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Unexpected Love Series – Jamie Hill


Nothing To Lose

The Blurb

Bailey Montgomery travels to the small town of Perry, Illinois, with the intention of cleaning her late mother's house out, selling it, and returning to Chicago as quickly as possible.

She doesn't want nosy neighbours poking into her business, and she doesn't need the help of the incredibly sexy handyman who insists upon making repairs to the house.

But exactly what Bailey does need or want gets jumbled in her mind as the neighbours ingratiate themselves into her life, and Doug Kenny, the handyman, works his way into her bed and her heart.





The Review

After the funeral of Bailey Montgomery’s mother, the only thing she wants to do is put her head in the sand and hide from the world. However there are more pressing matters at hand, like cleaning out her mother house and getting it sorted to be put on the market.

Bailey is coping and just wants to get the job done and get back to her life; what she doesn’t need is nosy neighbours, underfoot do-gooders and a hunk of a man who refuses to let her rest in the morning.

Doug Kenny is all of the above and more and if she has to stay in small town Perry for the duration, the least she can do is enjoy it. Doug may have a thing or two to say about this and Bailey might not like what she hears.

Ms. Hill’s first book in the UNEXPECTED LOVE series starts off  with NOTHING TO LOSE and what a blast. Bailey and Doug are so alike they have a hard time seeing the woods from the trees. With their determination and their argumentative nature, it’s little wonder either one can get a word in edgewise.

The characters are thrilling, the small town scenario is loveable and the sexual tension between these is a pleasure to see unfolding.

I loved this book and will be reading the next in the series post haste.






Worth The Risk

The Blurb

Sarah Stevens isn't looking for romance when Sam Buchanan leases her loft. But that all changes when their  mutual attraction finds them together, half naked, after only one day. After this momentary lapse, they agree to back off and move forward at a slower, more reasonable pace. Sam's slow dance of seduction is torturous--and thrilling--for Sarah, who's been alone since losing her husband eight years ago. With a teenager in the house, sneaking around is titillating but also risky, forcing Sarah to re-examine her priorities and decide if the pleasure Sam brings is Worth the Risk.




The Review

Sarah Steven is a helpful sort of gal and will chip in, in a pinch to help family and friends out in need without batting an eye, so when a hot man turns up to use the loft that she had made ready for Bailey’s friend, she gets a whole lot more than a new tenant, she also gets a man who makes her want like she’s not wanted in a long time.

Sarah is not looking for romance, but her attraction to Sam cannot be denied, however with a teenage daughter in the house they not only have to be creative but also inventive. When light is shed on what they are just building, Sarah had to step back and think of all she has to loose as oppose to what she is gaining and it all boils down to – is Sam worth the risk.

WORTH THE RISK is an absolutely hilarious second book, I have not laugh out loud like this in a long time. Sam and Sarah are at each others throats for a whole lot of reason and in a whole lot of ways. In between all the angst they find the time to revert to the antics of their teenage year, without due regard for the teenager in their midst.

This leads to Sarah having to face some home truth about herself and others around her, but in getting her priorities right, will she shut out and disregard Sam who wants to be all and everything to Sarah.

Jamie Hill at her absolute best, she certainly knows how to bring out the best of the human emotions. A fast pace book with not a dull moment. This one will be sticking around on my bookshelf for a long time to come. Highly recommended.






Having it All

The Blurb

College student Mandy Stevens is skeptical when handsome Nick Westchester asks her out. Growing up in a small town, Mandy's had little experience with men and dating. She suspects Nick's intentions are less than honourable. Nick Westchester has never met a woman who captivates him the way Mandy does. He starts out wanting to seduce her, but ends up falling hard for Mandy, and vows to do whatever it takes to win her heart.






The Review

Mandy Stevens is a level headed girl and she never jumps into the unknown without some facts first, so it is with skepticism that Mandy takes Nick Westchester when he asks her out.

With little or no experience on the dating scene, due to her rural upbringing, Mandy tentatively takes Nick’s hand in this age old dance of first love. Despite there initial reasons and objection to dating each other, they find themselves caught up in the moment of first lust.

While Mandy is caught up in the moment and the rush of emotion, Nick has changed the rules of the game and he aims to win the girl and all.

HAVING IT ALL is the third in this wonderful series and it is Mandy’s turn to face cupid’s arrow. The road to love for the young is just as rocky, but without any experience on the dating front, Mandy is scared and takes baby step in the getting to you dance that we all must dance.

Mandy and Nick are sweet, and while from different background and their whole out look on the life is different, they are in sync with the important things that matters to them.

This story is so real, it could be me, the character are your everyday college students, muddling their way through life and love and dealing with all the challenges that pops up in their way.

Every book I read by this author she just gets better and better, she genuinely has a gift of taking the most ordinary of topic and characters, turning it and them into a story that gets you on such a level that you won’t be forgetting either in hurry.

Another recommended read from Jamie Hill.


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