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Review – The Other Side – Shawn Lane



The Blurb

Dr. Ray Carmichael is a wealthy African-American doctor and political activist running for office on the platform that the brutality and corruption of the local police force is out of control. Nick Sorenson is a white cop who grew up poor and almost lost his life in gangs and crime before turning his life around by joining the police force.

When Ray’s brother is beaten by a couple of police officers after a traffic stop, Nick is the Internal Affairs detective put in charge of investigating the incident. Dr. Carmichael's obvious distrust of the police force rubs Nick the wrong way, and the man becomes a pain in his neck. Too bad, because neither of them can deny their attraction to each other.

Ray has Nick removed from the case when he decides he’d rather date the man than fight with him. In spite of their differences, they begin an affair and grow closer. Until an explosive incident at a family gathering puts nagging doubts in Nick’s head—he's not sure if they can overcome the differences that separate them.

When Nick is about to lose everything important to him, will he realize his budding relationship with Ray is worth trying to see the other side?





The Review


Ray Carmichael, wealthy African American doctor and political activist and very much a family man. Proud and not ashamed of what he has or who he wants. 

Nick Sorenson, Internal Affairs cop, laid back sort of guy who knows what is important and what to get worked up about and when to go with the flow.


The Plot

After a police incident, which has left Ray’s brother beaten, he finds himself getting the run around from the police. He decides to take matters into his own hands and get first hand information himself. When he meets the lead investigator, Nick Sorenson from Internal Affair, his original issue suddenly becomes not the main issue anymore.

Nick Sorenson is just trying to get on with his job. He loves his job but is well aware that IA is not the social club of the police department. He is not exactly surprised when one of their most vocal protesters turns up to get first hand information on an ongoing case. What’s a surprise however is the call inviting him on a date from the same protestor a few days later.

With the attraction between these two so strong, they can barely deny themselves, however with more than their pride at risk if their relationship is misconstrued. They walk a fine line between wanting and having it all.



Nick stood. “I’m going to get a beer. You want wine?”
“Yeah, thanks.” Ray stuffed a bite of pizza in his mouth.
He watched Nick disappear toward the kitchen, watching his
perfect ass all the way. Wow, he could so get used to coming
home to someone every night. Who was he kidding? Not just
Unfortunately, it was obvious to Ray that Nick didn’t feel
that way about him. He’d realized it by the way Nick reacted
to the suggestion of meeting his family. Ray was moving way
too fast for Nick.
Ray was no youngster feeling his way through
relationships. Now in his thirties, he knew what he wanted and
saw no point in beating around the bush. It was going to take
some restraint on his part not to push Nick. But the truth was,
Ray really liked him. A lot. As in maybe even…long term

The Other Side (c) Shawn Lane




Surprise Element

Shawn Lane's THE OTHER SIDE, is a great read, the things that you would naturally assume would be issues are not, she has however, flipped ideas, concepts and thrown two totally opposite men together to give us a love affair so rich, it's hard to imagine these two men without each other.



Yes - there are enough there to not make a difference in your enjoyment of this book. People, place, race and other issues are standard just from looking at the cover – you can surmise as much.

Ms. lane has used a level of creativity to ensure the usual is also the unusual, which in itself is a big thing – Job done.


Smut/Ick Factor

Yes  - enough to really fall in love with these two men. they are not the type that eyes meet and then five minute later they are in bed, no it was a dance of getting to know each other, a few laughs a few mistakes and when the right time came they knew.



This is Shawn Lane at her best. THE OTHER SIDE is such a wonderful read, that even at the end I knew I would miss these wonderful characters.

Ray is not only a family man but also a man who just wants the right thing to be done, and it is with this intention in mind that he decides that he needs to get his own answers about his brother’s ongoing case with the police department. Meeting Nick has not exactly thrown him off his stride, but it has most certainly has him wanting things and he sets about getting them by any means necessary.

Nick is not opposed to hooking up with Ray, admittedly it’s a little different – the protestor and the cop, but he goes with the flow and he loves it. Then life rears its ugly head, their career challenges, family obstacle, along with emotional fraught scenarios are all issues for these men.

I loved both the characters, Ray is most certainly a go getter, he knows what he wants and despite the situation of how they meet each other, he goes after his man. And his man is exactly how Nick knows Ray thinks of him.

Another plus for this book is was how Ms. Lane dealt with the whole family issues, both men have baggage and issues and they are the usual ones, but with both men coming from two different background – it was not going to be an easy fit to make the relationship work.



Nick was a cop in the IA department with the police force – but he was such a gentle soul,  that at one point i felt like he was being feed to the wolves. For the department that he was in – i didn’t get that tough cop vibes from him. However taking into consideration Ray forceful personality, Nick was literally his perfect match.



Not as erotic as some of the covers that are out their now, however it suited the book and in some respect it is actually a very realistic impression of how the dynamic of the relationship is – Ray is more or less the stronger of the two men, Nick is more laid back.

I like it.


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Lea on 1 April 2009 at 22:05 said...

Hey EH!

Great honest review, well thought out and presented.

If I was a fan of m/m romance I would definitely pick it up, but unfortunately it isn't one of my favorite themes. If there is a woman in the mix I'm more likely to be swayed.

Thank you!

Shawn Lane on 1 April 2009 at 22:21 said...

Thanks for the very kind review. :)
And may I say love the new review format.

Lea, M/M isn't for everyone. For that matter neither is M/F, LOL. It's cool.

Erotic Horizon on 1 April 2009 at 22:24 said...

Hey Lea,,

I know M/M is not every ones cup of tea, but I will read anything and I like this genre.

For some unknown reason - I shy away from F/F books - my good friend has one out and I am still dragging my feet on reading it even after a year....

So bad me..

Shawn Lane is a fantastic writer - check out her webpage...

You'll be mightly pleased..


Erotic Horizon on 1 April 2009 at 22:26 said...

Hey Shawn,

Thanks for stopping by.... I love the book... can't wait to see what you do with that boy Devon.....

I am still mad at him...(LOL)

BTW - I have also updated the interracial site as well.


Cecile Smutty Hussy on 1 April 2009 at 22:51 said...

E.H., I am writing to say that you know that I admire your format for reviewing and I want to ask you if I can use it on page. I love the way you break down things and that poses questions for me to think about when reading the book.... so just let me know! Thanks!

Erotic Horizon on 1 April 2009 at 22:53 said...

Hey Cecile..

Email me off the post

And i will help all i can...