Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Fun Day Was Had By All – Me Especially

Today i went to a market book fair, just for fun and to see if any thing strike my fancy. I am pleased to say that i did find something. A lot of something to be honest, not sure when  i will be reading them all – but I'll get to them.




For centuries Chapel has served as a holy warrior, hiding himself away from human contact. Now he's forced to travel to England where an ancient evil may be awakened. Prudence Ryland almost out of hope. She desperately needs a miracle and thinks she might have found it. But she's about to discover that the greatest miracle awaits her in Chapel's arms. All she has to do is make her reluctant vampire believe in the power of true love.

First book in a series – so I'll see how i get on – if i like I'll chase the others in the series.






From Nora Roberts, the first lady of romance, comes two stories to warm your heart this Christmas season!

"Gabriel's Angel":

Pregnant and alone Laura Malone was stranded on a snowy road.Fortunately, Gabriel Bradley came to her rescue. Together they weathered the storm, sharing their intimate secrets and soon powerful passion. For Gabriel, Laura was a beautiful, vulnerable angel who had given him an invaluable gift - the gift of hope.

"First Impressions":

Escaping the lure of gold-digging women, wealthy businessman Vance Banning moves to a rural retreat, telling the locals that he's an out-of-work carpenter. So the last thing he needs is a charitable neighbour - especially a beautiful and gracious female neighbour - but there's something about Shane Abbott he just can't ignore...

I have never taken to Ms. Roberts books – but saw this 2-in-1 and decided to try, you never know, i just might be surprised.




She was a runaway wife, with a hefty reward posted for her return. And he was the best darn tracker in the territory. For the half-breed bounty hunter, it was an easy choice. His had been a hard life, with little to show for it except his horse, his Colt, and his scars. The pampered, brown-eyed beauty would go back to her rich husband in San Francisco, and he would be ten thousand dollars richer.
But somewhere along the trail out of the Black Hills, sometime during the long star-studded prairie nights, everything changed. Now, he would give his life to protect her, to hold her forever in his embrace. Now the moonlight poetry of their loving reflected the fiery vision of the Sun Dance: She must be his…Spirit’s Song.

Reminded me of something i use to read years earlier and more over I love the cover.




Connor and Grace are twins, recently orphaned after their widowed father's death. Rather than being adopted by the town's busy-bodies, they decide to set sail for new pastures in their father's last single possession, his sailing boat. But a vicious storm sees their boat capsize and the twins are separated. Two mysterious ships sail to their rescue - each picking up one twin before disappearing into the mist. Connor wakes to find himself on a pirate ship and is soon being trained up with a cutlass. Meanwhile Grace finds herself locked in a darkened room, as the vampirates wait for night to fall and their feasting to begin...Determined to find each other, yet intrigued by their new shipmates, the twins are about to embark on the biggest adventure of their life...

This was on my wish list – so snapped it up as soon as i saw it… the whole series was there – so i was grinning from ear to ear with my bargain.




It is a world much like our own, with one deadly difference: ninety-nine percent of the population is lycanthropic. When the full moon rises, humans transform into lunes, bloodthirsty beasts who cannot be reasoned with or tamed. Those few born unable to change are disparagingly known as barebacks, and live as victims of prejudice and oppression. All too often, they are targets of savage mauling and death by lunes who break the law to roam free on full-moon nights.
Twenty something bareback Lola Galley is already a veteran of the Department for the Ongoing Regulation of Lycanthropic Activities. When her friend loses a hand to a marauding lune, then is murdered before the attacker is brought to trial, Lola is desperate to see justice prevail. But the truth is seldom simple - and Lola may not like the shocking answers she uncovers.

Always wanted to try her work -  never too much shifter books on my shelf…….


Some fuunnn times ahead for me…..


9 Speak To Me:

VampFanGirl on 8 April 2009 at 00:05 said...

That 'Spirit's Song' cover is gorgeous!!!

Happy Reading,

Erotic Horizon on 8 April 2009 at 00:12 said...

Hey VFG...

That cover is just to die for - reminds me of a Johanna Lindsay cover - just gorgeous.


Lea on 8 April 2009 at 00:19 said...


Is Spirit's Song an 80's or 90's book? The cover is reminiscent of "back in the day".

I have "Be Mine Tonight" in the stacks and hope to read it before the next mellenium.

"Bareback", sounds very intriguing and the cover is equally so! I will await your thoughts on that one.

"Vampirates", wow - sounds 'campy', again I'll be interested to read your thoughts.

Nice haul EH - enjoy. :)


Erotic Horizon on 8 April 2009 at 07:56 said...

Hey Lea,

"Spirit Song" was first published in 99 ..The cover is definately "back in the day" and I love it..

"Be Mine Tonight" - I know J.R. Ward - next book is coming up soon, but i have to have a vampi book going in the mean time - this sounds like a good series - so i grab this one, if it's worth it, i'll get the other's in the series.

Bareback - I must admit the cover did it for me, and there sounds to be no romances - just good against evil - I'll let you know my thoughts...

Vampirates.. Believe it or not, it's a young adult book - so my little demons have already pinch that one already, but when I read it, I will be sure to post my thoughts.


Blodeuedd on 8 April 2009 at 13:17 said...

The guy on Spirit Song...nice ;)
And yeah, didn't see that, but 90's indeed

Will await your review on Be Mine Tonight

Erotic Horizon on 8 April 2009 at 13:47 said...

Hey blodeuedd..

The cover cover did the business for me choosing this one - I have a bad habit of looking at publication year -

When I saw 1999, I thought - huuuuuh, but that cover was too much to pass by...


Blodeuedd on 8 April 2009 at 13:51 said...

I know, I am the same, I fall for covers, or the look of the books.
Of course I great cover can't make me buy a book that sounds really boring. But whenever do you see that

Cecile Smutty Hussy on 8 April 2009 at 14:42 said...

Good Morning... or should I say Good Afternoon to you. Well, I am glad to see that you had a wonderful day at the market yesterday!!! Your book list is great!! Did you meet any new people while you were there?
Glad to see all is well!!

Erotic Horizon on 8 April 2009 at 22:01 said...

Hey Cecile,

I had a great day at the market.. very pleased with my haul of book.

No I didn't meet anyone who shares my passion for romance novels...but I'll find some real one - just give me time.