Sunday, 1 March 2009

When Love Comes Back Around – Lisa Marie Davis



The Blurb

Caden was a Foster; the most respected, most influential family in the county and one of the most prestigious in the state.  Royce was the nephew of the town drunk, a boy no one expected to amount to anything.  That hadn't kept them from a friendship that had deepened into love. 

Ten years ago, Caden had followed his father's expectations rather than his heart - and he'd regretted it every day since.  But now Royce is back in town, and Caden has a second chance for the life – and love – he's always wanted.






The Review

Caden Foster has always lived by his father’s rules and even in love he has obeyed his father. Ten years ago he gave up his one chance of happiness and has regretted it ever since. Years later and realizing that the man he gave up is coming back to town – he makes the only decision he can make – ask for forgiveness and try again. But will his plea fall on deaf ear or will admitting he was wrong years ago be the best thing he’s done in a long while.

After ten years Royce has come home to sort out family obligations. Although his heart isn’t in it, he knows he is the only one left to do it. One thing he is very sure of, he has no plans to reacquaint himself with the one person who has broken his heart; the one person who still means more to him than even he realizes.

This is my first Lisa Marie Davis and it's a great read. Caden and Royce are not only ten years older than the last time they saw each other, but also filled with years of regret and disappointment. Both have made a name for themselves in their chosen field, and have grown stronger because of the experience of ten years ago.

Ms. Davis has given us enough back history to get caught up in the life and love of Caden and Royce – and with all the external forces against them, you will no doubt fall in love with the men as I did.

Be prepared for lots of emotionally charged scenes that will either have you clenching your fist at the unfairness of life or smiling as you literally cheer the men on again all the forces against them.

WHEN LOVE COMES BACK AROUND, is a not to be missed reading experience.



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