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Review – Back To Texas – Sienna Black






The Blurb

Sela Reeves has been with the Agency since she left Texas, ten years ago. She's been partnered with Marcus Hughes for the last seven and she couldn't wish for a better match. He's capable, handsome, and more than just the sum of his muscles. He's everything she needs and everything she thinks she wants.

Until an assignment takes them back to Texas and she's reintroduced to a man from her past.

Tyler Brooks left Texas ten years ago, too, trying to escape the memory of a failed relationship. He'd been ready to settle down and marry Sela, the girl of his dreams. When she disappeared, he packed up and moved west, but the lucrative future he dreamed never materialized. Now he's back in Texas helping with the family resort. It's all going fine, until it brings him face to face with the girl who left him behind.

In the middle of a gunrunning bust.

Tensions are high, both in the bedroom and out, and distractions could prove to be dangerous. But sometimes you have to go back to move forward and sometimes you have to take an impossible chance to get what you want the most.


The review



Sela – The dare devil girl who grew up into a woman who knows what she wants and who she wants it with. Now that a job has given her a chance to go home, she just might be able to have her cake and eat it too.

Marcus – Partner to Sela – the conscious partner, the partner who always weights up the pro’s and the con’s before making a move. Marcus is also the partner that has it bad for his partner.

Tyler – Been through it and done it or as much as life allowed him to and now he was back in Texas. He is comfortable with the daily happening on his family ranch and he is content. Sela being Sela breezes back into his life and this time – Tyler might just not survive her.


The Plot

Sela is only back in Texas because of a case for the agency. With Marcus her partner of seven years they start the standard operating procedure of getting in on the ground floor with the locals and making themselves as friendly a possible.

Tyler is also back in Texas and the last person he expects to see after a decade is the object of his desire. Not only is she back, but she is just as sexy and she now comes as a package deal.

Not all is well on Tyler’s little slice of Texas and Sela and Marcus are there to a job and Tyler if he is not careful might get a lot more than he bargains for.


He reached over her, bracing his hands on either side. His shirt skimmed her shoulder, a feather-light caress that sent shivers racing down her spine. He'd undone the top couple of buttons on his shirt, revealing a dark patch of smooth skin. Her fingers itched to touch it.
"We go here, there's no turning back," he rumbled. "Can't undo it. That's not who I am."
Sela laughed, mostly breath and little sound. "You say that like it's a bad thing."
"Nah. Just saying." Then he kissed her, and the technicalities between warning and statement didn't matter anymore.
She didn't mean to make that soft, needy sound of relief when their lips touched. As with all of the kisses they'd shared, this one started gentle, testing, like somehow they might get it wrong. Caution faded before the heat that followed. Sela licked his bottom lip and Marcus took advantage of the opening, thrusting his tongue deep to claim her mouth. Owned. Possessed.

Back to Texas © Sienna Black

Surprise Element

Yeah, i was surprised at where the book went, as i wasn’t expected a ménage. The sexual tension between Tyler and Sela was in your face and very physical. The tension between Sela and Marcus was long overdue and was just like a coil about to be be released.

Marcus and Tyler’s tension was not expected – neither by them or us and it had no chance to build – it just happened, they reacted and my god it burned. 



Having never read anything by this author,  i was open minded about where she would lead us, after reading the blurb, this was an instant buy for me. From the moment the trivialities were dealt with, everything else that followed was edge of your seat sexual excitement.


Smut/Ick Factor

This wasn’t only smut, this was smut on wheels. Sela is the driving force in this ménage, however when two men are literally thrown off course with an unexpected attraction – expect fire works and fireworks is what we got. A re-read is already planned for some specific pages.


You wanted me to hit you?"
"No. Jesus." Tyler laughed now. "I don't have a death wish. But you don't exactly strike me as the forgiving type. Not unless someone's on your side. Not unless you're getting something back."
Marcus pursed his lips. "And you think, by keeping you around, I'm getting my rocks off or something?"
"I dunno. You tell me. I'm just thinking out loud."
Neither of them spoke for a long silence. Tyler didn't lie down again. Marcus didn't dare stand to pace, like he wanted. The jazz kept playing, underscoring the tension in the room.
Then Tyler stood, abrupt upward motion, and headed toward him. Marcus pushed back in the chair until it thumped against the desk. Tyler stopped half a step away, close enough that Marcus’s knees brushed his jeans.
"Asking out loud, too. Are you in to me?"

Back To Texas © Sienna Black


I love Sela from the moment i was introduced to her. No shy flower is this woman –she knew she was sexy and she made no bones about what and who she wants.

This book would be considered a novella at only 88pages and Ms. Black hits all the right buttons with these few pages.  A nice and neat plot, with only entertainment in mind.

The characters were endearing, no outstanding baddies – but enough angst going on to make a pretty decent tension filled set up.

I love the minimalistic feel of the book. The entire book took place in one area – with everything and everyone more or less rotating around the ranch environ.

I love the emotional and sexual interaction between these three, even at there sarcastic funniest – you feel the attraction vibrating off of them.



From the blurb  - “In the middle of a gunrunning bust” – If you were expecting any sort of gun battle or at the least gun chasing he men, you will be disappointed.

The man thrust of the story is centred around Marcus , Sela and Tyler finding common ground and having a blast at every turn getting there (not really a negative – but with the word “gunrunning bust” we don’t get much of that).

Other than the main protags, none of the support cast was developed in any way – however this story does not warrant more info than we actually got.



I like it alot. There is just something very decadent about it.


2 Speak To Me:

Blodeuedd on 27 April 2009 at 07:00 said...

That sounds steamy :)
At first i thought no way, cos I read it wrong that his wife has just disappeared and then this felt wrong.

2nd time when I got it right I thought yes ;)

Erotic Horizon on 27 April 2009 at 09:54 said...

Yeah Blodeuedd..

It was a really steamy read... nothing to moan about.

Just pure sexual tension and ultimate fulfilment.