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Review – Lovers of Alpha Squad 1 – Mari’s Men – Stormy Glenn






The Blurb

Life has never gone the way Mari wanted. She hasn't had a date in forever, her job is heading nowhere, and she can't get in touch with her sister. To make matters even more perfect, she has just been kidnapped by Russian mobsters while hiking in the mountains.

Being rescued by not one but two gorgeous men just makes the top of Mari's my life sucks list. They are both totally gorgeous, totally sexy, and totally into her. How is she supposed to choose between them?

But twins Cole and Bear Daniels have the perfect solution. She can have them both. They are telepathic in a way not many are. Not only can they talk to each other mentally, they can physically feel what the other is feeling. Because of this, they always know that they will share a mate.

Now if they can only convince Mari she is the perfect woman for them both. But convincing Mari they both want her and are willing to share is harder than Cole and Bear thought it would be, especially when someone is out to kill Mari and they have no idea who.







Mari – Feisty , determined and used to having her own way, does not  take kindly to two overbearing men trying to run her life. Trying to set some boundaries is proving more difficult than she imagined

Cole – Big, the saner of the two brother and also the  man in charge of these extraordinary men and totally devoted to his brother – that is until Mari came into his life.  

Bear – The more sensitive of the brothers, can be a loner and is almost too self sacrificing for his own good. He’s also the brother that is the most deadly.



The Plot

Being kidnapped and in the arms of a maniac and hearing voices in your head, would set off any sane person. Not Mari however, she quickly pinpoints the source of the voices and found them belonging to the two most attractive men she has ever seen in her life.

Cole and Bear have always known that there would only be one woman for them. Finding her in the middle of nowhere in the most unusual set of circumstances, sets all their protective instincts on high alert. Getting her out alive and into their arms is their main priority.

Mari, Cole and Bear, have to give and take in order to make their relationship work. Mari is headstrong and has to get use to a household of men while Cole and Bear tries to do things as only men can, they all soon find that they have a lot of compromising to do. When things take a turn for the worse, the three are in a spiral of uncertainty that only time and the love they share can resolve.



"She’s mine." Cole growled.

"So, that’s the way it is, huh," Sam says thoughtfully, amusement clearly ringing in his voice.

Cole turned his head to scowl at Sam. "Do you have a problem with this?" Cole growled, beyond irritated.

"Hell no, take the woman. But have you discussed this with Bear?" Sam laughed. Cole looked at the smirk on Sam’s face.

"He knows." And Cole meant it. Bear knew exactly what was going on with his brother. He was in the same lust filled condition. Cole could feel it.

"There’s movement below," whispered a man laying flat to the ground beside Cole and Sam. Both swung their gaze back to the scene in the clearing.

"I don’t like this," stated Sam, "I don’t like this at all." They watched as the leader grabbed the young woman by her arm and began walking away from the campfire towards a small grouping of large rocks to the south of where they were hiding. The leader was quite a bit taller than the woman and was nearly dragging her behind him. Her ankle length skirt seemed to be tangling in her legs with every step she took.

Cole took in the situation in a glance. "Sam, Caleb, Nick, get the boy. Bear, come with me." Knowing his words would be followed precisely Cole and Bear began to slowly make their way to the south of the camp following the man and woman.

Cole could feel several emotions surge threw his body as he quietly made his way through the underbrush. There was rage at the man for hitting the woman and a sure knowledge that he would enjoy feeling the man’s last breath leave his body. There was fear that he would not be in time to save the woman destined to be his. And there was still on overwhelming sense of hunger for the woman.

Cole and Bear silently worked their way through the underbrush following the pair through the dense forest trees. As the crept forward they could see Yuri and the woman standing in a small clearing a few yards ahead. Yuri was holding a large knife in his hands, pointing it at the woman. The evil smirk on Yuri’s face sent a cold shiver down Cole’s back.

Mari’s Men © stormy Glenn



Surprise Element

Not your ordinary  military type men. These men are men with a whole lot of something about them. To say the set up was surprising would be an fibbing. These are alpha males through and through and it’s expressed in everything they do or say and ladies – be prepared just the way they talk makes you melt…



I have read all Ms. Glenn’s book since she had burst onto the scene and one predictable thing that is assured, is that she comes up with something different every time. There are some scenes in this book that makes you sit up and WOW.



One thing you can be assured of with a Stormy Glenn book is the the smut. There’s a considerable amount of it and it leave you feeling like you just want to join in on the fun.



Mari is feisty, takes charge and knows what she wants. Caught up in a situation that she has never imagined much less prepared herself for, she finds herself not unwilling to take a chance on making these two men hers, that is if they give her a chance and if she is able to.

Bear and Cole are not only twins, but they have a unique quality that makes them exceptional at the business of being soldiers. Finding Mari is not only the best thing that could have happened to them, but also the one thing that aims to make them lose their sanity. Finding that missing link to their soul is something they had only dreamt about and they aim to do everything to protect her.

Together these three are magic, they literally sparkle and it will totally burn your fingers right to your soul. Ms. Stormy has more than converted me to her style of writing and her creative way with words.

For a first book in a series – it ticked all the buttons, enough info to give a thrilling story, but leaving just enough out to make you anticipate what’s yet to come.  



Not enough history on the team, or how they came to be where and when they were. There are other  books to this series so once again i reserve judgement to see what the next book comes up with.



I do love it – there’s no two ways about it, those two men are hunting and that woman better watch out… The cover is great.



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