Sunday, 8 March 2009

Second Time Around – Jamie Hill





The Blurb

Mike Sparks arrives home early from a business trip to find his wife in bed with another woman. He's shocked and surprised, but not really upset. Understanding her needs have changed, he agrees to an amicable divorce.

When he's finally ready to re-enter the dating scene, he realizes his own needs have also changed. Instead of blond hair and a big bust, the image turning him on these days is dark haired, and masculine.

His first attempt at a same-sex date ends up a fumbling, sticky, back-seat mess. But when he meets handsome Niko Bulajic, he realizes he might just have found what he's looking for, the second time around.




The Review

Coming home with sexy thought about your wife and finding her in bed with someone else is the hardly the nightmare that it should have been for Mike Sparks. That it’s another woman that she was in bed with is however another matter and this one give’s Mike enough to think about when he decides to re-enter the dating world.

His first go at the same sex dating leave him a little disillusioned but not put off and he decide to take baby steps with his next find. His next find just happen to be Niko Bulajic and one look at this man and Mike knows all his good intention are up in the air.

SECOND TIME AROUND is one of those books that is more than the obvious. I would be lying if I said this book was not a great read. Ms. Hill has opening up the emotions of Mike in such a way that you can’t help but respect her ability to bring out the best and worst of her characters that allow the reader to make up their own mind about the situation at hand.

Mike is such a man’s man. with his love for football and his bread and butter expectation from a relationship. When he consciously makes the life altering change to who he wants as a partner you can only admire him all the more for that.

Niko Bulajic is a dream and fantasy all rolled into one and he knows a good thing when he meets Mike. Together they are hot; apart there is so much sexual tension that it literally burns the page. The sex scenes are creative and they make up for lost time every chance they get.

One of Ms. Hill best work  - highly recommended.



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