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Review : Call of the Highland Moon – Kendra Leigh Castle



The Blurb

No one knows better than Gideon MacInnes how dangerous it can be to fall in love. As the future leader of a pack of Highland werewolves who guard an ancient and powerful secret, Gideon can’t afford to bond with the wrong woman. The bite of the werewolf is too often fatal…and never lightly given. But on his last night in America, an unforeseen attack leaves him in the care of exactly the sort of woman he can never have. And the only one he will ever want.

Carly Silver might sell stories for a living, but she never expected one to show up on her doorstep. While the night shows her only a beast pleading for her help, the morning light reveals a man out of her darkest dreams. Straight out of legend and surrounded by danger, Gideon is the last man Carly should be letting into her life…even if he’s almost impossible to resist. But trapped by an early Northern New York snowstorm, she hasn’t got anywhere to run.

As the Stone of Destiny begins to work its magic beneath the Highland moon, reluctant attraction quickly deepens into something infinitely more irresistible. But with an ancient enemy reaching across worlds in a quest for the ultimate prize, their new love isn’t the only thing that risks being destroyed. As Gideon makes his stand for a power his people never knew they possessed, Carly must face her own deadly decision. And if love is to survive, both must find the courage to embrace the beast within. Because the moon is calling, and there are things beyond imagining waiting in the darkness for them both.


The Review


Gideon MacInnes – The dutiful son, the son that can be relied on to do the right thing, but also the son and brother and Alpha in the making who is not ready to take hold of the reigns of the MacInnes clan.

Carly Silver with the name that could not be more apt is the owner of the house that Gideon finds refuge in – in his hour of need. Carly, bookshop owner, daughter, sister and friend to a whole bunch of opinionated women is also hell on wheels when it comes to Gideon.


The Plot:

With the weight of impending Alpha –dom  dodging his footsteps, Gideon makes is way to the other side of the pond for a few reasons, one - to see if the grass is greener on the other side, secondly to give him some space to figure out what he wants to do with his life. As although he knows his destiny and the importance of his clan to the Stone of Destiny – he wants to do thing on his own terms.

When a  ruthless killer and fate have him gasping  at the door of Carly  - the bookshop owner, sour on men and who could do with a pet – he is left thinking how could this happen at this most inopportune time.

Not withstanding the call of nature, Gideon and Carly find themselves caught up in the history and the mystery that is the Stone of Destiny. But for Gideon there is a more immediate danger as Carly is every bit as his mother and from past knowledge these lovely petite ladies may not survive what will eventually be calling to them.



Naturally, that particular wolf had borne a striking resemblance to a certain something she’d decided to bring home with her. Something that might almost be a full-blooded dog…if you squinted at it hard enough.

Carly bit back a groan at the memories of touching…petting…cooing, for Christ’s sake. Since when had she gotten so damned dumb? Most people would have gotten either Animal Control or a gun. Or both, for that matter. But not her, Carly thought ruefully. Oh no. She looked at blood and claws and teeth the size of a great white’s and just melted.

Call of the Highland Wolf(c) Kendra Leigh Castle


Surprise Elements:

Oh yes, I did come at this books from a wide eye bushy tail point of view, so surprises were a plenty. The whole highland thing was good, there were enough twist and turns with the plot, so you never knew when the pace will jump forward or who was doing the dastardly deed to whom and for what reason.

The Stone of Destiny was a nice touch for me at least – the mystery, the reverence and irreverence to it, make it one of the storyline to watch for me.



I love paranormal books especially shifters. That being said there is a certain predictability to it for me anyway. One of the main things I love about any HEA is the build up and the getting to know each other with all the angst and petty issues that comes with sexual exploration and relationship building.

With most (if not all) paranormal the thrill is kinda over before it’s began, because you can hardly hide from that dreaded thing call pheromones – so you have ‘The One” “My Mate” “True One” and various other names for the soul mate that is out their for all of us. So the fact that Gideon knew that Carly was for him – didn’t help my pet peeve.

There was also the usual suspects, however where Ms.Castle claws her way back is in the details, the how, why, where and when.


Smut/Ick Factor:

What can I say, I liked the amount that was in the book, it was hot –let me be clear on that bit. However the author gave much time to developing the plot and the characters, I think the smut was suitably regulated to as and when needed (Oh gosh that just sounds horrible).



A new to me author and there was quite a lot I loved about this book. The book is about all things highland and pack at the same time. Ms. Castle I have to say does have a way with words – her descriptions are brilliant - I find I was fascinated with her build up of the “The evil ones” (my phrase) and as much as Carly and Gideon were the main protagonist, I find I loved Duncan – a mans man, alpha through and through but there was this “realness” (is that even a word – you know what I mean) about him to allow his boy to go off and find himself, to make every effort to maintain the bond between his children and himself – I loved him.

There were enough fun moments in the book to balance the dark cloud that all paranormal books bring with them – I actually laughed out loud at a few of Carly and her friends  more comical moments.

While the whole mating thing kicked in as soon as Gideon smelled Carly, i must say there was sexual tension between these two, that at times you think they would combust – very good.  Another reviewer who was just blown away by the chemistry between these is Samantha at Sams Book Blog.

I am just starting the second book, but following on is solely due to the authors easy on the eyes way with word and she does build up enough of a suspense so you just have to go on to see what else happens in this wonderful world of Iargail


The story behind the “The Stone of Destiny” was a bit thin, however I am reserving judgment until the other books are process as most authors work off a format so let’s see how much of the mystery surrounding this stone will be revealed as the books go on.



When I got the book through the post, the first thing that jumped out at me was the “darkness’ of the cover – not only the colours but the castle, the in your face wolf that’s on the top but the way the cover artist pulls it all together to give that surreal feel. Good job.


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Jo on 27 March 2009 at 12:55 said...

Great review! I think I'll be buying this book, it looks awesome!

Amy C on 27 March 2009 at 14:07 said...

I've had this book since about the time it released. But for some reason I haven't read it. I do want to.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Erotic Horizon on 27 March 2009 at 15:02 said...

Hey Jo,
Welcome - this was a good read. I enjoyed it.

Hi Amy C:

That sound like me with quite a bit of my books - this one was to be honest a few month on my TBR pile - but as soon as the second one was release(Dark Highland Fire) I got it and am doing them back to back now - so I wont be two far off the story when the third one come out.


Brandy W on 27 March 2009 at 17:25 said...

I really like this review format. You make it very easy to follow along on what you think and I don't have to guess if you thought it was a pro or con.

I must say this book sounds really good. I think I'm getting into a paranormal mood so this will definitely be in the running of books to read.

Erotic Horizon on 27 March 2009 at 17:49 said...

Hey Brandy

Thanks for the comment on the new format - I do find it actually easier to review like this - at least it's honest and i try not to do spoilers, my only fear is that i might be too opinionated in how i come across.

This book is good. I enjoy reading it.


Brandy W on 27 March 2009 at 19:16 said...

Its your opinion so I like it that you give it to us. I guess if people don't like it then they should move on.