Tuesday, 31 March 2009

In my Quest – New Features


I have two new features that i will be introducing on the blog in the coming few days. Hopefully I'll be able to carry on every week.

The two features are in line with my 2009 goal of getting people to read and write more. I spend a lot of time on the net, for work and and for pleasure as well. During my days, weeks and months on the net, i have reads some very interesting post, some that made me laugh, made me cry and a whole lot just really hit the spot.


The first feature is highlighting a few of the wonderful post that  i have read over the week. I’ll be doing this every Friday. I have not pin down a name yet for what i want to call that feature – i only know i want to do it.  Who knows i may eventually set a challenge with this and start a meme – Let’s see what sort of reception i get.


The second feature is courtesy of weeding out my library recently – you all remember those pictures – I have a massive back catalogue of book  and quite a lot of them have seen me through some rough times in my life and i find it very hard to part with them – I must however.

So the feature will just be a book i have chosen, a little of the blurb and if i am able to find a review – i will direct readers  to that review. I will also be accepting suggestion from visitors, lurkers and followers as well. This feature will be posted on a Thursdays.



2 Speak To Me:

Lisa Logan on 31 March 2009 at 20:07 said...

Sounds great! Good luck with the new additions.


Erotic Horizon on 31 March 2009 at 20:44 said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for the wishes... I have so much book I want to introduce people to - I am really pleased about this new features.