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Review - Challenge Protocol – Dawn Ryder





The Blurb

Cambria is no stranger to hot men or hot loving. She likes her relationships simple-hot, satisfying and under her control. Until Dack and Logan walk into her life and turn it upside down. Now nothing's simple, and she's losing control. Two hot, hard men who live together, work together and love together, and the woman they want is her. Getting them out of her head, her bed, or her life isn't working. Choosing between them isn't an option

A vengeful enemy has forced Dack and Logan to live a life spent watching each other's backs, 24/7. That includes in the bedroom. Nowhere is safe. Love affairs are brief. But Cambria is a lady neither of them can resist. With her sassy attitude and passionate nature, she's the one woman they refuse to watch walk away. She touches some part of them they'd long thought dead.

Stormy passion and tender touches tempt the two battle-scarred warriors with a taste of the forbidden, but how to keep the woman they both want safe, and in their bed?



The Review:


Cambria- A take charge sort of woman , with no hang-ups about her confidence and how she uses it. She also likes to be in charge – every time. When she is given a proposition she doesn’t really want to refuse – you know she wants to be in charge.

Dack – Leader of these band of Special Forces men, for the past few years his one and only focus has been going after the one man that has wronged them – his focus has suddenly change.

Logan – The man that watches Dack’s back, the less intense of the two men but no less dangerous when it come to matters of pride and matters of the hearts.



Cambria is used to having her own way and doing her thing, so when two men - because these were certainly not boys  - arrives to turn her world upside down she doesn't go easily and make keeping up with her a merry chase.

Not only do these men do every thing together, but they have their eyes set on her, despite all the danger and uncertainty that follows in their wake.

Dack and Logan are old hands at looking after themselves, however when Cambria comes into the picture a whole new game comes into play both inside the bedroom  and outside and they all intend to win.


The both watched her, keeping an even distance between them as they moved towards her. She was forced to either fall back or let them get within touching range. Turning her back on them, she settled for selecting a plush couch to sit on. Logan slid into a chair nearby while Dack settled on another chair. Surprise filtered through her brain as she watched them ignore the space next to her on the sofa. Somehow, she didn’t see it as an oversight, more of a strategy move. Setting her drink on the small table in front of her, Cambria fluttered her eyelashes at them as she crossed her legs.
“So, now what, boys? Are we just going to play intimidation games?”
Logan shrugged as Dack considered her. He set his empty glass beside her own. “Well, our plan ran out when we surprised you.”
“Do tell.”
Logan chuckled at her dry tone. “You’re a hard woman to please.”
“Too true. You’re not the first man to come up short.”

Challenge Protocol (c) Dawn Ryder



Surprise Element:

This the second book in the Protocol series and for a team of Special Forces – there was no Kaboom moment – this book is all about the drama of their love life. while the danger is still clear and present and they are dealing with it – in their own way – a little Special Forces action would have been nice.



In some ways this was a like a mirror of the first book – so other than the fine print – the name and the players they are basically going through more or less the same thing.


Smut/Ick Factor:

Yeah these three have a merry time with enough flirting and innuendos that your jut wanted them to reach the “there” part of it. Because of the life these men live, there was a whole lot of  ‘caveman sex” – you, me, him and no compromise – some of the best action in the book.



Just the fact that a second book came out was good thing, wasn’t sure there for a while. Dack lives up to his take charge attitude, but he was also man even to know when to roll over let a woman have her way. A whole lot more of the mystery surrounding their little group was revealed.

Cambria is the perfect woman for these two, after living through one book with these men, it would be a crime if they partnered with anyone less that Cambria.

I like how the author kept the other side story suitable regulated to the side lines. New characters are introduced and even suspense is built leaving you wondering whose story will be next in this series.



Dack and Logan are partners out of necessity, however while they have accepted that there love life would also be interlinked, Logan never really came into his own to me. it was like Dack was granting him a favour, by allowing Cambria to be with him.

The only plus on this little snipe of mine – is the scene with Cambria and Logan are just something else.



Although i read alot of erotica i don’t really like a cover with too much ‘nekkid” people, so what I'll say is it works and i read it in eBook, so once i saw it – i moved on.



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