Sunday, 15 March 2009

In The Spotlight – Roni Adams


Roni Adams' writing career began as a young girl writing stories about her family pets.  When a friend of her family typed these stories up for her and put them in a three ring binder, her life course was set. Roni has worked as a newspaper journalist, an administrative assistant, and other positions, but she has always known in her heart she was a writer. 

After being published in several magazines and a couple anthologies, her first full length novel, "Beauty and the Geek" was published through The Wild Rose Press.

Set in a fictional town in Upstate New York  Beauty and the Geek features a lovable geek named Louie who has loved Becky, the beauty, for years. When they both find themselves working on the same project will their close proximity and shared passion for the house on the hill be enough to show her he's not such a geek after all? 

As exciting as it was to see her book come out, every writer has a book of her heart and for Roni her dream came true in 2008 when "To Tame A Cowgirl" was published by The Wild Rose Press.  The first in a six book series set on the fictional Double B ranch, it is the first full length book she ever wrote and still remains to this day her favourite.  

Escaping into the lives of her characters takes Roni's mind off the fact that her family is growing up way too fast.

While she is no longer active with RWA she considers the San Antonio Romance Authors RWA chapter to be the chapter of her heart. 

She is also one of the founding members -  a writers community devoted to helping new writers grow and learn.

Roni loves to hear from readers and you can contact her

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