Sunday, 8 March 2009

Review - SEATTLE: Giving Chase – Jamie Hill



The Blurb

Newly transplanted Seattle resident Martin Benson is on a sight-seeing tour of museums and the Space Needle when he meets handsome, heavily tattooed Chase Reed. They hit it off, and Chase offers to show Marty his Seattle: grunge rock and good times.

The men are total opposites, with only one thing in common -- an intense attraction to each other, which culminates in a weekend of white hot passion. Desperate to hang on to the new relationship, Martin attempts to change wild and crazy Chase into someone more responsible. Will he be able to give Chase the space he needs, and somehow strike a balance?






The Review

After being in Seattle for three months Martin Benson decides it’s time to do some sightseeing, after all his mom has been asking about all the things and places he’s seen – so he might as well make an effort.

Stopping at the one place that makes him uncomfortable - the Space Needle, he meets, heavily tattooed Charlie Reed. Charlie immediately offers to show Martin a side of Seattle that he’s never seen before.

They say opposite attract and the attraction between Charlie and Martin leads them to one unforgettable weekend. Not wanting it to end Martin sets out on a path that may have him losing more than he ever had the chance to know.

SEATTLE: GIVING CHASE is a sweet read of men just wanting to be with that special someone, however the way they go about it is gives them both something to think about, as sometime the things you think you want is not necessary the thing that is best for the other person.

If you’re looking for a quick read, fast pace and to the point – this would be it. Ms. Hill style is quite clear in this one.




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