Friday, 6 March 2009

Tycoon's Club Series: Book 2 - Boss Man - Marie Rochelle


The Blurb

"Why am I wasting my time?"

Those are the six words Fancy Shayne thinks every time when she sees the sexy rancher Maxwell Reed. Everyone thinks she took a job working at CrossStar ranch because of the paycheck, but that isn't the truth. She was head over heels in love with the big hunky cowboy, but he only saw her as his employee.

Maxwell Reed didn't know what had gotten into him hiring the delectable Fancy Shayne to work for him. Every time her big brown eyes looked at him, it made him weak in the knees. It was hard for him to be in love with a woman who only saw him as her boss.



The Review

Fancy Shayne needs this job from Maxwell Reed, not only does she want something different from what she’s been doing, but she has obligations that she takes very seriously. The only fly in the ointment is Maxwell Reed himself, the man is too confident and thinks too highly of himself.


Maxwell Reed needs Fancy like he needs air to breathe – but he isn’t going to lower his pride and let her know that. Maxwell knows that Fancy is only after the paycheck when she applies for the job as Cross Star ranch, he also knows that she is not only the most suitable applicant for the job, but the one that gets just a little bit too far under his skin.

From the beginning the job means more to Fancy than Maxwell knows or even realizes. When the attraction that they have been skirting around for far too long – makes an appearance, Maxwell again wonders if that is also about the job.

Ms. Rochelle has a natural touch when it comes to interracial novels. BOSS MAN is the second in the TYCOON CLUB series and it is finally Fancy and Maxwell’s story. From book one DANGEROUS BET– TROY’S REVENGE, we were treated to a sexual tension and many confrontations between the two that made this book a much anticipated one for me.

Fancy is young, pretty, and has all the stereotypical things going for her that Maxwell hates in a woman, but finds he is unable to resist in Fancy. Fancy on the other hand, knows what she wants, but is also aware enough of the realities of life to know that not every cloud had a silver lining

Fancy and Maxwell are a force to be reckoned with in every way. They make good competitors and evener greater lovers. However both have baggage and secrets that keeps them literally stuck on a path that is about to collide into each other. Maxwell isn’t prepared and take new events and realities as he does everything else – a little too serious, while Fancy’s whose feet are firmly placed on the ground tries to take everything in her stride, but some things are no less painless to accept.

I Love reading Marie Rochelle’s books and BOSS MAN is a most have for any true fan of Ms. Rochelle’s work. She has continued on with this series in dramatic style, while letting us catch up on old favourites and new players. I am very much looking forward to the next book in Ms. Rochelle’s TYCOON CLUB series


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