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LINDA MOONEY - Linda Mooney’s Other Worlds Of Romance


This week's guest blogger is an author, honestly – she is, and she is also one of the most consistent bloggers that I know. I met Linda Mooney, when I reviewed her book Sandeflay, last year. It was one of the best reads for me for 2008 and I further delved into her world and found her blog.

Her imaginations knows no bound and I am constantly amazed at some of the things I  have learned about her so far. She has contributed to one of my biggest no-no’s and one of my all time passions. Over the past year, trailers for books have really taken off and, Sandeflay was my first one – even now after a year I still LOL at myself – I started watching the trailer and as soon as the guy was about to turn around, I stopped it – I have never watched another one since – I like to form my own opinion about hero and heroine in my mind and trailers just doesn’t do it for me.

Ms. Mooney also wrote fanfic for one of my all time favourite movie – LadyHawke- - when I say favourite,  I mean, watch every weekend, I know the scenes word for word. So finding out that Linda wrote fanfic for LadyHawke was like having my cake and eating it too.

Even after all the browsing and the books were directly infront of me, another thing i learned tonight is that Ms Mooney also write horror under the name Gail Smith, always something to learn about this author.

If you have not read a Linda Mooney book, you really don’t know what you are missing, this is one author that always have a place on my bookshelf.>>


Join me in welcoming Linda Mooney.     




-1- Firstly you have promoted your site as "Other Worlds of Romance" can you let us know what's your specialty romance area and how/why you got into it? (genre, what you read, what you write)

I write romances that either take place on other worlds (parallel, or in other universes), or where at least one of my characters has a special “otherworldly” ability. I delve in sci-fi, fantasy, fantasy elements, paranormal, and urban fantasy.

I got into it because it was pure escapism. My greatest loves to read were Andre Norton and Edgar Allan Poe. But I got hooked on Meyers’ “Dolphin” series. Add the joy of comic books, and my imagination took off. I began writing my own   stories when I was five, got encouragement from my English teacher in junior high school, and haven’t stopped writing.

When “Beauty and the Beast” debuted on CBS, I began writing fanfiction, and that’s where I was first published. I honed my writing skills on B&B, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Zorro, Quantum Leap, and Lois & Clark.

-2- I originally know of your work through the book Sandeflay  - Then I found your blog - Can you say why you decided to use a blog as well as a website?

Although I use my blog for announcements (same as for MySpace), I feel I can be more of myself and share more of myself through my blog. My website is mostly a listing of my books, my coming soons, reviews, and what not.

-3- Was it worth it and some of the positives and negatives if any.

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with my blog. For one thing, they’re more revealing about yourself as a person. The short little informational bits posted are perfect for blogging. If people want to peruse your books and whatnot, they can take the links provided. Also, bloggers tend to link to other blogs they like, and which they believe others might like. The only negative I can see is that some blogs tend to delve into highly erotic material, which is okay by me. But some readers may have a problem with that.



I have no objection (hey, I write erotic romances! LOL!), but I do think (just my opinion, now) blogs need to be open to all readers. By keeping your reader base open, you’re more likely to draw in a reader who really isn’t into erotic romances, but who might be persuaded into reading one of yours after getting to know you.

-4-Your blog is clearly different from some authors’ blogs - meaning, it's a blog, updated everyday, discussions happen, and a little bit of you is there - Where do you find the time?

LOL! Down time! I personally have a goal of 1000 words per day. Sometimes I need a break in order to reach that goal, so one of the things I do is write a little something for my blog to release the next day. And sometimes while I’m at school, I’ll get an idea for a topic, and jot a quick email to myself.


-5- How much of your personality is reflected in you site? The post are quite topical - but centered around reading or writing - is this you?

Yes. I maintain all my sites by myself. I even built my website, so they’re all me. Sometimes I’ll have a “theme” for my blog for that entire month. In January, it was teaching Kindergarten. In February, it was the Love of Books (reading and writing). March is Being Green and Irish. In April it’ll be “April Fools” month. It’s whatever I get the notion to do. :D

-6- While the web is world wide, do you find you have a dedicated Author support or is it a mixed bag and some noticeable differences?

It’s definitely a mixed bag. I never realized how clique-ish some authors can be, which is sad. I often wonder why people  are that way. Plus, being a new kid on the block doesn’t help. That’s why I stick to my sites and my loops, and only stick my neck out to announce a new release or something when I need to.

-7-While blogging gives away a piece of our identity - do you feel you have changed (become more adventurous / more aware) since blogging - as compared to your books?

Umm, not really. I’ve never tried to hide who I really am. I’ve never gone out of my way to attack something, or to antagonize anyone. I do keep up with other specific blogs just to stay on top of current events.

The only thing I’ve “changed” is that I keep announcements of my accomplishments strictly on my blog, website, and MySpace. When you win something, you want the world to know. But sometimes some people in the world don’t want to hear it.

-8- One or two of the most memorable events on your blog/site (can be in the past or upcoming).

Oh, wow! There’s no contest. One was the day Mr. Pendergrast, CEO of Fictionwise, answered a question/concern I’d posted on my blog. I was worried about publishers not paying their authors for every book sold on FW. And I was wondering why authors couldn’t set up a name and password (like you do if you want to access your bank account online) and get the numbers for your own books.

The second time was when Mr. Womack, owner of Whiskey Creek Press, made a comment to a movie I mentioned I liked. Both times I was blown away by the fact that they read and responded to my blog!



-9- Some of the no-nos of blogging for you - from an author and a blogger's perspective.

Although writers are their own worst editors, I think every blogger needs to re-read what they’ve written, and make sure there’s clarity in their comments, as well as good grammar and punctuation. If a writer makes a lot of errors in their posts, it will turn off readers, IMO.


-10-  What are some of the more noticeable positives and negative of the romance genre over the past few years for you?

Among my biggest concerns is the fact that NY publishers are narrowing certain genres. For instance, in my opinion they have blinders on concerning paranormal and urban fantasy. Hey, fellas! There’s more to those genres than werewolves/beasts and vampires.

Secondly, they tend to over-saturate the market with the same “formula” romance. Not too many years ago, time travel romances (aka historic romances with a twist) were all you could pretty much find on the shelves. Now it’s vampire/werewolf/ hunters, etc.
This is why I love epublishers. They’re not afraid to take chances on new writers or new forays into the romance field.

-11- Now to get to the books. Tell me all - the ones that started you off onto the genre, some favorite through the years and looking forward to books.


Roy Meyers’ DOLPHIN BOY series began my love for fantasy. Believe it or not, I’ve never read any of the LORD OF THE  RINGS, LION WITCH WARDROBE, or any of those series. Once I discovered E.A. Poe in elementary school, my tastes went straight to Lovecraft, et. al.

My very first romance novel was THE FLAME AND THE FLOWER by Woodiwiss, but it took me a long time to finish it. Same for THE WOLF AND THE DOVE after a friend suggested I try another one of hers. It wasn’t until I read Taylor’s MOONDUST AND MADNESS that I hit the genre that stuck with me.

Unfortunately, romance books were 99% historical at that time, and I had absolutely no interest in reading historicals. I guess that’s why I stayed with horror and swung my compass toward fanfic and romance of the silver screen variety.

Within the past 3 years I’ve finally come back around again with romances. I’ve read Leigh’s Beast Series, plus a few other odd sci-fi and fantasy ebooks. At the moment I don’t have any I’m following faithfully.


-12 - What are some of the fav of your work - the character that stands out for you, through all the books you have written?


That would be Atty, the heroine in my Battle Lord series. She is one tough woman. She’s smart, strong, talented, and fiercely loyal. And she loves Yulen with a passion that’s overwhelming.

-13- With technology now walking hand in hand with our beloved print book - do you own an e-reader


         A.If yes which one. 

A Sony, but I do not use it. It’s one of their early versions, when they first came out, and the print is just too small for me to read, even with the “boost” feature. I’m so disappointed.

           B.Have you named it yet.

Nope. Don’t plan to, either.

          C.Are you still at the gushing and can't get enough stage or have you started to take it for granted?

I don’t even use it. Honeymoon was over before the holidays ended. I guess it’s killed my need for one, too.


           D.Last book you read on your reader and the one you have next up.

Initially, I tried to upload a couple of my own books onto it, but – again – the print issue was the downfall. 
           E. What do you think of the ereader /ebook craze

I think ereaders are the wave of the future. Same for ebooks. I predict very soon that ALL ereaders will have the “internet download” feature that makes Kindle so popular. Except that they will be able to download direct from any epublisher or ebook distributor just like a computer can. 
-14- Any tips for new and future blogger?

Yes. Do your own thing. Don’t worry if it’s not what everyone else does. Don’t worry if your stuff doesn’t seem “current” or “topical”. Write about what interests you.

And do it daily.


-15- Sneak peek at any future plans for the site or any upcoming events for you, and let us know where else we can find you on the web (can promote book here, events, etc)

March 15th will see the e-release of MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE. It’s a stand-alone sci-fi romance. Then in June will come the first book of a trilogy, LORD OF THUNDER. PASSION OF THUNDER debuts in Sept. And WINGS OF THUNDER will be out in Dec.

For 2010 so far I’m hoping for RUNNER’S MOON: CHALLA, book 4.









Ms. Mooney can be found all over the web, to see more of her word and check out what she gets up to, visit her at anyone of the sites below.




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I would like to thank Linda for the wonderful interview.

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