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Review – Alaskan Heat – Pam Champagne



The Blurb

She’ll make him finish what he started—if they live through the night.

Framed and on the run, FBI agent Joe “Hawk” Hawkins has only one chance to clear his name: hit the road for Eagle, Alaska. Things can’t get much worse, until a woman from his past steps into his path. Sophie’s a brilliant statistician, pissed off about their disastrous one-night stand—and offering him a deal.

This is Sophie’s first field assignment, and the fact that it involves Hawk doesn’t make it any easier. She’s never forgotten or forgiven the night Hawk found his way to her bed and left her wanting more. Now she’s on a double mission to make Hawk finish what he started, and get them both to Eagle alive.

The long Alaska Highway stretches before them, and long nights of sexual fireworks that rival the Northern Lights. Caution turns to trust, and then to a love neither of them bargained for.

With two rogue agents in hot pursuit, though, the end of the road may be closer than they think…



The Review


Sophie – FBI trained but not FBI tested and she was on her first solo mission. Knowing her prey makes it all the more easier, but growing up with burly and overbearing brothers has prepared her for the fight she knew she was about to have on her hands.

Hawk – Arrogant, feels like he is one man against the world and does what he has to do to get by in life. He has a whole lot of commitment issues and he has pegged the “type” that Sophie is from the first moment  he met her.


The Plot

Being on her first solo mission is what Sophie has always wanted, the down side to this treat is that her mission is to find Joe “Hawk” Hawkins. The FBI has trained her to be ready and prepared for the unexpected. Happy with the chance to show them what she is made of and to use the training that they have given her, she uses her mathematical skills to pinpoint Hawk’s location, and find him she does.

Hawk is running and he’s running fast, he just wants to clear his name and get back to his life. Having Sophie turn up at the last place he would have expected to find her is not only incredible, but immediately puts him in caution mode.

Sophie, however, has a plan and it involves, long awaited satisfaction from the one man who can provide this, but with Hawk in “hawk” mode how far will they get before one of them gives in or gives up?


Her passenger appeared to be losing patience. If she got lax, he’d bail. Chances of finding him a second time were small. “We wait. If no one shows up, we either stay the night or move on. Your choice.”
He leaned back. “Christ, I’m exhausted. I only managed to grab a few hours of rest a day, so I’m sleep deprived.”
“Climb in the camper and get some shut-eye. I’ll keep watch.”
Hawk laughed. “Yeah, right.” He caught hold of her chin. His piercing eyes took her prisoner. “Sweet Sophie, I don’t trust anyone. You least of all. Once I’m asleep, I suspect the FBI will bust in and haul my ass to prison.”
Stubborn man. Sophie fought the urge to slam dunk his balls in the ashtray. She inhaled deeply. “I’ll say this once more. You can trust me. Besides, do you think Rueger would let someone step a foot in the camper?” She leaned closer to his warmth and trailed a finger from his thigh to his crotch. A hot memory of their one night together flashed behind her eyes—the night he’d left her unsatisfied. His warm bulge grew beneath her hand. “Or we could find a nice cabin. You can start fulfilling your side of the bargain.”
Hawk grabbed her wrist. “Enough with the games. Clear it with killer Rueger. I’ll spend the night with him.”


Surprise Element

The thing that surprise me the most was the pace at which this book went. there was one story line –nothing got in the way of the end result, but the the pace at which this book went was so thrilling. it’s not often you see a book that just does not slow down and enjoyable with it as well.


Smut/Ick Factor

Hey – Sophie knew what she wanted from the moment we open this book, we knew her ulterior motive. Hawk was only too happy to supply her with hours of satisfaction.

However sometimes what you wish for and what you get is not the same thing and Hawk and Sophie quickly realise that sex is just one aspect of any relationship. 



A new to me author, Pam Champagne’s ALASKAN HEAT is a fast paced read that gets right down to business from literally a few pages in.

The characters are lovable and they play their parts to the hilt.  Readers will have no problem identifying with these two protagonists. The chase and the excitement of uncertainty combine to make ALASKAN HEAT a worthy outing by Ms. Champagne.



As fast pace as this read was, the ending probably came on a little two quickly – don’t get me wrong, it took nothing away from my overall pleasure of the book. It’s just nice when the whole built up is dealt with in a sort of timely fashion, rather than be condensed into a 5-6 pages effort.

Another thing that made me feel like i wanted to slap the hero was his whole hot and cold attitude, he was eventually redeemed but i constantly wondered what Sophie saw in him to want him above all else.

Another reviewer who was not impressed with  “Hawk” is Mrs. Giggles



I liked. I find it suited the book. This was by no means a erotic book , it was more contemporary suspense and it was was not a dark book either, so that air  of optimism that is displayed on the cover is very apt. 



There is a video trailer for the book here Samhain – Pam Champagne. However as you all know how i feel about trailers, i respectfully pass on the link above for you to watch it…




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VampFanGirl on 2 April 2009 at 16:22 said...

Great Review!

I agree, the cover is beautiful.

I also enjoy novels with great pacing. An author that is really good at this is Nalini Singh. The pacing of 'Angels' Blood' was amazing. There was just no way to put the book down, even at the end of a chapter.

:) VFG

Lea on 2 April 2009 at 17:24 said...

Hey EH!

This sounds like my kind of read! Thanks for the thorough review. I'm adding this one to my TBB!

Warm Regards

Erotic Horizon on 2 April 2009 at 21:11 said...

Hey VFG...

Thanks - for the suggestion - I do have this book somewhere on my list, but god knows when i'll get to it.

However if the pace is as quick as this - it might have a spot on my "sick weekend" list - I have three books on the list so far..


Glad my offering today made your TBR list -
These list are seriously getting out of hand....

For some reading I am enjoying this year in reading - as much book as I give a way, I get double in return. Great year.