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Review - Point Of Combustion – Dawn Ryder

The Blurb


Mia Kerstin's life was boring. She was everything her strict family expected. The one exception was her friendship with Cambria. But her single deviation was about to leave a huge stain on her that would see her running for her life.

Trace didn't have to intercede.

It wasn't his fight but he'd always been there for his special ops buddies. Scooping Mia out of the jaws of danger had its slim rewards in knowing that he'd helped a buddy out but it left him with a woman that was far different than the sort he normal dealt with.

A princess worthy of seduction and flowers and far too tempting for his self control.

Mia should have been able to ignore her rescuer/captor. He was everything her parents wouldn't approve of. But he was also touching off sparks that she'd despaired of ever feeling for any man.

The problem was that it was Trace that she wanted. Passion didn't care about what her family might think, it raged into a firestorm that consumed every ideal. Leaving her his willing prisoner.




The Review


Mia Kerstin – The dutiful daughter, the sister who never rocks the boat for fear of what her overbearing brothers might do. The friend who was there when Cumbria needed her and also the feisty bundle of fluff that was about to find out what is the price of loyalty.

Trace – A man with is own agenda, a man who keeps is finger on the pulse of everyday activities especially when it affects his buddies and his business. A man not above turning a blind eye if need be, also a man who knows that sometimes you just have to do the right thing.  


The Plot:

When Trace is asked to help out his old friends and protect a young woman, he does it willing after all they are of the motto – all for one and one for all.

Protesting this package is certainly more than he bargained for, as the package turns out to be an Asian china doll who was hell on wheels and she was not backing down.

Toss into a situation where she has little or no say Mia has to make the best of the situation. Not expecting to find someone she wants she is confused and at a lose of what about the situation – she goes with the flow. Danger follows and Trace will move heaven and earth to protect Mia, but Mia may just have some tricks up her sleeves to protect herself.


Great. Going against her parents’ wishes had landed her in trouble. They had always warned her to stay close to the family. Trust should be reserved for those who earned it.
She knew Cambria. Her hand covered her mouth as she thought about her friend. Cambria couldn’t have been involved in anything like this. Mia refused to believe it. Trace had been lying.
A solid knock landed on the door. Her eyes moved rapidly around the area, landing on a glass sculpture sitting near the door. She hefted it then flattened her body against the wall as the door opened.
“Why don’t you set that down before you drop it?”
Her captor didn’t enter the room. Unlike her bedroom at home, this set of doors opened out into the hallway. He’d pulled the door open and looked on either side of the door frame before crossing into the room. His eyes were locked on her and her makeshift weapon.
“I’ll be happy to wait until you weaken enough to lower it. If the shaking of your arm is any indication, it won’t be long. Unless you’d prefer to wrestle. I guess I can accommodate you if you want to take a swing at me. Again.”

Surprise element;

This book has finally given me what  i have been hoping for since the last two books – some honest to goodness action. Mia is no wallflower but knows how to be all feminine when she has to be – she however has a wild streak and Trace is about to experience it first hand.

Trace is the perfect gentleman and he make no bones about the fact that he can be a thug as well – he is the man.



After two books you would expect that you could predict the next move – but there was little or no predictable areas in this read. This was the book that separated the men from the boys.


Smut/Ick Factor

If ever there a man that knows how to handle a woman –please let introduce you to Trace – every word that comes out of this mans mouth is aim at sexual sensation – Mia did not stand a chance.

The sex was creative, a lot of it, and the lust filled mist that hover over this book was sooooo goood.


The attraction between Mia and Trace was off the chart. They flirted, they teased and they had some wild times. This book also out of the three had the first bit of action that you could sink your teeth into.

There were a few hair raising moments that was long overdue. The fact that the entire story takes place in more or less a compact area added to that feeling of “waiting to explode” and when it did – it was so worth it.

Once again  Ms. Ryder did not fluff around with side stories and unnecessary information, she got right to the matter at hand and you knew who was doing what and where they were going – at least where they thought they were going.

Naturally she gives us enough info to have us anticipating the next one in the series.



The end was a rush job, after the build up of two previous books, A little more time could have been spent on the ending of this book. It was all a bit anticlimactic – whilst i don’t regret reading this book – i loved it actually – i was very disappointed in the ending


Nothing to shout out about – As  i mentioned with the first in this series – Don’t judge this book by it’s cover.


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