Monday, 16 March 2009

TBR Pile, Bookshelves – There Goes The Weekend

Recently i have been reading about bloggers, readers, book addicts etc, having so much concerns about the state of either their TBR pile, their library or their books in general. It’s all the same everywhere – it's too much books with so little time.


















I have to admit everything i read resonate with me so much, that i decided to take this weekend and sort out some of my overflowing books. The first lesson i learned is this needs to be planned, strategically planned.

Firstly -  When i  saw all the books i had, i despaired – When did i collect all these book, why did i collect all these books, will i ever get the chance to read all these books and more importantly – how can i find more space to put all the new ones i intend to buy in the very near future.



Secondly – If you love books as much as i do, have a back up shelf or two – or at the least have a back up plan. Thank god i had both. There are just some books that i refuse to part with, even when they are totally falling apart.

Thirdly – When eBook started coming into it’s own, i knew i had found my calling – can i say here -  Oh the words that come back to bite us – right in the bum. As much as i love my ereader  i absolutely adore a book in my hand and i don’t think that will ever change.

I love the fact that i can stand in front of my library and  choose a book then curl up to loose myself between the pages.




After asking my little demons to get the books off the shelves, you can clearly see which ones they took off and which ones i took off, Oh the joy of parents with tidy little boys (I envy you) . I spent a further two days timely going through them and repacking and resorting, and it breaks my heart to say, i had to chuck a few away – two yellow, old, have on it on eBook, – but it was no less painful.

Remember what i said was the first thing to do – Plan – Plan – Plan. even after two days at it. I have only done one bookshelf of the three indoor bookshelves, two overflow bookshelves are stuff full and i still have quite a bit still to go – there goes my Monday.





Now my next big project is my TBR pile by my bed, I actually swap my bedside chest table over for an actual table – It’s unbelievable  - really it is. But i will get them sort today – today, i mean it, i must.






Well that’s my Monday sorted. Let me know what's your library plans or your TBR pile plans, what state is it in – can it be reigned in, or are you at the stage where you just say why bother.


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Anonymous said...

LOL! That's some TBR pile! I started 2 weeks ago sorting my TBR pile and trying to figure out what goes where and how to make more room- I haven't finished yet! :o)

Patricia Altner on 16 March 2009 at 15:09 said...


The photos of the book piles look exactly like my own. But sorting and putting away always seemed like such a daunting task.

Perhaps I'll give it a try now that I know it's possible :-)

You are my inspiration!

Erotic Horizon on 16 March 2009 at 16:08 said...

Hey MsMoonlight,

I wish you all the best - I have a headache now - seriously.


Erotic Horizon on 16 March 2009 at 16:09 said...

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for letting my know that i am not the only pack rat when it comes to book.

It's unbelievable the amount of books i have amass and I claim to love ebook.

Let me know how you get on.


Becky W. on 16 March 2009 at 16:48 said...

LOL! Thanks for this post! You make me feel a whole lot better! Maybe my TBR isn't as bad as I thought!!

Have a great week!

Erotic Horizon on 16 March 2009 at 17:17 said...

Hey Becky,

Anything to make you happy - don't laugh too loudly though, I am tackling it - today.

I need to stop buying books and it's sad to say I may have to ask friends and family to stop buying me books for awhile - OHHHH the shame of it.


Kytaira on 17 March 2009 at 04:33 said...

I currently have 6,749 books. That's actual paperback since I don't count ebooks. At times it was impossible to wade through them all. I found myself buying duplicates or digging around for a book I knew I had and wanted to read. I've gotten really organized since then. I have a very large garage that has ceiling to floor pb hight shelves on two walls. I spent a year trying to figure out the best way to organize them. By genre? By author? Finally I settled on incomplete series on top. they are to high to reach without a ladder but since a book is missing, I don't need to. The rest are by author regardless of type of book except for the monthly series. I keep my harlequin and sillhoutte books in boxes. Can't bear to get rid of them but it's unlikely I'll need to access them. That is except for the presents and superromances. They are quick reads that I keep in boxes inside. The underbead boxes are great because you can fit two rows of pbs perfectly. The shelf next to the bed is for re-reads. another shelf in the bedroom is the ones I just bought or intend to read really soon. The stack by the computer is waiting to be logged into my inventory. I use Byron for my inventory, shopping lists, keeper and got rid of lists.

Last year my goal was to get rid of two books for every book I bought. I nearly made it. I bought just under 300 and got rid of almost 500. I wasn't organized enough this year to start.

Don't worry my stacks resemble yours frequently still. And both of the big readers I know have the same issues.