 pages
  6. Blackmailed - Annmarie Mckenna - 216 pages
  7. Everyone has a Weak Spot - 216 pages
  8. Everyone has a pet peeve - 212 pages
  9. One Eyes Open - 256 pages
  10. Touch of the wolf -288 pages
  11. Sex & Chocolate - Resse Johnson - 56pages
  12. Hungry heart - Jamie Hill - 75 pages
  13. Stripped Bare - Lena Matthews - 224
  14. Sweet Adoration - Yuuki Kousaka 182 page
  15. Nick’s Baby © Rita Hestand - 172pages
  16. Colorado Gold © Sarah Black - 81 pages
  17. Green House effect - Nia Foxx - 66 pages
  18. Baseball Blues - Cecilia Tan - 10 pages



24 Hours Challenge


This hour, we’ll ask you all to fill this end of the event meme:

1. Which hour was most daunting for you?
2. Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year?
3. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year?
4. What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon?
5. How many books did you read?
6. What were the names of the books you read?
7. Which book did you enjoy most?
8. Which did you enjoy least?
9. If you were a Cheerleader, do you have any advice for next year’s Cheerleaders?
10. How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time?

1. Hour 15 was the time i had to get some shut eye – time difference caught up on me.. 

2. Personal choice for individual reader.

3.Why tamper with perfection – once you have the organizers in place, you are good to go.

4.The Reader Feed blog was brilliant – you could keep track of who was steaming ahead and who needed that extra push to get get going. Of course the fact that they were all in one place – simply brilliant.

5.18 books

6. See Above


8. I enjoyed them all,I choose books that would get me through the 24hrs… one or two new to me authors, but I was lucky, they were great.

9. Pace your self, especially if you are a reader as well. Cheerleader should know what hours they are doing, if in the interest of keeping awake or supporting other reading cheerleader flutter around outside of their designated hours that's great… but everyone should know what time they were doing.

10. I will definately be part of next years Read- A – thon. I am good with cheerleading and reader…



Tim’s expression was solemn as he looked down into her face. “Where you go, we go.”
“Now wait just a minute—”
She was working up a good head of steam but Tim silenced her by dropping a light, bone-meltingly tender kiss on her lips. “For your safety,” he whispered, “and our sanity, we cannot let you part from us right now. Maybe in a few months…”
“Months?” she croaked, shocked at his heart-wrenchingly honest words and the soft look in his eyes.
“Don’t ask us to leave you, Allesandra. We can’t. It’s impossible. Our souls are already moving into alignment and after we join fully, it will be worse for a time, until we get used to it. At least that’s what we’ve been told will happen. I tried to fight it, but there was no use. You are our mate. We’ll protect you with our last breath.” He stepped closer, crowding her with his large, ultra-male body. “I would die for you, Allie.”

Lord Of The Were © Bianca D’arc

My Thoughts

After 22hrs all i wanted was smut and no body does it better than D’arc – I really just dragged myself through about 150 pages of this book. But it was just soooooooo, good. Hot hard possessive men. Woman in new and foreign situation – fae, vamps were-creatures aplenty, let the games begin.

The writing is wonderful, and you will fall in love with these protags…  Two good things – I will revisit this book and do a proper review and some of the characters do go onto Ms. D’arc Brotherhood of Blood Series.


22 Hours Challenge

This hour, we’re challenging you to write a limerick about the read-a-thon! Come on, you know you want to. The silly mood that always seems to come upon us all in the last stretch is sure to help


We all had a goal

It was to read and more

Most did, few didn’t, all i all

Who wouldn’t

Racking up the pages,

Jumping the blogs

After 22hrs it all came to Dewey. 

Did we do it…

She would be so proud…..

© erotic horizon



“He’s baaack,” a whiny, high-pitched voice sung out.

The woman did not even attempt to be discreet. Or maybe she did and his overdeveloped sense of hearing just made it seem that way. Scott hung his head at the distraction.

“Who?” a second woman asked.

“Blond Adonis, six o’clock.”

“Oh Lord, he’s hot.”

Scott snorted softly and grimaced behind his mug of café mocha. Since the two female voices emanated from his twelve o’clock and nobody sat behind him, he could only presume they were referring to him.

“Just a second,” Tara’s voice intruded. “Um, hello, you do know the blond Adonis is blind, right? Waggling your fingers at him isn’t doing you a bit of good.”

Scott nearly spewed his coffee across the room. He choked down what he could and coughed out the rest.

“Shit,” he muttered, and grabbed the napkin from its nine o’clock position on the table and wiped at his now damp shirt.

“And what makes you such an expert?” the first woman’s snotty voice retorted.

“Oh, I don’t know, the fact he’s wearing sunglasses inside? Or maybe it’s the seeing eye dogsitting next to him?” Tara nearly shouted.

Scott bit his lip.

“Or maybe it’s because I’m sleeping with him, and I can assure you, the man can’t see a thing. But damn, what he can do with those hands.” Tara made this little moaning sound and Scott nearly came in his jeans.

Look What Santa Brought © Annmarie Mckenna

My Thoughts…

This is the follow up book to BLACKMAIL – this book is just too hot… blind guy, buff, knows how to make magic with everything he has. For heaven sake at this time of the day 22.50hrs, i need all the smut i can get….

Will revisit this book – be assure – when the brain cells are rested – I will….


The last sounded forlorn, probably more so than Sean realized. “They wanted to know if my parents had noticed strange men around and my mother said, ‘Do you think?’ and started to cry. So, naturally, I wondered what they meant. A few years later, I guess, I realized that they figured that Topanga Canyon killer had gotten Gary.” He turned his head. “Is that what happened? Was he one of those guys that serial killer killed?” “We don’t believe your brother was buried on Topanga Canyon,” said Roger. “You don’t believe? Why? Where’d you find him?” “Someone left the body where it would be discovered,” said Roger. They had arrived at the storage facility and he parked his car. “Who would do that?” “That’s a very good question, Mr. Williams. Now. Do you have a key or do we have to sign into the main office?”

The Elegant Corpse © AM Riley

My Thoughts..

This is one of AM Riley best, everything about this book is wonderful. Lots of description. Tension, hilarity and a neat little murder mystery to make it all the better.



"Call me Collin," he offered before checking his wristwatch. "And you don't have to thank me. I'm glad I was able to help. Oh, crap. Hey, I hate to do this, but if I don't leave I'll be late for an appointment. Look, are you sure you're going to be okay?"

Holding up the bottle of painkillers, she flashed him another smile. "I'll be out like a light in half an hour."

"Well, if you need something bang on the ceiling, okay? You got a broom handle you can use?"

"I'll be fine," she repeated. "But if I run into something I can't handle by myself, I'll pound on the ceiling for you."

Collin gave her a grin that was equal parts relief and sincerity. "Good girl. Okay. Well, I'll drop by in the morning just to make sure you didn't fall into a coma or anything. See you then, Miss Sayers."

"Randi," she called to his departing figure.

"Got it! Randi!" he yelled back, and a moment later the front door closed.

Five minutes later the electricity went out as well.

sandeflay © Linda Mooney

My Thoughts

This was one of the most beautiful book for 2008 for me. I love it – Ms. Mooney’s style is something else, her characters capture the imagination and never let go.

I re-read this one every chance i get. In the witching hours i had this one curled up with – my 20th hour.


Psychiatrist Julia Cabot’s life has always gone according to plan -- until her husband’s charming affability explodes into violence. Terrified for her life and the safety of her children, Julia runs. She finds an unlikely haven with a man her children think is the angel they wished for after they find FEATHERS ON THE FLOOR.
Former bodyguard Mitch Garrison has always been the protector, but something went fatally wrong five years ago when his wife was shot by an abused woman’s out-of-control husband. Mitch’s nightmares come to life when Julia appears, a jagged purple bruise marring her face. But when her estranged husband kidnaps her children, Julia and Mitch join forces in a journey that brings them face to face with their deepest fears and their most passionate desires.

Feathers on the Floor © Genene Valleau

My Thoughts

I had to re-read this book, it is just beautiful. a little bit of everything – the heart torn man, the woman trying to get her life together – the kids caught in the middle and the peanut gallery in the guise of family and close friends…

Stunning writing…


She straightened, determined that he would not see her as a cowering little girl who did everything her father told her to do. She'd never done so before, mostly because he'd never asked anything of her, and she wasn't going to start now. Somehow, she'd find a way to protect Scott and get out of this ridiculous arrangement.
And besides, she could give as well as he could. "Why are you doing this?"
Cole snorted, startling her, and shrugged carelessly. "I can't even begin to imagine why. I was ready to throw your old man out the door when I saw you struggling behind him. Now you've piqued my interest, and to be honest, there's something about you that I can't resist."
He leaned in close to her face, and whispered, "You want me."
"I do not." The lie sounded pathetic, even to her.

Blackmailed © Annmarie Mckenna

My Thought.

Came across this one at the bottom of the pile. i love ménage and this one was hot. Brianna is caught in the middle in more ways than one and she is confused as well as frustrated.

With two men wanting her and someone wanting her dead – the book is a firecracker of a read….

I will definately be giving this one a longer review.. Loved it..


18th hour Challenge.

Congratulations on making it to hour 18 of the read-a-thon!  Here’s a mini-challenge to give your mind a little break.

“Once we know the plot and its surprises, we can appreciate a book’s artistry without the usual confusion and sap flow of emotion, content to follow the action with tenderness and interest, all passion spent.  Rather than surrender to the story or the characters - as a good first reader ought - we can now look at how the book works, and instead of swooning over it like a besotted lover begin to appreciate its intricacy and craftsmanship.  Surprisingly, such dissection doesn’t murder the experience.  Just the opposite: Only then does a work of art fully live.” - Michael Dirda in Book by Book

Here’s the challenge:

1. Go back to your blog, and tell us about the books you’re rereading during the mini-challenge.  Maybe post a picture of each book and describe why you love it enough to reread it.




Feathers on the Floor – Genene Valleau – This book just covers so much ground. the plot is not only likeable, but believable. The pace is dramatic. the event and situations leading up to the end are just wonderfully written and describe.




SANDEFLAY is an absolutely stunning read by Ms. Mooney; her characters are endearing and her fictional world of Sandeflay is a place I would be delighted to visit






loved this book; A.M. Riley has penned a truly thrilling read. Roger and Sean are the classic chalk and cheese characters, but they work so well together you just cannot imagine them with anyone else



2. Go back to your blog, and give us a list of your top favourite rereads of all time.  You know, those books that you can go to time and time again for comfort and escape. Again, pictures are good. :)



My brain is tired, I have just chosen the first nine i could think of…

1. To Kill a mockingbird – Harper lee

2. Payton Place - Grace Metalious

3. Wide Sargasso Sea – Jean Rhys

4. Marked – Joely Skye

5. Soul Mates-  Bound by Blood – Jourdan Lane

6. Art of War – Sun Tzu

7. Maggie’s Dad – Diana Palmer

8. Whitney My Love – Judith Mcnaught

9. Somewhere I’ll Find You – Lisa Kleypas



Pulling his gun from its holster, he ordered in a low, I-mean-business voice, “Hold it right there.”

The young woman froze in place, bending over a box. Stepping in front of her, he snapped a handcuff on one wrist and, pulling her other arm in front of her, he handcuffed that wrist, as well.

“Sir? Oh!” Her eyes went big and round. “Mr. Brunet, Renaud Brunet? Um, I .... ” She seemed to be having some trouble forming thoughts. Good. She’d be better off if she didn’t speak and push him further over the edge of control.

“Quiet, Lady!” he barked, hauling her into the house. He flicked on the light switch but nothing happened. Swearing, he turned to his captive. “I guess we gonna have to do this in the dark, no?”

He hauled her up the stairs and into the kitchen. Once there, he turned her to face the back of a kitchen chair.

“Arms out in front! Hold on to that chair!” he ordered her. “Spread your legs! Wide!”

She did as she was told. He could smell her fear. There was something familiar about her scent, but he ignored it. The whipping wind made it hard to capture her scent anyway. He was fighting to keep his beast under control as it was.

“Mr. Brunet?” she croaked when his hand skimmed her abdomen. “Please, there’s been .... ”

Pet Peeve © JJ Massa

My Thoughts

The second book to Weakspot and it is just as convoluted as the the first one with smut, innuendos and emotional tension. All the old cast makes an appearance and some issues are dealt with in this one that make you sit up and wonder.

Funny moments are aplenty and of course those lovely Cajun men are running around this little backwater town and making my heart beat that little bit faster…

I enjoyed this book immensely.


“Face the vehicle and assume the position!” he barked.

When she did, he leaned against her and used a leg to spread hers wide apart.

She was afraid she’d fall.

He took both her hands and raised them above her head, placing them on the roof of the car. Her cropped tee barely covered her breasts in that position. She felt very bare, indeed.

The car she was leaning on was scorching. The man pressed behind her was equally scorching. She was frightened, sure, but she found his nearness and his husky male scent a little arousing. Both the situation and the arousal were new to her.

She was shaking like a wet kitten. She had to try to calm down. Near her ear, his sandpaper and maple syrup voice spoke just above a whisper.

“I’m gonna have to pat you for drugs or weapons, chére. It’s the rules in these situations, hmmm?”

“Okay,” she responded breathlessly, grateful that he was explaining things to her. Then she felt his big hands moving down her arms, across her shoulders, and down her back.

Why hadn’t she worn a bra? Why

Weakspot © JJ Massa

My Thoughts

Starting in a new town is never easy and when Rory weak spot gets her into a spot of trouble with the law – she is a nervous wreck. To add insult to injury – the sheriff is none other than her brother’s uncle and there the plot thickens.

I have such a weakness for Cajun accent and men if truth be told. This book hits the spot at this time of the morning. Smut level is  too hot to mention, sexual tension is overflowing in this book and they are at it every chance they get.

May revisit this book - soon



Pure reflex had him moving toward her.
“No,” she yelped. “Stop. If you touch me, I’ll completely lose control.”
“And we don’t want that.” He heard himself say. Staring down at her, lithe and lovely and as sexy as hell, he couldn’t believe he was going to take a pass on what she so freely, blatantly offered. And apparently wanted, needed and couldn’t control.
What red-blooded male would? He shook his head, wondering at himself, while his throbbing body urged him to touch her. Just once. To go for it and damn the consequences.
After all, what did he have to lose?

Cry of the wolf © Karen Whiddon

My Thoughts

Jewel has taken as much abuse as she can, she is now on the run and it’s not looking good. Finding a place to hide away prove harder than she imagined as one of the local turns up and he just refuses to leave.

She needs to shift and get on with what nature intended for her to do. Having Colton healthy and having exactly what she needs right now could not be more aptly times – but probably not for him.

I loved this book, very elemental –the characters are gutsy, determined and once up to fighting form a force to be reckoned with. Good plot that needs to be revisited with a longer review.


Hour 13 survey


Mid-Event Survey:
1. What are you reading right now?

2. How many books have you read so far?

3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the Read-a-thon?

4. Did you have to make any special arrangements to free up your whole day?

5. Have you had many interruptions? How did you deal with those?

6. What surprises you most about the Read-a-thon, so far?

7. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year?

8. What would you do differently, as a Reader or a Cheerleader, if you were to do this again next year?

9. Are you getting tired yet?

10. Do you have any tips for other Readers or Cheerleaders, something you think is working well for you that others may not have discovered?


1. Everyone Has a Pet Peeve  - JJ Massa

2. Eleven, but one i won’t put on the Read – A – Thon. I had a go at my son’s Yu-gi-Oh book. I love Yu-gi and all the things he and his gang gets up. It was one of my pit stops book. 

3. I am actually on them now  - The JJ Massa Pet Peeve and Weak Spot books. Everything about those book sounds fun. The possessive men, the fairytale women and a whole lot of angst and convoluted issues in-between.

4. Other than bribing the pizza place to be right on time with the pizzas for the holy terrors, nothing out of the ordinary that a good calendar didn’t sort out.

5. After telling my family and friend about this for a couple of weeks now. Everything that could happen happened. Solicitors at the door, my mother is in a festive mood (not pretty), the kids decide that they are at the point of starvation half an hour before the pizza delivery, after eating everything that was not nailed down the entire day. Other than those wonderful things – I counted to ten and thank god for friends and family – what would my day be like without them.

6.I was surprised by how not prepare i was. After getting my books together. I didn’t have a figure in mind – just plan to read until you say “When”. However i started with a book that was not even on the list. I was more or less winging it. I had the Whiddon books and the Massa books earmarked –so i  was assured i would finished them, other than those four books, my pile is still in a pile.

Another thing i found surprising was no matter how patient i was, i realize that i still has an extra 10 percent left in the tank. Wanting to read and having a house full of loved ones under foot is no fun – try mixing in – my demon has just broken the fence and literally stolen the neighbours dog. Yeah i had that extra 10 percent (surprise the hell out of me)

7. I thought it was brilliant. I was new this year and it obviously took me a while to figure out the logic to the madness of the meme’s and the challenges, but other than that – its a personal thing how people pace themselves and plan their 24hrs. Next year will be so much better for me – NO KIDS IN HOUSE.

8. Did i mention NO KIDS IN HOUSE – I wouldn’t do anything different, The event was organised in enough time. There was a blue print and it seemed to work well – optional to little glitches that i don’t think was any one persons fault and was rectified in time. As a cheer leader, i had a plan to try and get to 75  blogs 35 in the first half and the rest in the second half, a few would get a second look in. As a reader – I'll would try to pull a few all nighters a few day in advance – the witching hours are quite brutal, when you haven’t done this in a while.

9. I had to have an hour down time and i am up and feeling mightily refreshed. So 23hours for me.

10. Firstly have fun. For people with target who are doing it for charity or peace of mind – prepare prepare prepare, as there are always unexpected elements to the day that can and will throw you right off track. If you have been here before you will definately have the advantage, for first timer there is nothing to prepare you. I did my research, visited past challenge and suggestion, but when you are in it on the day – that’s a whole different ballgame.

Just have fun.

Support as many people as you can

Check the feed site – bump up people who are lagging.

Encourage those who are streaming ahead…

Cheer the cheerleaders on – some have dual rolls

Be open to the possibility of changing your TBR pile for the day….

Have fun things plan to break up the day – preferably something you haven’t done in a while.

Remember you can’t do Every thing.



Though patience had never been her strongest virtue, she took a deep breath. “Please. I need to know. Why do you want to find Alex?”
He took a step closer, his long shadow menacing, though he kept his hands jammed in his coat pockets. “Do you know what your brother is?”
His words slipped like icicles down the back of her parka. “I do,” she retorted, though she knew they were speaking of different things. “The question is, do you?”
A metallic click from the trees behind them made her spin. She’d once had the misfortune of being in the forest during deer hunting season, and she recognized the sound.

One eye Open © Karen Whiddon

My Thoughts

I have had these Nocturne set of books for a while now and after reading “Touch Of The Wolf”  I have never gotten any further than the one. I have now read the first in the series and it’s a treat. The book starts off a bit slow and drags a little, however about a third in Brenna and Carson are on the same page in their quest to find Alex.

Dealing with the attraction between the two is an added bonus and this is where the story kicks in. A plot full of twist and turns. Characters that just keep popping out of the woodworks and just this extraordinary feel to this book. At the end i knew i had to go on to another Whiddon book.

Will be giving this book a longer review in the future.



Attorney Jim Williams is tall, black and beautiful. When he meets fellow attorney, Steve Wheeler, it seems as if the relationship is meant to be, but when Jim's former lover suddenly appears back in his life, the boundaries of Jim and Steve's relationship is tested.

Sex & Chocolate © Reese Johnson

My Thoughts

A fairly short read that deals with instant attraction and some rather serious and heady situations that not only affects a relationship but also the value of life itself. A rather thought provoking book  that despite the happy ending – the in-between moment are a roller coaster of emotions.

Wonderful writing style. Fist book by this author, but load of possibilities can be seen here. A longer review will follow this one.



From that point on, he'd been included in the wildest, hottest bouts of group sex he'd ever experienced. They maintained the torrid relationship throughout their time at the academy, eventually breaking it off so each man could pursue his own job interests. The three remained friends.Closer than most, Gil mused, smiling to himself. They now met for drinks every other Friday at Houlihan's.

Strains of Bruce Springsteen's ballad My Hometown wafted through the pub. Gil nodded to his friends and sipped his beer. This was exactly what he needed--time to relax and forget--not that I ever really could.

"So," Sam tore his coaster into tiny shreds. "Are you getting any sleep?

Hungry Hungry Heart © Jamie Hill

My Thoughts

Third in Ms. Hill’s series about three cops, finding love and dealing with an unforgiving police force. This third book is Gill’s story and although not as intense as the other two in the book. it was a wonderful read and fitted in a way, as he is coming from a different place and a different outlook to relationships than his two friends…

I will revisit this book to give a longer review….



 ( a little Late) – Hours 8 Meme – But better late than never…

The Love Your Library Mini-Challenge hosted by Jessica of The Curious Reader

  1. What is the name of your local library? What city is it located in?
  2. How often do you go to the library? If you're a regular, do the staff know you?
  3. Do you browse while you're there or just pick up items you have placed on reserve?
  4. What is your favourite thing about your local library


1 Marcus Garvey Library -  City of London

2. I go at least once a week, yes the staff do know me.

3. I spend anywhere from 5 minutes for a return to an entire day there. I love the library

4. The additional facilities it has to offer. Audio, visual, any given day there is some hands on activity going on. huge investment in the children facilities… 




Intro Meme

Where are you reading from today? London, United kingdom.

3 facts about me …
(1) I am still stuck in PJ’s and other than updating, i have not gotten out of bed yet

                                (2) I read really fast – I read about 70 - 80 pages an hour….

                                (3) I am terrified of balloons ...

How many books do you have in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours?

I am playing it by ear. I am just seeing what mood and i am in at that particular hour and going with the flow. I have two Karen Whiddon – Silhouette Nocturnal  - that i really want to read before this challenge ends.


Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon (i.e. number of books, number of pages, number of hours, or number of comments on blogs)?

  Nothing concrete. i know i want to stay up the 24hrs – my first Read –A – Thon, so i want to see it through. I am trying to take part in one of everything as well. So one meme, one mini challenge etc….

If you’re a veteran read-a-thoner, Any advice for people doing this for the first time?

I'm a first-timer. And i intend to have loads of fun…. meet some really great bloggers and open my world to other readers. I am however open to suggestion, especially when it comes to the witching hours as i don’t drink coffee and i haven’t pulled an overnighter in years.



It wasn’t like her to be so free with her body, not that Brody had given her much say in the matter. He came, he saw, he conquered. Okay, so she came, but he had definitely conquered. She had been such an easy target. He had just swooped down and pounced, and all of her free will had vanished. Not that he’d done anything she hadn’t wanted, it was just that he was so overpowering.

Brody’s sexual prowess far outweighed the meagre bump and grind she had experienced in her past. And after Tony, her ex, she was a little gun-shy. Which, mingled with her regular shy personality, left her feeling like an invisible mound of mush. There was no way Brody could ever be interested in her. The cute, great guy only fell for the homely, fat chicks in bad TV movies.

Stripped Bare © Jokers wild

My Thoughts

When Brody found one of his past student working in an adult shop, he was surprise but with quick thinking on his feet he made the best of the opportunity presented to him. He was after all deeply attracted to this full figured woman.

Missy didn’t  stand a chance – Brody was like a force to be reckoned with and she has never experience anything like thing. With few comic filled moment, emotion highs and low and a whole lot of hot and heavy smut – this is the best of the bunch so far.

This is the third of the Joker’s Wild series and i will most certainly be giving this a longer review in the future.



You know how you sometimes get a crush on someone older?  That's exactly how Katsuya felt towards Shio, his childhood friend's older brother.  Though he only spent one summer with the brothers, the impression that the beautiful Shio left was one that would last a lifetime.  Truth be told, even after 12 years, Katsuya still can't get Shio out of his head.  So quite impulsively, he goes off to Tokyo and applies to the company that Shio helped found.  The reunion he had hoped for comes unexpectedly, when he is forced to share a dorm with Shio himself! First impressions, unfortunately, don't seem to last.  Acting cold and aloof, the Shio of 'Katsuya's dreams is not the same as the real Shio.  Can Katsuya pick up the pieces of his shattered dreams and start over?

sweet Adoration © Yuuki Kousaka


My Thoughts

katsuya had only known Shio for a few summers during his childhood. He had however made such an impact on the young Katsuya that he shaped his life around finding the elusive Shio when he was old enough.

What you wish for and what you get are more often than not the same thing. Katsuya knows he is in love with Shio. Shio with is curt manner and abrupt ways give Katsuya nothing to hope for. When Katsuya all but gives up and decided that Shio and his world is too much for him – he see a new side to this man he love.

But will he accept him fault and all after he has been hurt once often….



Her lips slanted, capturing his attention again. Not overtly full, nor too thin, just well
formed and dotted with a pale pink lipstick, barely noticeable. There were no laugh
wrinkles around her eyes or mouth. This woman took life seriously. Too bad.
"Please make yourself comfortable, this--interview, might take a while."
He watched her every move, oddly fascinated. He wondered what she might taste
like--sugar or vinegar.
He was definitely losing it. He'd never entangled himself with a boss-lady before. Hell,
he'd never had a boss lady before. The guys down at the garage would get a kick out
of this, if they knew.

Nick’s Baby © Rita Hestand

My Thoughts

Nick thinks he is going to a regular interview with the company boss. However when he meets the boss Kelsey and hears her terms and what she really wants he is dumbstruck.

Faith plays an unfair hand when they follow through on an attraction and both get what they want – one exactly what she wants and the other – it was just too soon. Making the best of a bad situation, Nick takes the bull by the horn and that’s when the fire works starts.

Wonderful love story, fully developed characters with even angsty moment and great support cast…. I love Ms Hestand style – Sweet..





“I’m not surly.”
“Him, not you, daughter. He’s hurt and he hasn’t gotten used to it yet and he’s only going to have you to take his bad temper out on.”
“He’s not like that, Mom.”
“Neither was your father. But it was like living with a grizzly, the year he came back from Vietnam.” Her mother glanced over at her. “I know you’re a Marine, too. And I know you’re hurt. But women are much stronger. We know how to adapt. I don’t want you to give up your life to take care of him. I know he saved your life, Jessica. But you don’t owe him yours.”

Colorado Gold © Sarah Black

My Thoughts

Soldiers at war are people too and when Jessica feels like she has found the man of her dreams she does dream about him and what life would be like. Life has a plan for us all and it involved lots of trauma and lose for Jessica and her love Brian.

In all the lose there is hope and probably a miracle that she never in their wildest dream expected….. a brilliantly written book, the best of human nature take  the forefront in this book. Tempers are tests, strengths are realised and it sweets to see everyone compromising and working together.

I loved this book…




It was the moaning that pulled him from a restless slumber. The sounds seemed to resonate in the still crisp morning air. Primal noises. It was the female’s pleading whimpers which managed to push him into full wakefulness. Wik heard the distinct sound of male groaning.

They were sounds of pleasure. Ecstasy. He envied the couple their wee-hour romp, although he wished they’d chosen a less public place for their affectionate exchange. He wasn’t the only Botany in the forest, but he was the only one of shifting age who spent a great deal of time in his redwood form. For him there was solace to be found amongst his brethren who’d yet to reach the age of maturity.


My Thoughts

A different book for me. I love changeling but a tree changeling is certainly new. Jennifer a horticulturalist is expecting the CEO of the company to pay a visit and she is making sure all her dots are cross. When the man of the moment turns up, both of them are in for a surprise, as Jennifer experience instant attraction to the man and Wik is in pollen and Jennifer is the lucky girl..

A fast pace knock your socks of book. Smut level is off the chart… I am very impressed with the creativity of this author.





Melanie is a waitress in a big-city restaurant who loves her local major-league baseball team. One night a professional player sits down at one of her tables, very down on his luck. Mel finds that she may have just the cure for this ballplayer's woes.

Baseball Blues © Cecilia Tan -


My Thoughts

What would you do if your favourite ball player turn up at your place of work. Well he did at Melanie’s restaurant. she could tell straight off something was off with him, not only was she going to make it right – but was going to feed him as well.

Quick read. definately fall into the dream man fantasy category.. 


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::dances:: This was so exciting! and wow you made it through a lot! I like D'arc as well (but shhhh don't tell my dad, he'll flip if he knew I was reading erotica) and Lords of the Were is probably my favorite (though Maiden Flight comes in a nice close second).

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Cheerleader/ Weekly Geeks/Supporters


Thanks you guys for cheering me on and pushing me through the 23hrs of the read-A- Thon...

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Hey Munk...

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It was fun... 18 books, and one Yu-Gi-Oh - i am shattered even now...

Thank you...


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18 books! AMAZING!! Way to go. You definitely put me to shame. I only got 2 and a bit read but then I also ended up going to bed during the night.

Erotic Horizon on 20 April 2009 at 20:12 said...


I have been planning the 24hrs for a few weeks..but i even surprised myself..

I didn't think i could do 18 books...

I think alot of people got some shut eye - time difference caught up with alot, myself included..


Jessica on 20 April 2009 at 21:35 said...

I love that you have so many favorite rereads! I often forego a reread in favor of a new book. Thanks for participating in my mini-challenge!

Erotic Horizon on 21 April 2009 at 10:06 said...


I can understand just wanting to get on with a new book. However i have my moment when i need a comfort books and the re-reads are the best for that..

I loved participating in that challenge - good idea..