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This weeks Guest Blogger is another blogger who heeded the call when i shouted out on “Book Blog” (Ning) – She is Ruth of Ruthie’s Book Review.

I have been on her blog a few times prior to her becoming my guest. The first thing that stands when you visit is that you get the impression straight off that she is a blogger that loves anything bloody, gory and a whole lot of mystery. Delving further afield into her back post, i was not disappointed. She also loves a whole lot of paranormal with her mystery and throw in a little romance and i think Ruth would be in heaven.

I enjoy the books she reviews and her commentary are spot on. She does rate her books and her rating guide  is very clear on her blog – so you know exactly what you are getting if you decide to read any book that she has reviewed.

From her profile on Ning - Book Blog – she say’s about herself.


I am an avid reader! It seems all I do is read, but it is what I love to do the most. I do some writing, very slowly I'm working on my first book ... about vampires of course. I'm a huge vampire fan!


It was a pleasure to have found Ruth’s blog again – Please join me in welcoming her to Erotic Horizon today…..




Thank you so much for having me! I guess I'm kind of nervous as this is the first time I've been interviewed! LOL

-1- Firstly you have promoted your site as "Books, Books and more Books" can you let us know what's your specialty reading area and how/why you got into it.

Well, I promote it as ‘Books, books, and more books’ because that’s pretty much what it’s all about. My absolute LOVE of books. I started reading blogs back at the beginning of 2008. I found some fabulous blogs that reviewed paranormal and horror books (and held contests for these books) and I would read them every day. That started my next hobby of reading all of these books that these other bloggers were talking about. So I would read them, then one day in May of 08 I decided that I wanted to start my own blog.

My blog has changed since it was first started and really took on a life of its own. I tend to stick to the horror, paranormal type books. With the occasional book that isn’t. But I always find my way back there. So in May of this year, it will have been  one year of blogging for me.

-2- What are some of your daily net habits?

My daily habits consist of sitting in my small little office at my desk and typing and reading. I visit all of the blogs that I follow and then some. I comment and then work my way thru emails and then do some scheduled posts for the coming days. I’m a school bus driver, so my schedule is pretty flexible and the only time that I’m not in front of my computer during the day is when I’m a field trip or something. I’m still thinking I might take my computer with me when I go to work! What can I say, I’m addicted! LOL


-3-Best thing about having a blog.

Hmmmm….the best thing about having a blog? Well, I love my blog and I couldn’t imagine my life without it now. LOL I know how that sounds.. But I feel as if I’m doing a service to other readers out there. I’m giving my opinion and making it so everyone can see it about books and then they can decide whether they want to read it or not.

There is a whole other world here on the internet and I’m grateful to be a part of it!

-4- How much of your personality is reflected in you blog. In its layout and it’s content.

As I said before, the blog pretty much took on a life of its own over this last year. It’s me one hundred and ten percent, but it took a while for me to perfect it as I am always looking to perfect myself! From the music to the back ground, I have my children around so I don’t exactly have skulls and black walls or anything. So it allows me to express myself a little more.

-5- What widget or must have would you say made a difference to your blog. (you can mention social networking, joining group, meme etc.

Well, everything started coming in little pieces here and there.. But I’d have to say I started networking with other bloggers so that made a huge difference to the blog. It started bringing in more traffic and it’s nice to see how my blog has grown!

And let me not forget the wonderful authors who step out on that limb and let me ask them all types of questions! They have really had a hand in the making of my blog! If it weren’t for them then I know my blog wouldn’t be popular! And you know who you are out there! LOL

-6- Where do you see your blog in a year from now.

In a year? Well, I’m sure that it’s pretty much going to be the same. More traffic and MORE books, but the same. Does that make sense? :P

-7- While the web is worldwide, do you find you have a dedicated home crowd that follow your blog or is it a mix bag any noticeable differences.

While tracking the people that visit the blog – they are pretty much wide spread. So as you said, it’s a ‘Mixed Bag’. Which is nice. I know there are some from near me in New York, but I’ve seen readers from Italy and other countries. I welcome everyone!

-8-While blogging gives away a piece of our identity - do you feel you have changed since blogging.

I’m always going to be me. I don’t feel that I have changed … at least I don’t think so. It makes me kind of antsy at times  because I’m afraid I’m going to miss something. I’m like a little kid that won’t go to sleep. Not because of ghosts either … lol But it has helped with my anticipation of new books coming out! I write the dates on the calendar in my office so I know when I’m going to be making a trip to ye olde book store! :D

-9-What would be your ultimate blogging/site experience

Well, this has already happened and it will keep happening. It has brought me in touch with the authors that I have come to adore! My first interview on my blog was with Rose Pressey, author of Me and My Ghoulfriends. She was sweet..

I really took the leap of faith and sent her an email to see if she would be interested in doing an interview. I was waiting for a rejection. I guess that was why I hadn’t done it before – I wasn’t sure how to approach an author and ask. But after that experience, I said what the h*ll and kept asking other authors.

Every author that has visited my blog and let me ask them all these questions have been really great! Their friendly and pleasant. I really enjoy learning more about the people behind the books that I love. And really I had no idea what to expect, but they are people just like you and I.

-10- One or two of the most memorable events on your blog/site

I’d have to say that the most memorable moment on my blog was for the recent event of the book giveaway blog carnival from Book Room Reviews. I didn’t participate last year, but this year I just had too. It’s too big an event for me to miss. So with the help of one of the publishers I was able to have my own big contest. The traffic that was generated was amazing.. I even helped others find all of the other great contests! That was fun. I’ll be doing it next year too!

-11-  What are some of the more noticeable positives and negative of the book industry over the past few years for you.

Even with all of the interviews with authors and following the authors that I follow – it really had inspired me to write my own book. Which has kind of come to a standstill right now, but I still have it. All of the authors have such wonderful advice about writing and publishing and I’m still trying to get it to work for me. One of these days I will finish that book and send it out in the hopes of getting published!

The positive trends that I have noticed are the ebooks. And publishers such as Lyrical Press and Aspen Mountain Press. Before I started blogging – I don’t think I even knew what an electronic book was. LOL

The negative – well, even I knew this before I started blogging was you are going to get rejections for your manuscript. So you just have to keep pluggin' right along! Don't let that stop you! That’s about all I can think of!

-12- Now to get to the books. Tell me all - the ones that started you off onto the genre, some favourite through the years and looking forward to books.

I have always been a reader. In sixth grade, I remember my teacher looking at me like I was crazy because I was reading Stephen King’s It. That book is long, well over 1,000 pages and I finished it in two weeks. But I’ve always been a reader. From the Fear Street series by R.L. Stine, Stephen King, Anne Rice. But the vampire, whether good or evil, has always held a special place in my heart.

I couldn’t tell you which book, exactly, set me off into the genre, but I can tell you that ever since I was about 4 years old I have loved horror. And the first horror movie that I had ever seen was the original black and white – Night of the Living Dead. So that could have triggered something. Of course, my father helped a little with the books. He had a closet full of hardcover books about witchcraft and the supernatural. You should have seen my bedroom as I grew up. It was a little scary…LOL


-11- With technology now walking hand in hand with our beloved print book - do you own an e-reader –

Why yes I do own an ereader. I actually got it as a Christmas present from my other half. I don’t have the fancy Amazon Kindle (which I’d kill for …lol), but I have the eBookwise eBook Ereader. It’s nice, but a little on the heavy side – it weighs  down my purse … lol. But I enjoy it and I don’t have to worry about paper cuts!

B.Have you named it yet.

Nope, no names. LOL Do people actually name them? LOL

  C.Are you still at the gushing and can't get enough stage or have you started to take it for grant

I gushed over it when I first got it, but now it’s still there and I read it when I’m at work. So I guess you could say that I have started to take it for granted!

     D.Last book you read on your reader and the one you have next up.

The last book I read on it was Unseen World by Sean Cummings. I didn’t have time to sit in front of my computer to read the book so I took it with me.

I have about ten books on there that I can read. Some short, some long. But the next ones on my list are Blood of the Dead (Undead World Trilogy: Book 1) by A.P. Fuchs  and The Wave by Eric S. Brown.

   E. What do you think of the ereader /ebook craze

When I first came across this craze – well, let’s just say I got sucked right in.

I would read ebooks on the computer, but I like the fact that you can take so many books with you, when you go somewhere. I’m sorry, you can’t do that with print books unless you want to carry a suitcase ….lol It’s brought us into a whole new world of books!

  F. Since the inception of ebook - any noticeable difference in the print book industry.

Not that I can tell. Heck, I buy enough print books (and I’m sure many of you

other book bloggers out there do to) to keep them from becoming obsolete.

  G. Last book read that you though - it can't get any better than this.

Hmmm…well, it was Pride by Rachel Vincent. And now I’m dying to know what’s going to happen now in Prey! With her books it keeps getting better and better!

-12- Any tips for new and future blogger.

Keep posting. Even if it’s once or twice a week. Try to go for more, but do post at least that. If you want people  to hear what you have to say keep it interesting and have fun with it! If you’re just starting out, don’t expect instant results. It will take time for it to grow!

-13- Sneak peek at any future plans for the site or any upcoming events for you, and let us know where else we can find you on the web.


Well, I am trying line up a whole slew of authors. The changes to the interview process are going to be subtle. I’m trying to get away from the Q & A type interviews. I’d like the authors to really start just doing all the talking on whatever they want to talk about. I feel it allows more freedom and let’s them really open up. This months Author Guest is Sean Cummings, author of Unseen World! Check out my review!

Of course, more contests. And of course, more books!

Thank you so much for the interview – it has been a blast!

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Unknown on 6 April 2009 at 07:36 said...

Hi E.H.!

I have added you and Ruth to blog that I follow. Great interview!!

Vampires hold a special place in my heart for reading. They just so much fun! I love the sweet and sassy, the scary and creepy, and most of all, the sexy ones, they all keep me reading their stories!

Dottie :)

Erotic Horizon on 6 April 2009 at 07:46 said...

Hey Dottie - welcome to my humble abode...

Thank you for following in my slightly smuggy footsteps...

Ruth's blog is wonderful... I love how she simplify everything and makes it exciting....and she's not shy about telling you which bit did not hold any appeal to her...

Another wonderful Vampire Blogger is Patricia - Patricia Vampire Notes.... she was a guest blogger a few weeks ago and she has some impressive knowledge on this subject....

Her link is in my Blog List (Cool place to visit)

Once again - Lovely to have you here.


Blodeuedd on 6 April 2009 at 12:38 said...

Yes wonderful blog she has there :D

And nothing wrong with the books she read, I truly need a bit more paranormal in my life. There are way too few vamps at the moment present ;)

And good advice to a new blogger like me

Erotic Horizon on 6 April 2009 at 12:55 said...

Hey Blodeuedd,

Yeah - Ruth's blog is too cool -Have you check out her music...not my thing, but it's growing on me.

I like the fact, that she mix it up alot wit her reviews - so alot of every thing is there..


Ruth Schaller on 6 April 2009 at 13:24 said...

Good morning!

I just wanted to thank Erotic Horizon for giving me the chance ot do an interview! It's been fun!

Have a great day everyone!

Lea on 6 April 2009 at 13:37 said...

Good Morning EH and Ruth!

Awesome interview and you've developed a wonderful corner in the blogosphere for yourself!

I too like the dark PNR and horror genres so will definitely be adding your spot to my list of followers!

Hope to chat again soon.

Best Regards

Erotic Horizon on 6 April 2009 at 13:51 said...

Hey Ruth,

It was great coming up with the questions and i enjoyed your answers - especially your tips for new bloggers...

You are definately on my must view list daily...


Erotic Horizon on 6 April 2009 at 13:53 said...

Hey lea,

As always thank for your support..

I too like the dark PNR -don't care which one - I have to admit though I avoid horror every chance I get...


Ruth Schaller on 6 April 2009 at 20:03 said...

Hello everyone!

Told ya I'd be sneaking around the blogs today .... wahahahahaha (lame attempt at an evil laugh .... lol)

Dottie - Cool - I'll be looking for ya!

Blodeuedd - A person can never have too many vamps in her life! Glad my advice will be able to help other bloggers. That's what I was taught when I first started blogging. It works!

Lea - Thank you for the sweet comment!

E. H. - Avoid horror? What? lol I myself can't seem to stay away!

Blodeuedd on 6 April 2009 at 21:05 said...

I must check the music again, I forget sometimes to turn the speakers on lol

Ruth Schaller on 7 April 2009 at 01:09 said...

I'm sorry - but everyday I just have to have some Korn!