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Weekly Geeks 2009-08: Rewind - Political & Social Issues






This week we are going to rewind to May 2008 when Dewey picked one of my favourite Weekly Geeks themes: Political and Social Issues. Since we have many new members to the Weekly Geeks Event, I thought it might be fun to revisit this fantastic theme.

Here is how to play:

1. Choose a political or social issue that matters to you. If you were a Weekly Geek last May and already did this theme, pick a different theme than the one you did at that time.

2. Educate readers about your topic by telling us a little about it and any involvement you've had in this issue.

3. Find books addressing your issue; they do not necessarily have to be books you’ve read. They can be non fiction, fiction, poetry, etc...Give a little synopsis of the book or a link to the description.

4. Use images which you feel illustrate your topic.



I am so late with this weeks update, but better late than never. I have decided to choose a topic that is nearest and dearest to my heart – Autism..


My entire family is in some way working in the area that involve adult and children with Autism. I only got directly involved when a few years ago my godson was diagnosed with Autism. It’s was and still is hard on me as his area is more a sensitivity issue than a disruptive nature as most Autistic children and adults are prone to. So a good example of how this is, if he sees me, he is unable to express himself where it’s by touching me or talking to me – so he goes all hyper and hides and take little peeks at me and it just breaks my heart. Another area that most people have a problem with, is, with his intelligence – i learned right quick my lesson – do you know the saying – I came – I saw – i conquers, Well  I left him alone watching telly and with a book as well – by the time i came back to see what he was getting up to – he had pull apart my desktop pc and investigating the pieces on the ground all around him – i was scarred shitless and the only thing he said to me “ Don't worry I'll put it back when I'm done playing” and he did.



What Is Childhood Autism?

Childhood Autism occurs basically when a child fails to develop normally in 3 main areas. These are:

  1. They don't respond to other people in a normal way.
  2. Their speech development is slower than normal.
  3. They show behaviours which seem obsessive or repetitive.

Childhood Autism begins before the child reaches the age of 30 months. Mothers are often the first people to notice that something is not right as they get a sense that the child is not responding to them in the way they feel they should.

Also, quite a few children with autism develop epilepsy when they reach adolescence (usually in their early teens).

How Common Is Childhood Autism?

Roughly 1 in 5000 children suffer from childhood autism. However, if we include children who are severely handicapped,  this figure rises considerably.

Boys are 3 to 4 times more likely to develop childhood autism than girls.

What Causes Childhood Autism?

Nobody is really 100% sure. Although some research seems to suggest that it is a brain problem (how it is wired), which is linked to genetic factors (i.e. you might inherit it from your parents even if they have never suffered from it).

There are also other theories which suggest it is more to do with how the child has been brought up during its early days and months. Other theories suggest that both factors play a role, but the bottom line is that despite quite a lot of effort being put into finding out what is going on, we still don't really know.

Childhood Autism can happen in any child, no matter how intelligent they are, although it is much more common in people who are mentally handicapped (almost three quarters of autism are associated with mental handicap).




If you have no personal experience with autistic children or adult, you’d be surprise to know the people you meet in your everyday life, as least one of them is autistic. There is tons of info on the net and support is growing, community wide, nationwide and worldwide in support of autism – one cute one is on Bebo – have a look at these beautiful people – they are autistic.



Follow the link on the Third picture to see what your country is doing for National Autism Day which will be celebrated  this year on April 02nd.



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