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Review – Outside Protocol – Dawn Ryder




The Blurb

Rules surrounded her everyday. It was just the way life was. Robyn didn't question it until she ran into Jace and Nash. It was hard to believe that there were men that lived outside of all the rules she'd been living under. One taste of forbidden fruit and her eyes were unwilling to close again. Not that anyone might blame her, one stunning male was enough to tempt a girl to sin…two was impossible to resist.

But it couldn't last. People just didn't fall in love in numbers of three. But the sweet temptation of it haunted her as Jace and Nash refused to leave her. They pushed their way right into her life and took her with them when they bled back into the shadowy world that they lived in. Special forces, guns and betrayal should have turned her away but it only added more fascination to her growing addiction to remain with them. Without rules, the possibilities were endless and even love wasn't out of the question.

As long as you lived outside of protocol.



The Review:


Robyn - The office worker who believes in rule and just gets on with the job, but secretly hopes the owner would make a spot check or at least be more proactive in the business. The Robyn that likes to play on a weekend and knows it’s never really affect her world.

Jake and Nash - Brain along with brawn, two of a group of men that live clearly outside of the law because they have no choice. They do what they have to do and in their own away and at their own pace.



After a weekend of fun Robyn is all set to get back to her neat little life. However when her weekend tryst follows her to her work place, it becomes more than mere coincidence, she gets caught up in a lifestyle that not only excites her but puts her in a position of seeing how people without rules.

Special Forces Dack and Logan are not prepare to accept anything less from Cambria, but not only are they watching each others back, but they are having to make some decision that will affect not only them, but the entire team that needs and rely on them.


“No.” Robyn didn’t shout but her words were solid. The lust curling through her pussy only made her more resolved. She grabbed her clothing from the table and shook it out. “I just can’t treat either of you like meat. Sorry, but I thought I could and…I can’t. It’s just not right and lust doesn’t make it acceptable. At least not to me. I think last night taught me that.” The lingering hunger she’d awoken with hit her as the proof that 
she just wasn’t like Carly. She could try to argue with her conscience all day and that wouldn’t change.
“You don’t want to tell me anything about yourselves but you know every detail of my life. Sorry, but that makes it fucking. Maybe Carly is a better fit for you two after all. As lame as it sounds, I’m not that kind of girl.”

Outside Protocol (c) Dawn Ryder

Surprise Element:

When i started this book, i was not sure what to expect, this book surprised me in the fact that nothing was as i expect it would go. The author show two side to some scary people and some scary situation. Wrapping it up in a hotter than hell erotic read was a stroke of genius. The hilarity level was not ha ha and giggles  they were sarcastic and in your face sort of funny. I liked - a lot.

The supporting characters were not your friendly neighbourhood type either and they more than anything else made the story for me. Another reviewer that just loved the book is Tara at Twolips Romance



The usual bad guy, the disgruntled other person, but in the scheme of things as always without the baddies what's the point of the story.


Smut/Ick Factor

These men knows how to play as a team and they are as creative as they are forceful. I enjoyed the moments when they got it on and the anticipation between each moment of madness was an experience. Having to view from the sidelines these three  trying to rush through the day to get at each other made this book for me.



I am trying to like the average Joe as heroes, but there is just something to said for the take charge sort of guys who just gets on with the business and do things there own way. I absolutely loved Nash and Jake. Robyn was no push over either, she held her own against these two overbearing male.

I like the fact that like all girls she still had that part of her that loves the attention of two men,

The book flowed, there was no jumping all over the place with this read. When new people were introduced - we knew they were either friend or foe and there relevance to the main plot.

Albeit that this book was apart of a series, the main protagonist issues were all dealt this, Ms. Ryder  gives us enough about the other players of forth coming books to having you doing a mini lottery guessing game.

There was one scene of male dominance raring its head and striving for supremacy which was in a word hot.



There was not enough back history on either of the main male protagonist beyond what was essential to the book. Because i like a little of how, why and where to a character - i missed not being able to put the whole picture together of who i reading about.

Notwithstanding that - the minimalistic back history worked, given the occupation these people were in, the job they now had  to do - i can see where the bare essential was a probably a strategic move on the authors part.



Not the best in light of all the other erotic covers on the market. This is certainly one of those books where you can’t judge the book by the cover.



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Lea on 29 March 2009 at 22:43 said...

This book sounds like my kind of read EH, and I'm adding it to my list.

Thanks for sharing.


Erotic Horizon on 30 March 2009 at 00:16 said...

Hey Lea,

This one was really good - there are three stories so far...

I know you will like them.


Blodeuedd on 30 March 2009 at 17:59 said...

The book do sounds good :)
But I do confess, if I only saw the cover I wouldn't buy it. Not that interesting, hot or nice. But you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover (even if I do)

Erotic Horizon on 30 March 2009 at 21:41 said...

Hey Blodeuedd,

Welcome to my slice of the pie - this one is a great series.

Definately Alpha male men here.


Blodeuedd on 31 March 2009 at 06:29 said...

Thanks :D I do like the place so I am glad to have found it.
Oh and you never go wrong with alpha males ;)