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Review – Lovers of Alpha Squad 3 – Julia’s Knight







The Blurb

Julia's life is a nightmare. She's married to a gay man in love with another man, she's pregnant with his child, her daughter is being held hostage by her father, and her father-in-law just tried to rape her. Could her life get much worse?

Caleb is entranced by Julia from the moment he meets her. She's everything he could ever want in a woman. One problem, she isn't his woman. She's married to his best friend.

But Julia wants Caleb and has every intention of getting him, if she can just get him past his jealousy. Once she has him, then she has to convince him that she is not some flighty socialite and strong enough to stand by his side.




The Review



Julia – The woman who has never known any other life other than under her fathers thumb. Now her little spark of independence may get her killed. And she has so much to lose.

Caleb – A soldier through and through, has no illusion about who he is, but knows “the one” when he sees her – however  she comes with more baggage than a suitcase with pockets.


The Plot

Julia is saved from a fate worst than death, unfortunately her troubles only got worse. Caught in the most ridicules of situation she welcomes the emotions she feels for the hulking mountain of a man whom she feels could become so much to her.

Caleb can’t believe his luck when a woman turns up at the base, which not only sets all his internal bells ringing, but she seems more than capable of making all his dreams come true. One of a set of twins his major downfall is his inability to control the green eyed emotion called jealousy.

Julia knows what she wants, but never having been in such an emotionally fraught relationship, she is cautious about getting involved with Caleb. For Caleb however some things are just meant to be and Julia is meant to be his.



Julia nodded as she followed. She had reached the bedroom door when a noise across the room suddenly made her look up. Julia's heart beat faster when she encountered soft green eyes the colour of summer grass. Julia had never seen that particular colour in someone's eyes before.

The rest of him went right along with the eyes. Everything about him made Julia's heart beat faster, her palms sweat. The hair caressing the sides of his face was almost blue black in colour. His strong square jaw angled into cheekbones with high elegant ridges. He had a generous mouth, an aquiline nose. Touches of humour showed in the wrinkles near his eyes.

Julia's gaze slowly swept down his tall, powerful body. He had to be at least six foot five and two hundred eighty-five pounds. Every inch of him was pure lean muscle.

He had wide, strong shoulders that narrowed to an incredible six-pack abdomen wrapped in a white short-sleeved shirt, and lean hips encased in skin-tight blue jeans. His stance emphasized the force of his thighs and the strength of his legs. He was perfection, and Julia wanted to wrap herself around him.

Julia’s Knight © Stormy Glenn



Surprise Element

When i started reading this book, there was something very familiar about the story – until i realised that Ms. Glenn was doing a “Her Side” of the story book. At first it honestly was frustrating, but the more i read the more i actually enjoyed what she had done.

Haven’t seen that style in a while so it was a nice touch to the series.



Everything about this book was geared for two things, sexual tension or emotional intensity, so there was little room for predictability. The HEA was assured but getting there was no walk in the park.



JULIA’S KNIGHT is most certainly a new take on writing for me. Ms. Glenn had not only overlapped her second and third book in THE LOVER’S OF ALPHA SQUAD series, thereby giving readers a more rounded read – a he said/she said point of view.

Where we had her husband’s point of view in book two – THE DOCTOR’S PATIENCE, we now get Julia’s take on how her life got to this stage. She has never had a happy life and being in the position that she is in now, is only made redeemable by the fact that she has met Caleb.

Caleb is not looking for a relationship, however when he sees Julia it’s unavoidable, but with both parties having an enormous amount of baggage, where can this instant attraction lead them.

I totally enjoyed this book, readers and fans be aware, while this book does stand on its own, for a better understanding of the series you must read the books of this series in order.



There was one very unrealistic moment there when i thought. Nuuuuhhh. But given the lifestyle that these men have and the issues that they  face in their world it would have been a none issue.



I like, i like – i know it’s not the greatest but i like…..


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