Saturday, 21 March 2009

I am back - Update





As a few of you might have notice i have been a little remise in my update for the past few days.

I have being doing all the lovely things i do in the community  and it has been a hell of a hectic week. Not a minute to pick up a book, much less write a review.

While i have been a way, my inbox fortunately has not stopped working so i have a huge pile of books to get through and some even more news.


  • In The Spotlight for tomorrow is a no go – as although  i have read the books,  i just have not had time to review them.
  • Guest Blogger is all set to resume on Monday – I have a fantastic blogger all scheduled to go – so make sure you visit to support my efforts to get people reading and writing more this year.
  • I have been invited to do a few guest blog here and there, so very chuffed at that – as the time approaches i will update everyone.
  • Have a few things i want to introduce on the blog and the feeler’s i have send out all looks positive so another new venture to look forward to.
  • I have been making time to visit as much blogs as  i can and leaving my smudgy little footprints all over the place.
  • I have finally gotten my hand on a copy of Stranger – Megan hart and hopefully should have a review soon – a surprise read for me.


Hopefully i wont have another few days like this in a while……..



2 Speak To Me:

Lea on 21 March 2009 at 21:27 said...

Hey EH:

We all have weeks like that, sometimes more than one unfortunately.

Life catches up add interferes with the "other life". lol

Looking forward to Monday.
Warm Regards

PS: I have "Stranger", in my TBR too. :)

Erotic Horizon on 22 March 2009 at 13:36 said...

Hey Lea,

Thanks for stopping by...
I don't think I can go through another week like this - I'm not only physically tired but mentally tired as well.

A hard week it was.