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Review – Love Slave for Two – Family Matters – Tymber Dalton




The Blurb

Nevvie spent her early life feeling unloved and rejected. Then she met Tyler and Thomas and her scorchingly hot fairytale dream's come true. They have a perfect life and a beautiful son. While their family isn't traditional, she's more than happy with her two hunky, sexy husbands and their relationship.

Unfortunately, a betrayal from where Nevvie least expects it knocks their world on its ear. Barely recovering from that, one horrible morning and an unimaginable double tragedy threatens to take her men and destroy all she loves.

Struggling to keep things together, Nevvie must forge ahead and draw strength from her unusual adopted circle of friends and family to save her men and preserve the life she loves. With Thomas and Tyler's lives on the line, can Nevvie find the will to keep going and bring her husbands safely home? Because to Nevvie, family is the only thing that matters.



The Review



Nevvie – The girl who never knew to dream, but end up in a dream with her two men. She has set up house, gotten comfortable in her life and with the addition to her family –she is in cloud nine. Dare real life intrude on what she has created with her two men. 

Tyler – “The Evil Genius” of the three. Always one step of his two partners. He is prepared to do and be everything for and to his loves, however when tragedy strike, he might just be the one left picking up the pieces. 

Thomas – The tough guy of the relationship. The one that Ty and Nevvie rely on to be strong and sane for them all. He is also the one who never picks up on the things that is right in front of him and it is this that may just cause him to lose it all.


The Plot

Nevvie, Ty and Tommy have been together now for a little bit more than half a decade, and having a seemingly perfect life with their son was all that they could have asked for. However, in life if it’s too good to be true it generally is and tragedy was just around the corner for these three.

Not only do these three end up having to heal hearts and broken limbs, but their relationship is put through it’s paces. Nevvie, Ty and Thomas deals with their dilemma is their own way and it puts a strain on not only their relationship, but it brings people out of the woodworks and not all of them welcomed.

They all have to rely on each other and the array of friends and family that they trust, but in the long run – after limbs are mended – can they get their relationship back to where it was .


"You worn out, baby girl?"
"Mmm hmm."
"Why don't you sleep in? Let Ty take care of Adam this morning."
"Mmm hmm..." It was an easy suggestion to take. He kissed her forehead. After a few minutes she'd fallen asleep again.
He looked at the clock, ten till six, might as well get up. Thomas shut the alarm off so it wouldn't wake Nevvie and went to make coffee without bothering to put any clothes on.
In the kitchen, Thomas jumped when he felt Tyler's arms encircle his waist. "You startled me, sugar. I didn't hear you."
"Sorry, love." He kissed Tom's back. The other man turned, encircling his lover in his arms. "She's totally shattered this morning, isn't she?"
"I knew I should have gotten up at three."
Tom laughed. "Ty, she's a mom now. There are a lot of things we can do to help, but nursing the baby isn't one of them."
Ty swatted Tom's ass. "You know what I mean. At least I could have brought him in for her and then gotten him settled again."
"Give her some time. She's still recovering physically, too." Tom made Tyler look at him. "Let her be a mom. Let her have this. You're a great dad but don't try to out-mom her, Evil Genius."
"Out-mom her?"

Family Matters © Tymber Dalton



Surprise Element

I expected something special and i got it. The three has kept the relationship up with fresh and out of the box ideas. They make each other know that they were valued and treasured. I loved the fact that despite being in each others pocket, there was still that level of uniqueness about each of them that they were still able to surprise the other two.



None at all, Ms. Dalton keeps true to the premise of her first book LOVE SLAVE FOR TWO. She has stuck to a plot that is creative, well thought out and with characters that you can growth with. 


Smut/ick Factor

Hell yes, OHHH yes and these three certainly knows how to create a scene. After a little more than half a decade together, the passion has not waned between them. They are at it every chance they get and in some creative and ways and position.



Where do i begin, This book was a much anticipated book by me and it was worth the wait.

This plot was clearly something that was given much thought. It was creative and after being left on a high from her last book, Ms. Dalton does a wonderful job of filling in missing pieces, closing some doors and introducing more twist and turns to ensure her next book will definately be pencilled onto my calendar.

The main character are the same three lovable lot, that has grown and come into their own due to a series of tragedy and travesty. They have shown strength in the mist of tragedy. A level of grace and respect even when the situation/s demanded further retribution.

The issues dealt with in this book were everyday situations, and it could have been your brother, a son, a friend or a daughter. The things that really stood out are the  issues that stem from disaster, the choices made, the understanding for family, the respect that a relationship deserves and the strength that can be found when you least expect it.

I really like the  fact that Ms. Dalton gave the supporting characters some depth, just enough to feel their clout but not enough for them to take over the story.

The pace of this book was well played. There were scenes and situation that kept the pace frantic and areas where it slowed down to make a dramatic impact on the story.

I have read a whole lot of ménages recently and i have found that the more emotional investment the partners have in each other, the better they work and this is just so with these three. They love, they laugh, cry together and they are together through thick and thin.

I loved the fact that Ms. Dalton brought up the unexpected and twines it and her new characters into the live of these three to let us see a little of where she will be going with her next book.

Her style of writing is also something to experience, it fun, its sharp and it has a bit of edginess to it as well – loved it.



While i love this book and don’t get me wrong, i am already looking forward to the next book. Two things really irked me with this story.

Firstly Nevvie habit of calling her two men “her boys”. It just got annoying after a while. While i know we all have that special name for the ones we love, there is just so much time it should be said in any one scene.

I am going to sound like a broken record here, but it’s another one ‘their situation”. This phrase was branded about in the book like a nursery rhythm. While i could understand the first and second time to explain the scene, three and four time i could live with to justify some of the laxes in the situation they were in, five and six time and more was just too much. It started to sound like being in a ménage was like having a bad case of the flu.



I like, I like alot – what's not to like. It has half NEKKID men on the cover. I have to say though, it is almost the same cover as the first book. I loved the first one and i loved this one as well.


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Blodeuedd on 14 April 2009 at 14:54 said...

Weird, for some reason I read that they were brothers and then when I came to the scene from the book, lol, knew I was wrong then.

Erotic Horizon on 14 April 2009 at 16:13 said...


No this is not about brothers. It's a good read.


Anonymous said...

This story sounds pretty good. I'm assuming there was another one that I should read first since the relationship is established?

Erotic Horizon on 14 April 2009 at 19:54 said...

Hey Barbara,

This story is good. I personally liked the first book better - the link is in the review if you want to read what i thought of it.


VampFanGirl on 14 April 2009 at 23:35 said...

Fantastic Review E.H.! As always :)

This sounds like a really interesting read. You're always reviewing authors that I've previously never heard of and I've come to really appreciate that aspect of your blog. I tend to be really mainstream and I can be a little intimidated about jumping out of the box but you've opened a lot of doors for me. Thank you.

:) VampFanGirl

Val on 14 April 2009 at 23:44 said...

Thank you for this very comprehensive review! I like all your subcategories (positives, negatives, plot, characters, etc). I'm never really sure if a menage plot is going to work because the more characters that get introduced, the harder it is to keep them distinct and believable. But it sounds like the emotional investment between the characters is there like you said, and that helps. I'll keep this book in mind!

Lea on 15 April 2009 at 02:41 said...

Hey EH!

Another wonderful review and again, a book with one of my favorite themes - menage!

I'm writing this one down. Again, I cannot keep up with you!

And, you scared me there girl! Another unique banner - I had to double check if I was in the right place! lolol

It looks great. :)

Warm Regards

Erotic Horizon on 15 April 2009 at 06:32 said...


Thanks for giving me a look. I do try to go for something new as much as posibly, as some really wonderful author get no look in with the mad rush to get to the usual suspects.

Make a pledge to do at least one new author per month and work up from there.


VampFanGirl on 15 April 2009 at 16:55 said...

Good idea E.H. In fact I've sorta done that this month. The book I'm reading now, 'Lord of Legends', is by an author I've never read before. But you're, I should make more of a point to read new and maybe even more obscure authors. Thanks for the pointer E.H.!

:) VFG

Erotic Horizon on 16 April 2009 at 08:02 said...

Hey VFG.

I love that you are trying a new author - Krinard books are good...

I didn't take to all her books, but she has some imagination - which i admire...

No problem on the pointer - we end up winning some and losing some when we try a new author, but it's all good - after all it's books..