Sunday, 1 March 2009

What Matters Most – Lisa Marie Davis







The Blurb

Silas Spencer had a gift, but potential lovers tended to bolt when he tried to explain that he could see and speak with 'displaced' spirits who needed guidance or help.

He thought he'd found someone special in co-worker Josh Dalton, but Josh saw their night together as a moment of weakness he could never allow himself to repeat.

When Josh's deceased mother appears to Silas asking for his help to make things right with her son, Silas can't bring himself to say no, even though it could lead to a badly broken heart.





The Review

Having gone most of his life trying to do the right thing with a gift that now becomes second nature to him, Silas Spencer finds it hard to explain his gift to potential lovers. When he meets a stranger with whom he shares an instant connection with – he thinks he has found someone special, but that isn’t to be as Josh Dalton only thinks of their time together as a moment of weakness.

When Josh’s dead mother pays him a visit and asks him to help make thing right with her son, he’s caught between a rock and a hard place. He had made a commitment long ago to help all the “Displaced Spirit” who ask for help. Josh has avoided him since that fateful night and he’s now worried about a broken heart if Josh turns away from him a second time.

Ms. Davis has given us another feel good story of innocent love. Two guys trying to do the right thing while living with all the challenges that life has thrown their way.

Silas has an innocence about him that is heartfelt and all he really wants is to find the one person to share his life with, he ends up alone as none of his acquaintances are willing to accept him and his gift.

Josh is so repressed; he actually can’t see that he has been given a second chance when he met Silas. He’s scared and angry and not willing to buck the system until the unexpected stares him right in the face.

Fan of Ms. Davis will like WHAT MATTERS MOST; a story about love that is so pure, so rich that it crosses the divide to set things right for love ones.



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