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Monthly Reading list Update - April



April Reading list


It’s that time of the month again when we all have a look back at what we have read. I had the chance to read some wonderful books this month. A  few that stand out are charlotte Featherstone – Forever yours (my first historical in a long while), Fragile – Shiloh Walker ( with even knowing Ms .Walkers panache for traumatise woman – Fragile really stood out), Cut and Run – Abigail Roux, Madeline Urban (also made me sit and give a cheer – excellent) and Cry Wolf – Patricia Briggs (my collaboration with Cecile – not only did i enjoy a joint review, but i met Bran – i can’t say it enough – What a Man)


Whatever you read this month, whether in quantity or quality, I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment and let me know which book stood out for you this month….

I was also taking part in It’s Not all Mary Poppins – Book Binge Challenge – So this April list count towards that challenge:


133 – Trust – Shawn Lane - Review

132 – Dark Highland Fire – Kendra Leigh Castle - Review

131 – The Happy Onion – Ally Blue - Review

130 – Back To Texas – Sienna Black - Review

129 – Beautiful Girl – Shiloh Walker - Review

128 – Hungry Heart – Jamie Hill - Review

127 – Tri Omega Mate 3 – Hidden Desires - Stormy Glenn – Review

112 - 126 - Weekly Geeks 24Hrs Read-A – Thon – Review (I read 18 books in 24hrs – 3 were a re-read)

111 – Untamed Hearts 3 - Wolfen Choice – Jamie Hill, Jude Mason - Review

110 – Untamed Heart 2 - Bear Combustion – Jamie Hill, Jude Mason - Review

109 – In For A Penny – Carol Lynne - Review

106 - 108 – 3 Quickies - Reviews

105 – Love Slave for Two – Family Matters – Tymber Dalton - Review

104 - Caught Running – Abigail Roux , Madeline Urban - Review

103 – Cut and Run – Abigail Roux, Madeline Urban - Review

102 – Cry Wolf – Patricia Briggs - Review

101 – Slow Fires – Sarah Black - Review

100 - Cinnamon Toast & Sex – Sarah Black  - Review

99 – Coming On Strong – Tawny Weber - Review

98 – Furtive Liaison – Amanda Young - Review

97 – Lovers of Alpha Squad 1 – Mari’s Men – Stormy Glenn – Review

96 – Lovers of Alpha Squad 2 – The Doctor’s Patient  - Stormy Glenn - Review

95 – Lovers of Alpha Squad 3 – Julia’s Knight - Stormy Glenn - Review

94 - Fragile – Shiloh Walker -  Review 

93- Wanted Dead Or Alive– Jamie Hill - Review

92 - Alaskan Heat – Pam Champagne - Review

91 - The Other Side – Shawn Lane – Review

90 - Forever Yours – Charlotte Featherstone – Review      


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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I’ve Been Tagged

I was tagged by DeSeRtRoSe @ DeSeRtRoSe Booklogue with this fun meme.. To complete the meme I need to answer the following questions:

1. What are your current obsessions?
My handbags and Shoes, This is the time of the year – when all my peacock feather spread out on display… Hey i have to look the part… 

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
My jeans and white T-Shirt

3. What's for dinner?
Broccoli, Fish and runner beans

4. Last thing you bought?
A Jacket for the lighter weather we are now having.

5. What are you listening to?
Melody Gardot – My One and Only Thrill (Album)

Below - Baby I’m  fool – Melody Gardot – One track from her new Album


6. What are you watching now or the latest movie you watched?
Huge Jackman – Wolverine, and a whole lot news – getting updates on the virus..

7. Favourite holiday spots?
Would i be wicked to say, anywhere i can get away from the kids is actually a holiday for me.

8. Reading right now?
Robin Kaye – Too Hot to Handle, Diana Palmer – Hard to handle

9. What will you be reading next?
Cowboys Dream Too – Morgan Q OReilly

10. Four words to describe yourself.
Introvert, Smart, Opinionated, Pain in the Ass (had to add that one)

11. Guilty pleasure?
Pepsi, I love it :)

12. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak?
My Son – does a mean pole dancing routine - (Don’t even ask – i am still in shock after rolling over in laughter)

13. Favourite spring thing to do?
Digging around in the dirt pretending to do some gardening – I have yet to see the fruit of my labour - YET.

14. Planning to travel to next?
Nothing concrete, but probably something local-----

15. Best thing you ate or drank lately?
I had some Caribbean Jerk Chicken for Lunch and it was Delicious.

16. When did you last get tipsy?
Never. I don't drink.. Never did never will.

17. Favourite ever film?
Lady Hawke, and any thing with John Wayne.

18. Care to share some wisdom?
Work hard, try your hardest and never be afraid to say sorry..

19. Song you can't get out of your head?
Anthoney Wright – No me without you..



I am to pass this on to a few other people. Please consider yourself tagged and have fun with this – prep and spice it up as much as you want to – leave a comment and i will link back to your post…

Have fun being tagged….

Link to This Meme..

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Review – Trust – Shawn Lane


The Blurb

Brad Callahan has lived with regret for thirteen years. In college, he broke Justin Lowe’s heart by cheating. Justin hasn’t spoken to him since, but his love for Brad never died even if some wounds never heal. When Brad’s paramedic unit is called to an accident, he finds Justin in the wrecked car. Still in love with Justin, Brad visits his former lover and well-known mystery writer in the hospital. When Justin reveals he believes he was forced off the road and has been receiving ominous letters, Brad takes Justin home. Passion long held back ignites and they cannot resist being in each other’s arms. With someone wanting to tear them apart and Justin’s inability to trust Brad again, will love be enough to unite them forever?




The Review


Brad Callahan  - The young man who had the world on a string, but one mistake and he ends up as the man with one too many memory to regret.

Justin Lowe’s – The young man who grew up to be a well known mystery writer. There is also a mystery of late in his life, but nothing more important than coming face to face with the one man he has never been able to forget.


The Plot

When Brad Callahan broke Justin Lowe's heart, little did he know that more than a decade later he would still be wearing the scars from the event.

Now a man getting on with day to day life as best he can, he’s called out to a traffic accident to see the boy he loved now a man trapped in a car and it’s almost more than he can take.

Visiting Justin in hospital, lead to Brad taking him home after he reveals that the accident that he was involved in was no accident. With unresolved issues left over from years ago between them, passion quickly ignites and natural curiosity leads them to explore the past decade without each other.

However with all the heat these two produce someone is out to get at least one of them and with Brad not sure where he stands with Justin – they take baby steps, but is it too much too late.   


“Yeah, yeah. Goodbye.” He closed his flip phone, his cheeks hot with embarrassment. He stood up. “S-sorry. That was my mom.”

Justin’s expression was unreadable but he nodded. “Yes, I heard.”

Brad looked away, unable or unwilling to meet Justin’s gaze. “The pizza. I’ll reheat it for you. And tea. I already have the teabag waiting.”

He moved toward the kitchen but Justin had already moved away from the doorway and stood in his way. Justin’s fingers curled around the bare skin on his forearm, sending a powerful jolt straight to his cock.

“Brad, don’t.”

His heart leapt into his throat, then plummeted. This was the part where Justin told him he was calling a cab and getting the hell out of Brad’s apartment. Misery choked him but he wouldn’t back away from it like a coward.

“How much did you hear?” he managed to ask.

“All of it, I think.”

Brad nodded. “Just my mother being bossy. It was nothing.”

Olive green eyes met his. “You’re wrong, Brad.”


Justin stepped very close to Brad, so close he felt the bulge in Justin’s jeans. So close he felt Justin’s breath on his neck.

“I want you,” Justin said. “I want you so bad it’s tearing me up.”

Trust © Shawn Lane


Smut/Ick Factor

Not enough in my opinion, these two have some chemistry between them,  even after more than a decade apart, the something special that clicked between all those years ago was still there years later. There is no swinging from the rafters, but lots of touching and those looks that promise so much was very much in evidence.



The character themselves were a treat – I always love Ms. Lane’s protags, not only do you not know what sort of chip they will end up having on their shoulders, but you never know where they end going with the battle within them.

I love the transition setting of the book, it starts off with obviously the event and then leads up to the main plot – no in hindsight for this book - nice.

Quite an emotional read, with the emphasis being on “TRUST”, how easily it is to lose it and the lengths you will have to go through to get it back.  

I love the vulnerability that Ms. Lane brings out in these men, it is not often that you see a protag that is able to open himself up to hurt and even ridicule if the worst scenario plays out. The little moment of insecurity and bravado were few but they brought a smile to my face.

I love the angst between nosy parents and their son and son’s lover and vengeful parent –  it was so today it could be my parent..

It’s probably weird of me, but there is definately a feel of penance to this book, self justification for past wrong and i like it.

There were some underlining issues that was never developed, it was a short read – so that is naturally expected, however i do hope Ms Lane revisit Justin and Brad once they get some mileage on their relationship.



Not perfect by any mean, but not enough issues to make a song and dance about. TRUST was a sweet read, it was over before i realized it – you’ll easily get caught up in the magic of Brad and Justin.



I like the cover alot, Firstly there are Nekkid men showing lots of abs, more over every time i look at the cover i see something different – not only does it have a “what could be” feel to it, but it’s heavy on the eeriness - the eyes in the back ground is too spooky…


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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Discussion Point – Life and the Books That Change it or Made an Impact



All of the past weeks there has been a whole song and dance in the UK press about the books that had either changed our life or really stand out of the pack.

This was not an earth-shattering, world-rocking change (at least not yet, if I ever get hit from behind while waiting to make a left, that might change). But it was a literary life lesson that has impacted me greatly. It’s like how I pay attention to the design of everything since reading The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd.

On literary life lessons and books that change your life – Jodi Chromey

I knew i wanted to use that as a  Discussion Point topic, but looking back at my own reading life, i really had to take a few days to think about it, i had to weed through the dreaded bookshelf to see memories of my younger self, at one point i actually asked my mum what books did i refuse to get rid of, or which books hang around the house for more years than she would have liked.

When people say, i have been reading from some age like 3, 4 or 5  - I was being a kid. Growing up i enjoyed my childhood, i hated school, I fight with the boys until they realised which bits to hit the hardest, and tried my hardest to get my neighbours son to fall in love with me – he was about 20yrs older than i was – my first crush.

But books – nada, nothing – My earliest book i can remember actually loving was To Kill A Mocking Bird. Then there was Wide Sargasso Sea.


What all this is really about is trying to sidestep the reality that books are pretty useless to us. They don't keep us warm (unless you finally fling that unputdownable freak in the fire), they don't feed us, they wreck our environment by costing trees, and sometimes they're plain poisonous. Sure, they're enjoyable, but can that be justified?

Why Books Wont Change Your life – Alistair Harper


I was also really caught up in Shakespeare’s Twelve Night and I loved tragedy at that time and loves Macbeth and Bun-Hur (the screen play)

But did any of them shaped my life – Not really,  i don’t work in a book related industry, i have hopped around with my reading over the years too much to say, that book or this book, have shaped my love for a particular genre. Of course  we all would have read Frankenstein – paranormal at it’s best..

Tell me your first really distinct memory of a book you loved and has it actually made an impact on your life choice or your reading style.


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Review – Dark Highland Fire – Kendra Leigh Castle




The Blurb

Desired by women, kissed by luck, Gabriel MacInnes has led a charmed life. A Highland werewolf with Alpha blood in his veins, he'd always known that responsibility was something that he, as the second son, would never have to worry much about. But with his Pack now squarely in the sights of an ancient and rediscovered enemy, everything has begun to change. Guarding the legendary Stone of Destiny has never been more important for the MacInnes Wolves, and keeping watch for things that creep through the darkness is a task that must fall to them all. Having come close to losing everything, Gabriel has begun to want more. He just has no idea that the more is about to be thrust into his arms, whether he wants it or not. And to top it all off, she bites...

Exiled from the Drakkyn realm, on the run from the dragon prince who will stop at nothing to have her as his own, the last thing Rowan an Morgaine wants is to be left at the mercy of a bunch of overbearing shifters in the middle of nowhere. But when her hiding place on Earth is discovered, the MacInnes Pack is her only resort until their common enemy can be stopped once and for all. With blood the only thing that can restore her waning power, the fiery demigoddess has little choice but to accept Gabriel as a protector, something he's stubbornly determined to be. If only he wasn't so deliciously appealing, Rowan might be able to accept his help. But she has sworn to belong to no man. And she's beginning to suspect that no matter how frightening her hunter is, this strangely familiar werewolf poses an even greater danger to her heart.

As the Earthly and Drakkyn realms converge, Gabriel and Rowan find themselves running from enemies who will stop at nothing to see them torn apart. But in the deep woods, under a different moon, there are secrets yet to be revealed. New love will be tested by fire itself. And each must decide how much they're willing to sacrifice for fate...and for one another.




The Review


Rowan an Morgaine – A much loved daughter, bath in light and happiness and knows that she is surrounded by her kind – that is until the prince of darkness takes a shine to her. Once her life changes, she comes into her own and she puts up a hell of a fight.

Gabriel MacInnes – The loved brother who was never able to understand the demands placed on his brother. The much loved son who felt like he never fitted into the world that was all he had ever known and he was also the lover that the ladies can’t seem to get enough of.


The Plot

Rowan is exiled on earth when she becomes the target of a demented dragon prince. Barely managing, she make the best of a bad situation along with her brother.

When she is saved again by her brother and left not only on Gabriel’s pack land, but in Gabriel's arms – she does what she does best – goes on the defensive, however this time she has meet her match and she will not grin and bear it.

Gabriel has is hackles up, just as much as his pack – when the door they have been guarding opens and through them emerges two beautiful people. He soon finds himself with a handful of woman and as much as he doesn’t agree with the plan, he takes his responsibility very seriously.

With more than their egos at stage, Rowan and Gabriel have to not only sort out the fragile thread of their relationship, but also be on constant alert, because Rowan comes with a whole heap of trouble and Gabriel refuses to let her out of his sight.


Surprise element

The author has clearly thought out the plot of this series and in this second book, she has further define the past of the shifters and there role in what is currently happening to Rowan. The Drakkyn Realm was so clearly described that you could actually form a pretty clear idea of what this place would look like. I thought this was nicely down by the author.



Any book that has shifter in it, I immediately start thinking “Oh god, the dreaded pheromones”, however – that aspect of the book did not overtake the plot or even infringed on how the end came about. 


Smut/Ick Factor

You guys know how i love my smut, but i have to admit the act itself in this book did nothing for me. It has romance, there is no doubt about that, however the innuendos and self denying was so much fun to read about, that when they finally came together, it wasn’t fireworks for me. However the merry chase to getting there and staking their claim on each other was just like cream on cake.



From the moment i read the first in the series, i love the concept of the world that Ms. Castle has created and CALL OF A HIGHLAND MOON was a wonderful opening book to the series – so i was very pleased at how Ms. Castle – used the stripper angle to pull me in.

The fact that she steps out of the norm and pair Gabriel – a werewolf shifter  with Rowan – a Demi-Goddess, was also a path less travelled , but it worked and it was good.

The sexual tension between these two as mention before was so rich – they themselves didn’t even know what was happening and that was a big plus for me.

The emotional highs and low of soul searching, confession and some levels of vulnerability was well timed and well played.

Another area for the book i was impressed with was the growth of Gabriel – from realizing who is mate was to the fact that he opened himself to embrace the difficulty that his brother was under being the older of the two brothers.  

The entire book kept true to form, meaning Rowan’s world was a mixture of light and darkness, the beings and there description was cognizant of this fact. Gabriel world was earth – with it’s fault and it’s secrecy but no more than when the two world collide and little bits and piece of info starts melting the worlds together to give readers the bigger picture of what was happening.

In this second book, the story is all about Rowan and Gabriel, no secondary characters stood out. While i loved how some of the support cast stood out in the first book, i was pleased with the fact that Ms. Castle made a clear difference in who was leading the story DARK HIGHLAND MAGIC.  

I also liked the emphasis on the senses, Ms. Castle was very descriptive in the sound of The realms (screams,laughter), the look (Cave, tunnels, rich pillow and scenes) , the feel (slithering creatures, teeth made only for one thing) and highlighting the six sense that is so much more sharper when they were in the Drakkyn realm.

Ms. Castle has left us on a high note, but with enough assumption and guess work that really make me can’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on WILD HIGHLAND MAGIC.

Another great review of this book is done by Ruthie – Books Books and More Books.



The one thing that mar this book for me, is somewhere about a third in, the pace of the book dragged. With Ms. Castle fleshing out the dynamics of the Realm and how they came to be and it’s relevance to the situation that Rowan and her brother now find themselves in – for me it got a bit long winded.

Once the world was defined the business was back on and i really regretted having to leave Gabriel and Rowan and all the angst that i can see waiting in the wings to happen.



What's not to like, a highlander and wolf. Hey that’s woman's fantasy. I couldn’t image how they would have represented Rowan, she was such a vibrant character.


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Monday, 27 April 2009

Review – The Happy Onion – Ally Blue





The Blurb

Liberal vegan meets corporate carnivore. What could possibly go wrong?

Thomas Stone has one sacred rule: Don’t Date The Boss. Ever. So when he finds out his new employer is the man he took to bed his first night in town, he’s less than happy. He doesn’t need any more complications in his life, and the way Phil makes him feel definitely qualifies as a complication. Especially since he can’t seem to keep his hands off the man.

Philip Sorrells is thrilled to discover that the new bartender his manager hired for his restaurant, The Happy Onion, is the aggressive little blond he slept with once and can’t forget. Thom is Phil’s wet dream come true, from his angelic face to his fiery temper. For the first time, Phil hears the siren song of monogamy, and he’s tempted to follow it.

When Thom leaves The Happy Onion for a job managing an upscale nightclub, it looks like a chance for him and Phil to be together without the whole boss/employee thing hanging over them. Instead, Thom’s new position brings out previously unsuspected differences in their world views. Differences with the power to destroy their fragile bond.

So how will this nature-loving tree-hugger and corporate-ladder climber navigate this political minefield in the name of love? Very carefully.



The Review


Phillip Sorrell – Local business owner, but a stanch supporter of community and environmental consciousness. He likes his men totally opposite to him, but when he met Thom, he just might be all he wishes for and a bit more than he bargained for.

Thomas Stone – Thom with the face of an angel and the bad boy attitude to belie his size. Thom is also able to adjust when the going gets tough. Caught up in wishing for an expected twist in his life – he is caught out when said wish becomes his for the taking.


The Plot

Thom finds himself in a pickle when a sure thing fell through, once his luck picks up however he thought a night of celebration is in order and celebrate he did – and he meets a most delicious man, that has him thinking about all the things that he hasn’t thought of in awhile.

Phillip is just out to have some fun and enjoy the evening when he meets Thom. Not expecting Thom to be his newest employee, he reacts with some level of grace, but also making Thom know that there can be more if he so desires.

With Thom’s current predicament, a whole to of baggage on his shoulders and Phillips free love attitude – both men are in for  a rough ride to making any chance they have of being together work.


As he approached the door, Thom heard music thudding from inside. He listened for a moment, trying to get a sense of Phil’s current mood. The music he played nearly always reflected how he felt. Thom let out a relieved sigh when he recognized a track from Beck’s Midnite Vultures.Phil only played that one when he was feeling upbeat.

Gathering his courage, Thom lifted his hand and gave three firm raps on the sturdy wooden door. A few seconds later, the door swung open, blasting “Sexx Laws” to the neighborhood at the ear-splitting volume Phil seemed to prefer.

Phil stood in the open doorway wearing a pair of ripped, faded and paint-splattered jeans and nothing else. Sweat threaded tiny rivers through the thick fur on his chest and plastered curling tendrils of golden brown hair to his flushed face.

He looked positively edible. Thom gulped.

The slow, sexy grin that always turned Thom into a slack-jawed idiot spread over Phil’s face. “Hey, Bubbles. What brings you here?”

We need to talk. We need to figure out where whatever we have between us is going. After that, if we decide to pursue a relationship, we will need to set boundaries and limits. Then, and only then, you may take me to bed.

Not one word of Thom’s carefully rehearsed speech emerged from his dry mouth. Sex! his overactive libido screamed instead. Sex now! Sexsexsex!

He licked his lips. “Uh… I…”

Phil frowned. “Thom? You okay?”

Happy Onion © Ally Blue

Smut/Ick Factor

The smut in this one is definately a up against the wall sort of action. I loved everything about it. It’s  fast, full of issues and there was no grey areas about who was doing what to whom.



I love Ally blue, one reviewer mention that ‘She is the queen of angst” and I most certainly agree with her.

She has used the opposite attraction theme to bring together Thom and Phillip. Size, lifestyle choices, sexual preferences, mannerism – everything was the total opposite of the other and it makes HAPPY ONION a wonderful read.

I like the fact that there was enough of a pretty decent story line to balance the books and not a book where every page is full of steam.

Support characters are not only of the love them or hate them variety, but they added to the angst of the book as well.

I really liked Ms. Blue’s definition of Phillip and Thom’s characters – Philip definitely a child of the 60’s and he more than happily embodies everything that was around at the time. Thom on the other hand can be a little (a lot really) uptight, but he is consistent with is wanting of Phillip.

I also liked the play on the aggression and submissive nature of both men – it stood out and for each smut scene you just never know who was going to demand what of whom.

A short read, but with a plot that just let you lose yourself into it, it demanded no huge leap of faith to believe the plot. A sweet read.



While i love the angst, there was a whip lash moment with the on again off again nature of the relationship, this will be a definately turn off for readers especially if you are not a lover of the angsty theme sort of book. Check out Obsidian Bookshelf Review.


A sweet cover, nothing of the amount of issues that is involved in the book is actually reflected. But i loved it.



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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Review – Back To Texas – Sienna Black






The Blurb

Sela Reeves has been with the Agency since she left Texas, ten years ago. She's been partnered with Marcus Hughes for the last seven and she couldn't wish for a better match. He's capable, handsome, and more than just the sum of his muscles. He's everything she needs and everything she thinks she wants.

Until an assignment takes them back to Texas and she's reintroduced to a man from her past.

Tyler Brooks left Texas ten years ago, too, trying to escape the memory of a failed relationship. He'd been ready to settle down and marry Sela, the girl of his dreams. When she disappeared, he packed up and moved west, but the lucrative future he dreamed never materialized. Now he's back in Texas helping with the family resort. It's all going fine, until it brings him face to face with the girl who left him behind.

In the middle of a gunrunning bust.

Tensions are high, both in the bedroom and out, and distractions could prove to be dangerous. But sometimes you have to go back to move forward and sometimes you have to take an impossible chance to get what you want the most.


The review



Sela – The dare devil girl who grew up into a woman who knows what she wants and who she wants it with. Now that a job has given her a chance to go home, she just might be able to have her cake and eat it too.

Marcus – Partner to Sela – the conscious partner, the partner who always weights up the pro’s and the con’s before making a move. Marcus is also the partner that has it bad for his partner.

Tyler – Been through it and done it or as much as life allowed him to and now he was back in Texas. He is comfortable with the daily happening on his family ranch and he is content. Sela being Sela breezes back into his life and this time – Tyler might just not survive her.


The Plot

Sela is only back in Texas because of a case for the agency. With Marcus her partner of seven years they start the standard operating procedure of getting in on the ground floor with the locals and making themselves as friendly a possible.

Tyler is also back in Texas and the last person he expects to see after a decade is the object of his desire. Not only is she back, but she is just as sexy and she now comes as a package deal.

Not all is well on Tyler’s little slice of Texas and Sela and Marcus are there to a job and Tyler if he is not careful might get a lot more than he bargains for.


He reached over her, bracing his hands on either side. His shirt skimmed her shoulder, a feather-light caress that sent shivers racing down her spine. He'd undone the top couple of buttons on his shirt, revealing a dark patch of smooth skin. Her fingers itched to touch it.
"We go here, there's no turning back," he rumbled. "Can't undo it. That's not who I am."
Sela laughed, mostly breath and little sound. "You say that like it's a bad thing."
"Nah. Just saying." Then he kissed her, and the technicalities between warning and statement didn't matter anymore.
She didn't mean to make that soft, needy sound of relief when their lips touched. As with all of the kisses they'd shared, this one started gentle, testing, like somehow they might get it wrong. Caution faded before the heat that followed. Sela licked his bottom lip and Marcus took advantage of the opening, thrusting his tongue deep to claim her mouth. Owned. Possessed.

Back to Texas © Sienna Black

Surprise Element

Yeah, i was surprised at where the book went, as i wasn’t expected a ménage. The sexual tension between Tyler and Sela was in your face and very physical. The tension between Sela and Marcus was long overdue and was just like a coil about to be be released.

Marcus and Tyler’s tension was not expected – neither by them or us and it had no chance to build – it just happened, they reacted and my god it burned. 



Having never read anything by this author,  i was open minded about where she would lead us, after reading the blurb, this was an instant buy for me. From the moment the trivialities were dealt with, everything else that followed was edge of your seat sexual excitement.


Smut/Ick Factor

This wasn’t only smut, this was smut on wheels. Sela is the driving force in this ménage, however when two men are literally thrown off course with an unexpected attraction – expect fire works and fireworks is what we got. A re-read is already planned for some specific pages.


You wanted me to hit you?"
"No. Jesus." Tyler laughed now. "I don't have a death wish. But you don't exactly strike me as the forgiving type. Not unless someone's on your side. Not unless you're getting something back."
Marcus pursed his lips. "And you think, by keeping you around, I'm getting my rocks off or something?"
"I dunno. You tell me. I'm just thinking out loud."
Neither of them spoke for a long silence. Tyler didn't lie down again. Marcus didn't dare stand to pace, like he wanted. The jazz kept playing, underscoring the tension in the room.
Then Tyler stood, abrupt upward motion, and headed toward him. Marcus pushed back in the chair until it thumped against the desk. Tyler stopped half a step away, close enough that Marcus’s knees brushed his jeans.
"Asking out loud, too. Are you in to me?"

Back To Texas © Sienna Black


I love Sela from the moment i was introduced to her. No shy flower is this woman –she knew she was sexy and she made no bones about what and who she wants.

This book would be considered a novella at only 88pages and Ms. Black hits all the right buttons with these few pages.  A nice and neat plot, with only entertainment in mind.

The characters were endearing, no outstanding baddies – but enough angst going on to make a pretty decent tension filled set up.

I love the minimalistic feel of the book. The entire book took place in one area – with everything and everyone more or less rotating around the ranch environ.

I love the emotional and sexual interaction between these three, even at there sarcastic funniest – you feel the attraction vibrating off of them.



From the blurb  - “In the middle of a gunrunning bust” – If you were expecting any sort of gun battle or at the least gun chasing he men, you will be disappointed.

The man thrust of the story is centred around Marcus , Sela and Tyler finding common ground and having a blast at every turn getting there (not really a negative – but with the word “gunrunning bust” we don’t get much of that).

Other than the main protags, none of the support cast was developed in any way – however this story does not warrant more info than we actually got.



I like it alot. There is just something very decadent about it.


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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Review – Beautiful Girl – Shiloh Walker

The Blurb

Sometimes getting to heaven requires a trip through hell.
Twelve years ago, it looked like Del Prescott had it all. The wealthy family, the car, the looks and charm, and the perfect boyfriend. Then, mysteriously, she disappeared to “study abroad.” Now she’s back, and it’s not merely to attend a high school reunion. She’s here to face her demons—and Blake, the man she has never stopped loving.
Blake Mitchell is a changed man, thanks to surviving twelve long years of difficulties that began after Del dropped out of his life. Now she’s back, and she’s nothing like the polished, stylish world traveller he imagined she’d be. There’s a darkness about her, and a grim expression in her eyes that says she’s prepared for fight or flight.
Blake’s concern for her breaks down the walls Del has built around her heart and she finally begins to heal from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her own family. But the betrayal goes deeper than either of them ever imagined—and it’s about to come back to haunt them.

The Review


Del Prescott – The girl who had everything, the home, the friends, the lifestyle and the boyfriend – she is also the girl who grew up into a woman who had lost so much and had not now only come home, she come home to collect on a past that she has never forgotten.

Blake Mitchell – Blake has had a hard few years and it all sort of started when his girlfriend up and left – since then nothing as gone right. Now is life is about to be turned upside down and it again starts with Del Prescott.

The Plot

Del Prescott has come home for her high school reunion, having never returned home since she left twelve years earlier she has come back a changed woman and the town had just better be prepared – because Del has also come home to fight some demons.

Blake Mitchell is a survivor, from the moment his girlfriend packed up and left him as a teenager he has been surviving one battle after another. Now things are looking up for the first time in a the long time and he is comfortable. Del has come back home and he wants answers from her if nothing else.

There is however an evil undercurrent to Prescott and only Del holds the key and she is better prepared than twelve years ago to deal with any consequences. However is Prescott prepared for the repercussion when Del has had her say.

He stopped a few feet in front of her and Del held herself still as he looked her over, starting at the thick-soled boots on her feet and travelling upwards. His eyes lingered on her hair and she braced herself for the questions. They didn’t come, though. Instead, he just smirked a little and said, “Nice to see you again, Deedee.”
His voice was soft and casual, not showing one hint of the betrayal he’d felt when he had come home and his girl was gone. She hadn’t called him, hadn’t left him any kind of note—Deedee had just been gone. This was the first time Blake had seen her in twelve years, but he wasn’t prepared for it.
Not one bit.
Her eyes met his, solemn and unsmiling. Her mouth was naked and set in a flat, unyielding line. Deedee had loved to laugh but the cool stranger standing before him didn’t look like she knew how. He held his hand out. She hesitated before placing her 23
Beautiful Girl
hand in his. Her nails were unpainted. Blake didn’t think he’d ever seen her look so—bare. No makeup. No jewellery that he could see, except for that black cord around her neck. It had some sort of pendant on it, but it was hidden under the high neck of her shirt. No earrings.
Her voice was soft, huskier than he remembered. “I go by Del now.”

Beautiful Girl © Shiloh Walker

Surprise Element

I knew from the outset that much trauma would be involved in this book. However i was surprise at how Ms. Walker brought so much different perspective together in one book to make this read stand out. Another surprise was that at the end of the book everything more or less comes full circle.


From the blurb you know something evil had happened to Del, for her to leave town. However from that moment on – nothing happens as expected. Individual traits comes to the forefront and long suppress emotions rares it’s head and Del and Blake – literally burn the pages with angst's and issues.

Smut/Ick Factor

This book was not a book catering to the up against the wall sort of smut that i have been reading lately. This is more like a getting to know you sort of love. Tentative steps to the big moment – but when it did happen it was a moment to remember.


I love the long lost love returning home theme, it grab me every time and when an author gets the mix right as Ms. Walker does with BEAUTIFUL GIRL, its a winner.

The character development was nicely down, you got to know every single person in town. You knew their habits, their faults, and what made them happy.

Ms. Walkers description of Prescott - small town Tennessee, was spot on. She touches on the secrets small towns hold, the traditions that have almost become an institution and of course the upper and the lower class of said town and the place of pride that is involved in being at the top and on the right side of the tracks.

The pace of the book was easy to follow, the story although intense and the plot was a less than forgiving one – all led to the HEA of the protags.

All the side stories were dealt with, nothing was left hanging or left for the reader to wonder at what happened to this or that person.

The emotional aspect of this book cannot be described, it kept pace, it kept on coming and it literally torn you apart and comes full circle to end in a way that was everything i could have wished for, for Del and Blake...

As much as i loved a baddy, the baddies in BEAUTIFUL GIRL were just plain evil and i love how there was clear consistency to them – there was not a nice bone in their body, no matter what they did.


This book has not exactly graphic details, but details of abusive happening to a teenager that might be a little hard to take. It is however all in hindsight and in my opinion a perfect addition to the book.


I am still a little indecisive about the cover. The setting of this book was in small town Prescott and none of that is reflected in the cover of this book. A in your face cover that is not easily forgotten.

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Friday, 24 April 2009

I Is Tired..

stuff toy with mug



Still catching up on my sleep from the weekend and getting in some comfort read.. so loads of SMUT for me today. Will be back tomorrow. Catch up on the Discussion Points or Check out a Review if this is your first time.


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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Discussion Point – Accessorizing Your Reading







I find that my kids are the biggest inspiration for these questions for Discussion Point and now i don’t even have to dig deep to find some thought provoking thing to post – they just open their mouths and bingo it’s there.


Today i am talking about accessorizing your reading. My little beasties and i go to an event most Saturday morning and last Saturday – rushing around to get through the door, i realised at the last minute i had the wrong bag…

Asking my youngest to go grab a bag turned out to be a bigger dilemma than it should be. I apparently to my kids all so knowing wisdom carry bags according to the books i am reading.


“Mom what book are you reading and do you have Fitzroy” (My ereader)

My youngest © wanting to know what book  i have to pick up a bag..


I honestly didn’t realise i was actually doing that. I buy bags based on a number of factor, style, look, price, ease of use and now somewhere in the back of my mind my reading habit.

I love oversized bags as a general rule, however with an ereader and paper back  always at hand and all the other things  that goes into a handbag – I have apparently made my reading the priority in  which bag I take each and everyday. i choose bags to cushion my ‘Fitzroy”, i use bags that  i don’t have to fluff with zips to pop my paperback in when i have to rush off  and i found i have not taken a summer bag (cloth back) in a long while for fear of it getting wet and damaging my precious paperback and Fitzroy. 

Do you accessorize your reading, if you do – what is it and how far will you go. With ereaders, paper backs, paperbacks do only stop there, what about book marks, soft covers, designer stylus etc…

Did you know you were doing this and are people around you aware of your accessories.



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Review – Hungry Heart – Jamie Hill





The Blurb

Book Three of Streets of Fire!

Captain Gil Gates is a proud member of the N.Y.P.D. and enjoys his position running a North Bronx precinct. When an incident with grave repercussions rocks the department and the whole community, Gil's otherwise spotless record is suddenly in jeopardy.

Brian Knight is Channel Nine's star news reporter, following the most exciting story the Bronx has seen in quite some time. In his line of work, as with Gil's, being gay no big deal unless someone finds out about it.

Brian is the sexiest guy Gil's been with in ages, but certainly not someone he can confide in as his career spins out of control. Yet Brian offers something the department can't--something that's been missing from Gil's life for too long. If only he can clear his name and solve a double homicide while he's at it.



The Review


Captain Gil Gates – Is not a happy man, with the universe conspiring again him, he has little joy in his days. Flabbergasted. to find an emotional connection where he least expects it – he is in for a rude awaking and it may just cost him everything

Brian Knight – Local reporter for a news channel and whose main priority has always been the story is going after the story as usual. With Gil being the juiciest story to hit the new wave in a long time, he will stop at nothing to get his pitch. This attitude has nothing to do with how he feels about his new love interest – and this is the where the problem lies.


The Plot.

Gill is not having a good time at work. With everyone including the press out to get a piece of him – it seems the only allies that he has are his two buddies Sam and Nick.

At the end of a long day he ends up in the sack with someone he knows he has to be very careful with, it not only causes problem for him emotionally, but starts a chain reaction that may just have him losing everything that he has worked for.


“Could I buy you a cup of coffee?” Knight didn’t seem to want to leave.
“I don’t think so. But really, thanks.” Gil wasn’t sure he could keep from swearing for that long.
The man raised his hands. “No hidden agenda. I promise you, I have no microphones or tape recorders. I just thought we could talk. We could stay here if you’d rather.”
Gil cocked his head sideways. “Why would you want to do that?”
Knight shrugged. “You seem like the kind of guy I could talk to. I don’t have that many friends. Most people are afraid I’ll turn something they say into the opener on the ten o’clock news.”
“Now there’s a sentiment I can relate to.” Gil nodded, feeling a smile creep over his face.
Knight smiled. “How about this? I’ll give you some dirt you could use on me to help convince you I’m being sincere.”
“I don’t want—”

Hungry Heart © Jamie Hill


Surprise Element

This book has a different feel to it as compare to the other two books in the Streets of Fire series. The beginning of the relationship between Gil and Brian does not have that tempestuous feel to it. The men more or less find themselves justifying their careers and the choices they make while the building of there partnership almost takes a back seat to all else. 



After the angst and tumultuous meetings that Gil’s two friends had in meeting their respective partners, Gil’s brush with love was so easy, it almost feels convenient. Brian however comes with his set of rules and Gil may have just taken a chance to make the biggest mistake of his life.


Smut/ Ick Factor…

Yes there was and you knew it, however this was not nail biting back of the car type smut. The men were wanting, but they kept it contain and it suited them. 



Gil was not a young man, and when we met him two books earlier, he already had a huge amount of baggage in the relationship department dragging around with him. He has however never given up on love and probably because of or in spite of his past long term relationship, he was always the more open minded of the three friends in term of sexual exploration. I like the fact that Ms. Hill teamed him up with someone more in his age range, not some  young nubile thing, who expected Gil to be swinging from the chandeliers.

When Gil meet Brian it felt too convenient, too “there”, however after thinking about it, i could easily understand Gil’s mind set and actually like the simplicity of how  their meeting happened and “the moment” for them. Gil knew what Brian was, Brian knew who Gil was and just got on with other matters.

The camaraderie between the three best mates  is the highlight of the book, even in the middle of disaster, Gil knew exactly who would have his back.

I also liked the fact that the author gave us a glimpse of how the men would be dealing with their partnerships as well the fact that they have a twenty year tradition to uphold. With three new people coming into their life’s, their friendship of so many years was not trivialise for  the new dynamic of love interest or pushed under the carpet for the sake of being with the one they now call their life partner. We know how they are going to make it happen and make it work in the future  - it was sweet. 

I loved the fact that we got to see what the other two men and their respective partners were getting up to. The few hilarious moment of the book was down to them and it was well time and i laughed out loud at quite alot of their antics.




While the book starts off with it’s easy pace with the men at their usual hangout, there was a rushed feel to this third book, that make it not as exciting as the first two.

While the length of a book is never a factor for me, this story was much too short for the plot and the side stories.

There was a hint of BDSM which just did not feel right. I just never got the feeling that Gil was ever into it, and both men just did not gel in this respect.



The cover is more or less as the first two. Only now it’s Gils story and the cuff’s are well and truly out.


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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Discussion Point – The Swing in Your Reading….




A few month ago i tackled my library and my TBR pile, i am sure you guys remember the drama that that was, Anyhow during that time – i could clearly see the swings in my reading over the years still on my shelves.

My earliest set of book were romances, the kind your parents refuse to let you read (personally that was the lure), then after the whole Wide Sargasso Sea episode I went through a literary change, so it was To Kill a Mockingbird, The Year in San Fernando, Little Women, Iliad etc.

I think after i read the Iliad – my mythology phase kicked in and it was Greek and Egyptian Mythology for a good few years. As much as my reading went all over the place, i never actually stop reading my romances before bed.

I always find it funny that i naturally progress from mythology to Crime fiction – the gorier the better (Connelly, Patterson, Kernick, Slaughter, Deaver,  - Thank you for a few wonderful years).

Now i read a little of  everything. At the time when my reading changed, it had to do with what was probably happening in my life at the moment, interest just changed or the need for more blood or smut –  when it comes to Crime Fiction and Erotic romance

Clear your bookshelves off at least once a year – You don’t have space for all your books and i refuse to continue to be your handyman, why did you move out – i am here half the time anyhow – by the way have you learn to cook yet…

My some kinda cool dad © six month after i moved out 

Let me know what swing your reading has taken over the years, or have you consistently read the same type of book  ever since. Have you always had a type of books always in the background (Me and my romance – always before bed).

And is there anything that has prompt at least one swing – like me and The Iliad – straight to Crime fiction (still funny after all these years) 


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Review – Tri Omega Mate 3 – Hidden Desires


The Blurb

Tri Omega Mate 3

After watching his alpha and beta almost lose their mate, Thomas decides he needs some time alone. Driving across country, he discovers Micah, a human that smells like dark chocolate and summer rain. He knows immediately that Micah is his mate but before he can claim him, he has to get his sexy little butt out of trouble.

By the time he does, Micah is gone but a pink rose and a note left on his motorcycle lead him to his prey. Thomas claims Micah without telling him that he is a werewolf or that Micah is his mate. After the problems Jake and Lucas had claiming their Leyland, he’s not taking any chances.

Deciding to take Micah home with him, they stop off at a rest stop for a little rest and a quick romp in a bathroom stall where they are attacked by a band of bullies. In his bid to protect his mate, Thomas reveals his true nature to the bullies and to Micah.

Afterwards, he has to call in reinforcements to help clean up the mess. It comes in the form of Caleb Hunter, alpha of the Hunter Pack and Micah’s other mate. But Micah’s human, right?



The Review

Thomas is on his way home after taking some personal time for himself. He is just starting to feel good about life and getting his act together after a period of uncertainty with his pack. During one of his many stops he finds a cute little guy being harassed by the local bully and his blood boils. Finding out the little guy is his mate has set him on a path that he can’t stop even if he wanted to.

Micah is trying his best to get on with his life as simple as it is. When he is saved from another bashing by a stranger, he hopes that that is not all he would be saved from by the stranger. Thomas explodes into his world and he goes with the flow and gets more than he bargained for.

Thomas and Micah are making the best of a precarious situation when they are attacked, getting help quickly and getting on their way is their only concern. Help, however, comes in the guise of the local pack alpha and Micah’s other mate. With the new person coming into Micah and Thomas’s lives, the three learn something about each other that just might affect the whole outcome of their relationship.

Another member of Jake’s pack is about to find his man and his worst nightmare all in one fell swoop. Thomas had thought he had gone through the worst of what can happen in a relationship when he saw what happened to his Alpha’s mate. Now that he has found his mate, it seems as if he’s found himself right in the middle of a tug of war for the man who has come to mean so much to him.

Micah only wants people to ask his opinion before taking or assuming. When one man literally sweeps him off his feet he is so pleased and in some respect floating to think, he makes this man’s world rock. Now, another man has come into the picture; that’s another matter entirely.

Stormy Glenn has the knack of always bringing that extra spice to her stories, and is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me.

Her imagination is fantastic, when we met Thomas two books earlier, he didn’t ring any bells with me, however when he meets his mate Micah, we see and experience a new and more intense Thomas.

Micah is a fire cracker, very easy on the eyes, willing to go along with the game, but is just as stubborn and as determined as the two men that have come into his life.

HIDDEN DESIRES is the third in the TRI-OMEAGA series and it was a fitting third book to this series. I will most certainly be re-reading these three books in the near future. The three books in the series are SECRET DESIRES, FORBIDDEN DESIRES and HIDDEN DESIRES.


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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Discussion Point – Who Do You Connect With






Today  i had another post all set to post for today's Discussion Point (That’s what i am calling my daily discussions) and i visited a new blogger that i am following and the phrase below jumped right up and hit me – literally. I am not sure where the blogger is going with his blog yet, as this is literally his second post.

This is the phrase

“We didn't get any reading done tonight. I told Jack we must read some tomorrow! It connects us somehow. I can't explain it, but it does. It's good to do things together”

Shayne © This and That

I can’t explain why that phrase made such an impact, could it be that reading has become a solitary venture to lose myself in. Do i use it as my own private time – to the exclusion of all else.

Does my own action not invite people in to share my world. When did i forget the joy of sharing the written word with someone other than the people at the end of the keyboard. Can i remember the last time i actually connect with a ‘real person”.

Honestly so much is rattling around in my brain – reading is such a big part and has always been a big part of my life, but other than the kids and eventually they find there own groove when it comes to reading. I don’t read with anyone and i refuse to minimise what i love to suit anyone else. I however miss exactly what that phrase is saying - “It connects us somehow”

Firstly, have you come across a phrase recently that has made just such an impact. And secondly – who do you read with, if you don’t read with anyone –WHY NOT?


The phrases That that stands out. What’s yours.

I love this phrase from The Shadow of the wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon:
"Books are mirrors: you only see in them what you already have inside you. "

Blodeuedd © Book Girl of Mur-Y-Castell 


I have always loved the quote from Thomas Jefferson to John Adams - "I cannot live without books." I am sure they were not discussing the latest in romance novels *g* but I think it still applies to me today.

Mandi © Smexy Books


My son and I sometimes read together at night in my bed and there have been occasions that my husband will find a book that interests him and we'll read together. There's been a time or two he's even read to me. But mostly I'm a solitary reader.

Amy C © Romance Book Wyrm


I think that's why I'm having so much fun participating in the M/M Reading Challenge, while I may not be reading "together" with someone else, it's a sort of community reading with thoughts on the books being shared online instead of in person. It's been fun so far!!

Lily © I love Books


I haven't asked Shayne and Jack so I might be wrong about this, but I get the impression they actually sit and read the Ebooks they've been reading at the same time. Interesting. That brings up for me, what if one of you reads a bit faster than the other.

Shawn Lane © Shawn Lane Writes Romance

I find that many people I know do not share my love of romance, erotic romance, and the m/m genre. That is why I enjoy blogging and reading other blogs.

Kara © Kara’s Erotic Book List


But I have felt that guilty thought nigling in the back of my head. "Does my own action not invite people in to share my world." I ponder this often. I worry sometimes that in my escape, I'm also leaving the people I care about behind.

VampFanGirl © Lovin’ Me Some Romance

The book group is a great outlet, but sometimes I'm not reading a genre I enjoy.. But I try to fit those in on my own in my "down" time. So I guess it's kind of a solitary journey sometimes....

Suzanne © Chick with Books

I am the only reader in my family so I get my reading satisfaction from my bookaholic girlfriend and my blogging friends.

Teddyree © The Eclectric Reader

My dear friend Shawn Lane is correct with the conclusion that Jack and I download e-books and read them on our laptop together. It DOES keep us connected. It gives us something that we do together, and we always have great discussions about what we have read.

Shayne © This and That



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Monday, 20 April 2009

Talking About The Stages of Blogging - (Not Definitive)


  This week i am going to be visiting the “Stage Of Blogging” (according to me). I love blogging, i love my blog and this can be said of almost everyone who blog.

There are days however when i think why the hell did i get involved in this time sucking, energy draining production that is quietly taking over chunks of my day. I have split the stages into three areas to get a better handle of where i am and tossing some questions out there for the more experience bloggers.

New Blogger – Self explanatory, for a new blogger to up to a year i would put into the new category section.

Middle of the Road – Between 1-2 years (this is for bloggers with some level of consistency.

Been Here a While - (Best i could come up with) Two years and more

Because i consider myself a new blogger, i have gone a bit more in depth on that area.  I am open to any other tips and suggestions not mentioned on the post.









New Blogger

  1. Go into this venture with an open mind
  2. It would be nice if you knew what you want to blog about before you set up,
  3. Do some research on the different types of blogs before you set up – if you are up and blogging before you know of the other type of blogs – it’s not too late to migrate to another blog.
  4. Blog about something you not only know, but you are comfortable blogging about.
  5. What ever you decide on blogging about, do it with integrity. If you are blogging about smut or the edgier side of life, be clear, be sure and remember once it's out there in cyberworld - you can't take it back.
  6. Be consistent with how you blog, although remember not everyone can post everyday
  7. Network, network, network - start promoting your blog – join up with blogs and get involved in things that you can commit to.
  8. Familiarise yourself with blog terms – they are importance to know.
  9. Copyright and Plagiarism – find out what they are and find out how they affect you.
  10. Try to get involved in areas of the net that you are interested in - eg. memes, specific blog network sites etc...
  11. Pace yourself – it’s your baby it ain’t going anywhere
  12. There are hundreds of thousand of sites out their to help you improve the look and feel of your blog – USE THEM.
  13. If books are your choice of poison – there are more than enough books out there on how to manage and have fun with your blog.
  14. Personalize your blog, You don't have to give your home address or the name of your first child, but get comfortable and feel your blog.
  15. Be patient it doesn’t happen overnight.
  16. You are only one person – you cant read it all, you can’t do it all.



                                       Do you consider any of these when you blog


Other than what they all say, just have fun. Reviewing or posting about books shouldn’t be a chore. You don’t have to take part in memes you don’t like the sound of, or read genres you’re not into. If you enjoy what you do, it will show through your posts. Also, reply to comments; if you get to know your readers/fellow bloggers, and vice versa, there’s more chance of them coming back.

Jo- Ink and Paper © Erotic Horizon

Your blog should be a labour of love. It's a chance to communicate your ideas to others, and it's also a chance to share something of yourself. The latter is still a problem for me, but I think I'm getting better. Getting feedback from readers is so special. The exchange of ideas is very stimulating.

Patricia – Patricia Vampire Notes © Erotic Horizon




What may happen

  • These are some of the things that might realistically be happening in your world once you decide to take the plunge and start a blog.
  • You will be wondering why you have not been blogging years ago.
  • HTML will be driving you up the wall and a few other things as well.
  • Depending on which blog you decide to use, the negatives may outweigh the positive and you may have moved or are considering migrating.
  • You'll more than likely change your template a few times before you settle on one.
  • You’ll have moment when you want to give up.
  • You’ll act like your blog is your first child – and you’ll probably forsake your first child to keep up until you get a handle on things – if you ever do.
  • You probably start wondering if any one is actually reading your blog.
  • You would after a few week be trying to build online acquaintances. 
  • You’ll eventually find stats counter and all the other visitor tracking sites and – hop right onto the bandwagon.



Keep posting. Even if it’s once or twice a week. Try to go for more, but do post at least that. If you want people  to hear what you have to say keep it interesting and have fun with it! If you’re just starting out, don’t expect instant results. It will take time for it to grow!

Ruth – Books Books and more books © erotic Horizon

Depends on what you're blogging for, but in general, I'd say be honest but try to be accurate in how you

Express yourself. It's a terrible thing to have someone come and rip you a new one because they misunderstood what you were trying to say. My second tip is not to take anything personally even when it sounds personal.

Kat – Book Thingo © Erotic Horizon




Some Tips. (Some might be repeat)

  • Post consistently (even if not every day – - a good thing to do is schedule post, rather than lumping 4- 10 post in one day - stagger your post over a few days.
  • Make your blog accessible, use the subscription button, follower widget or on your comment box – use the option that allows readers to have follow-up email alert
  • Visit other blogs, as often as you can and leave comments – chance are people will follow your comments to your blog.
  • You realistically after a while won’t be able to visit all your favourite blog everyday – however once you get round to it, go back to last post you visit and update yourself. 
  • Try using short paragraph – this might sound like nit picking, but the longer the paragraph the more likely it is that it won’t be read in its entirety.
  • Depending on the blog you have – visuals are good 
  • Reply to your comments – these are people interacting with you
  • Remember net courtesy – remember common sense usually do the trick, it’s not all Miss Manners – common sense more often than not works.
  • Not every one is great at coming up with brilliant new ideas – the net is there for your use, see what’s out there – if you have to ask to use an idea (which most time you don’t) ask and keep your blog fresh.
  • More people lurk on your blog, than followers or subscribers – be mindful of them all.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask any blogger a question or just ask for help. The worst that might happen is that you don’t get a reply – buck up – TRY SOMEONE ELSE.
  • Get a dedicated email for your blog. Believe me you do want to keep your personal email separate from your blog email address.
  • The web is huge – monstrous in it’s size – don't be afraid to surf out of your comfort zone – You’ll be surprise at what you pick up.
  • Listen to what your commenter's are telling you – it can only improve your blogging ( within reason)
  • Make a concerted effort to find tips and tricks to make your blog better, and easier to access your contend eg.Black Background Bother You? A Suggested Solution 



Just stick with it, give yourself time to make your blog a little corner that “reflects” you basically. It does take a lot of time. Especially when you start fiddling with html. Lol

Lea – Closetwriter © Erotic Horizon

Don’t expect anything too soon!

Amber – Amber Book blog © Erotic Horizon




Middle of the road bloggers

(I still consider myself a new blogger, but just gonna throw out some things for blogger a year  - 2 years)

  • You should have found your groove by now – or at the least some method to your madness should be happening on your blog.
  • Are you networking – found your twitter side, dip your feet into the “feeds” and “promotion” of your blog?
  • Are you still as courteous as when you started?
  • Have you gotten a handle on your emails and keeping up to date with your comment? 
  • Are you any better at the back end of your blog – html, widgets etc… ?
  • Do you still make the rounds of the blogs and let your readers know you are appreciating them?
  • Are you as creative with your blog as when you started, or have you develop a plan and have not deviated from it – AT ALL?
  • Is your blog in tip top shape as when you started it – are photos hanging on too long, updates to side bar not done etc? 
  • Are you choosing your battles, what to get involved in or do you jump onto every band wagon or do you not let your voice be heard at all?
  • Are you balancing your blogging with personal time?
  • Is it worth it actually visiting your blog


Yes. Do your own thing. Don’t worry if it’s not what everyone else does. Don’t worry if your stuff doesn’t seem “current” or “topical”. Write about what interests you.

And do it daily.

Linda Mooney – Linda Mooney’s other World of Romance © Erotic Horizon

          Lastly--be honest about gripes you might have with the plot or character depictions, but don’t make it a ‘God I hated so and so because she was so DUMB!’.  Point out what you didn’t like, why it didn’t work for you.  If all else fails--e-mail the author and politely ask them to explain a character’s actions.  Maybe a scene got cut or re-arranged or an author merely didn’t realize it.  Most authors I’ve e-mailed seem to appreciate the feedback!

Lexie – Poison Rationality © Erotic Horizon








Been Here a while...

  • (I’ll probably say 2 yrs or more – with some consistency – I would consider been here a while – It’s like dogs yrs – blogs ages quicker.)
  • Is your blog still a labour of love or is it all about the stats.
  • Have you gotten too big for your britches – this might come across in comment, post and little rants that you throw out on your blog.
  • Are you a stats hog and forgotten the reason why you blog?
  • Are you actually keeping up with your blog – or is it hit and miss?
  • Do you welcome new bloggers into your community?
  • Is your keyboard become the poison pen
  • Are you aware of the impact that you have on whatever community that you are apart of.
  • How robotic is your blog – is there anything of you there?
  • How user friendly is your blog?
  • Are your earlier post coming back to haunt you now (all those free thoughts you thought were good to express – are they making you cringe now)?
  • Is your blog now an industry?


 Well, do's is to just be yourself and don't be afraid to state your actual opinion on a book. Don'ts would be to not have a too dark background. It's hard to read and some people may not like it. Be neat and organized, don't have things all over the place.

Mandy – Nocturnal Reviews © Erotic Horizon


This list is not in the least covering everything there is to know about blogging. Put your suggestions and tips on comment and let us know what works and what didn’t work for you.

All the quote from the post are from GUEST BLOGGERS on the blog. There were some wonderful guest that i had a great time with over the past few month, follow the link and catch up on some really cool blogs.



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