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Review – Hungry Heart – Jamie Hill





The Blurb

Book Three of Streets of Fire!

Captain Gil Gates is a proud member of the N.Y.P.D. and enjoys his position running a North Bronx precinct. When an incident with grave repercussions rocks the department and the whole community, Gil's otherwise spotless record is suddenly in jeopardy.

Brian Knight is Channel Nine's star news reporter, following the most exciting story the Bronx has seen in quite some time. In his line of work, as with Gil's, being gay no big deal unless someone finds out about it.

Brian is the sexiest guy Gil's been with in ages, but certainly not someone he can confide in as his career spins out of control. Yet Brian offers something the department can't--something that's been missing from Gil's life for too long. If only he can clear his name and solve a double homicide while he's at it.



The Review


Captain Gil Gates – Is not a happy man, with the universe conspiring again him, he has little joy in his days. Flabbergasted. to find an emotional connection where he least expects it – he is in for a rude awaking and it may just cost him everything

Brian Knight – Local reporter for a news channel and whose main priority has always been the story is going after the story as usual. With Gil being the juiciest story to hit the new wave in a long time, he will stop at nothing to get his pitch. This attitude has nothing to do with how he feels about his new love interest – and this is the where the problem lies.


The Plot.

Gill is not having a good time at work. With everyone including the press out to get a piece of him – it seems the only allies that he has are his two buddies Sam and Nick.

At the end of a long day he ends up in the sack with someone he knows he has to be very careful with, it not only causes problem for him emotionally, but starts a chain reaction that may just have him losing everything that he has worked for.


“Could I buy you a cup of coffee?” Knight didn’t seem to want to leave.
“I don’t think so. But really, thanks.” Gil wasn’t sure he could keep from swearing for that long.
The man raised his hands. “No hidden agenda. I promise you, I have no microphones or tape recorders. I just thought we could talk. We could stay here if you’d rather.”
Gil cocked his head sideways. “Why would you want to do that?”
Knight shrugged. “You seem like the kind of guy I could talk to. I don’t have that many friends. Most people are afraid I’ll turn something they say into the opener on the ten o’clock news.”
“Now there’s a sentiment I can relate to.” Gil nodded, feeling a smile creep over his face.
Knight smiled. “How about this? I’ll give you some dirt you could use on me to help convince you I’m being sincere.”
“I don’t want—”

Hungry Heart © Jamie Hill


Surprise Element

This book has a different feel to it as compare to the other two books in the Streets of Fire series. The beginning of the relationship between Gil and Brian does not have that tempestuous feel to it. The men more or less find themselves justifying their careers and the choices they make while the building of there partnership almost takes a back seat to all else. 



After the angst and tumultuous meetings that Gil’s two friends had in meeting their respective partners, Gil’s brush with love was so easy, it almost feels convenient. Brian however comes with his set of rules and Gil may have just taken a chance to make the biggest mistake of his life.


Smut/ Ick Factor…

Yes there was and you knew it, however this was not nail biting back of the car type smut. The men were wanting, but they kept it contain and it suited them. 



Gil was not a young man, and when we met him two books earlier, he already had a huge amount of baggage in the relationship department dragging around with him. He has however never given up on love and probably because of or in spite of his past long term relationship, he was always the more open minded of the three friends in term of sexual exploration. I like the fact that Ms. Hill teamed him up with someone more in his age range, not some  young nubile thing, who expected Gil to be swinging from the chandeliers.

When Gil meet Brian it felt too convenient, too “there”, however after thinking about it, i could easily understand Gil’s mind set and actually like the simplicity of how  their meeting happened and “the moment” for them. Gil knew what Brian was, Brian knew who Gil was and just got on with other matters.

The camaraderie between the three best mates  is the highlight of the book, even in the middle of disaster, Gil knew exactly who would have his back.

I also liked the fact that the author gave us a glimpse of how the men would be dealing with their partnerships as well the fact that they have a twenty year tradition to uphold. With three new people coming into their life’s, their friendship of so many years was not trivialise for  the new dynamic of love interest or pushed under the carpet for the sake of being with the one they now call their life partner. We know how they are going to make it happen and make it work in the future  - it was sweet. 

I loved the fact that we got to see what the other two men and their respective partners were getting up to. The few hilarious moment of the book was down to them and it was well time and i laughed out loud at quite alot of their antics.




While the book starts off with it’s easy pace with the men at their usual hangout, there was a rushed feel to this third book, that make it not as exciting as the first two.

While the length of a book is never a factor for me, this story was much too short for the plot and the side stories.

There was a hint of BDSM which just did not feel right. I just never got the feeling that Gil was ever into it, and both men just did not gel in this respect.



The cover is more or less as the first two. Only now it’s Gils story and the cuff’s are well and truly out.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks EH! I tried to wrap up the series with a nice ending for all three couples.

I'll keep in mind what you said about the rushed feeling and the BDSM not feeling right. Hopefully I can learn from these things for the next time around.

As always, I appreciate the review!

Take care,


Erotic Horizon on 23 April 2009 at 13:06 said...

I love the ending of this book - especially the Springsteen bit.. too funny, i would fit right in..

Already looking forward to your next venture to see what you come up with..

A pleasure as always


Shayne on 27 April 2009 at 05:06 said...


Fab review! This looks like a quick, fun series to read. Thanks for the info on it!

Erotic Horizon on 27 April 2009 at 06:05 said...

Hey Shayne,

You are so right, this is a fun series to follow.

I enjoyed meeting these three guys - I have shed tears and had a whole lot of laughs with them.

I think you'll like them