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In The Spotlight – Lisa Marie Davis




Loving Lucas


The Blurb

Lucas Kiefer has lived through hell. Assaulted and nearly murdered by a man obsessed with him, he now lives with horrible scars inside and out. Abandoned by his boyfriend while trying to recover, Lucas withdraws into himself. Building a new life, he focuses only on running his bookstore. But his nightmare returns when ten years later, his attacker is released from jail on a technicality.

Sheriff Nicholas Demetris has known and loved Lucas for five years. He doesn't care about physical scars; he's attracted to the silently strong man inside. He knows Lucas feels more for him than he'll admit. Despite being well aware of Nicholas's feelings, Lucas won't allow anyone close, regardless of the feelings in his heart, especially now when he's once again the focus of unwanted and deadly intentions. Lucas can't stand the idea of anyone being hurt for him, but Nicholas is determined to protect him and earn Lucas's love no matter what.




The Review

Lucas Kiefer has never prepared himself to see the man who nearly killed him years ago, face to face again, so when sheriff Nicholas Demetris call him to let him know that his attacker is being sprung from jail – he all but shuts down. Sheriff Demetris is not taking Lucas’s usual reserve attitude when he calls to let him know who was more then likely on his way to his little town and sets about protecting his man.

Being in love with Lucas for the past five years has not gotten Demetris anywhere, however the one thing he has always been sure of, is that Lucas was always there, despite him not allowing him or anyone else close.

This time things are different, Lucas has given up and is willing to just accept, but Demetris is not having it - he is and will protect his man against the known and the unknown.

I love Lisa Marie Davis, not only is she always able to spin a tale, but she gives us characters who are well developed and a pleasure to read about.

Lucas has settled into small town Cedar Point, content to live life as he sees fit enough for a man who has gone through more than anyone he knows. He doesn’t make friends easily and the one person who wants to be everything to him – he keeps him at arm’s length.

There comes a time however that we must all pay the piper and Lucas is at that point where he has to make a choice.

Will Sheriff Demetris accept Lucas reserve manner much longer, when he knows that what his man needs is him?

I loved this book, it was a fun read and I got to know two great guys that have not only becomes friends but fell in love with the person behind the obvious. I am already looking forward to the next storyline Lisa Marie Davis weaves.




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